Creating a medical laboratory assistant CV is easy when you know what recruiters are looking for, like experience with the Clinisys Winpath computer LIMS system or hospital pathology labs. The perfect medical laboratory assistant CV will detail your training and qualifications, plus any biology skills learned in previous roles with quantitative examples. Our medical laboratory assistant CV samples can help kick off your CV creation by providing pre-written content, format and templates, making it easier to create a CV that will get you noticed for lab assistant jobs.


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    Top recruiter tips for your medical laboratory assistant CV

    • Quantify your experience

      As a medical laboratory assistant, you will have often processed hundreds of samples each day. Recruiters want to see how efficient you are in your work. Including figures to your experience will help to illustrate your expertise in a more real way.

      For example, if you say, “managed samples in a busy lab”, it doesn’t tell us much about how busy the lab was or your output. Saying, “processed and managed 160 samples each day,” describes a better story and gives a comparison point for the recruiter to use in evaluation against other candidates.

    • Write a detailed personal statement

      A medical laboratory assistant personal statement is a great place to add detail about your medical lab experience, scientific environments, and data analysis exposure. In your statement outline who you are, what you’ve done and the value you can bring. Whether you’ve worked in a stand-alone pathology lab or within a hospital, recruiters are looking for clues that you’ve worked in similar environments.

    • Show off your analytical skills

      One of the core skills in a medical laboratory assistant’s job is to analyse data and specimens. Whether this is done manually, or using machines, it’s your responsibility to bring an analytical approach to your work. Highlight how you’ve performed these types of skills throughout your CV. Even if your previous work was unrelated, find a task in that job that you were using analysis.

      If you’re fresh out of school, you can use analysis in maths and science projects. Perhaps you have a scientific hobby, make sure you mention anything that will show your interest and skills. It all counts.

    Top skills for your medical laboratory assistant CV

    • Efficiency and accuracy
    • Medical interest
    • Flexibility
    • Methodical
    • Process-driven
    • Works well with co-workers
    • Works quickly and accurately

    Additional skills that will help you stand out

    • Follows instructions
    • Keeps up-to-date with pathology technology
    • Attention to detail
    • Problem-solving
    • Patient care
    • Autonomous

    Top FAQs about your medical laboratory assistant CV

    What is the role of a medical laboratory assistant?

    A medical lab assistant’s role is to assist in the laboratory’s daily smooth running. Assisting in the routine diagnostic, analytical work performance and providing general support in other laboratory areas.

    You may also be responsible for bookings, patient details, and test requests on the pathology computer system. According to defined protocols, receiving specimens for microbiological investigations and preparing samples for laboratory testing ensures that specimen and request form details are correct.

    You may also discuss ambiguous test requests with senior scientists or clinicians. You may also be answering enquiries from health care professionals in hospitals, in the community and from patients.

    Other tasks may include:

    • Pipette maintenance
    • Adjusting extraction systems
    • Using liquidators
    • Securing biological safety cabinets
    • Sample archiving
    • Laboratory cleaning
    • Destruction and disposal of swabs and virus plates
    • Creating reagents
    • Move consumables and sample between different stations in the lab

    How much do medical laboratory assistants make?

    A MLA’s salary can be between £16,000 to 24,000 per year. Salary is dependent on the type of work and their seniority or length at the company. The average salary for a medical laboratory assistant is £18,000 in the UK.

    What are 5 major responsibilities performed by a medical laboratory assistant?

    1. Ensuring specimens are in the correct containers
    2. Performing routine tests and specimen analyses
    3. Matching patient information to samples
    4. Entering patient and specimen data into computers
    5. Collecting, labelling, and delivering specimens

    What is the job description of a lab assistant?

    An example of a job description for a lab assistant might look something like this:

    Acme Biologies seek an enthusiastic Medical Laboratory Assistant to join our team to provide a seven-day service working a 37.5 hour week. The post holder would be expected to join a group of MLAs that work 37.5 hours/week and be prepared to work as part of an extended working day rota that includes weekday Core (9.00 am to 5.30 pm), Early (8.00 am to 4.30 pm), and Late (11.30 am to 8.00 pm) shifts and Weekend/Bank Holidays.

    No formal qualifications are required although a good standard of education (to GCSE level or equivalent) is necessary. As the department is computerised, keyboard skills would be a great advantage. Candidates should be organised; with good communication and team working skills and the ability to work effectively. We will provide full in-service training.

    Primary duties will include microbiological processing under Biomedical scientists’ supervision and involve stock orders, record keeping, equipment, and analyser maintenance.

    From this example, you can see what the recruiter is looking for and use it in your CV and personal statement. For example, if you’ve had experience working with biomedical scientists or managing stock orders, be sure to highlight these in your summary statement and your work experience.

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