We’ve helped millions of people create a well designed CV template; from 16 year old to students to nurses, graduates to school leavers to get their dream job. Below you will find a wide range of CV templates to choose from.

UK CV Templates for 2024

Our CV templates of 2024 are integral to creating a polished CV that you can use with confidence during your job search. We have a variety of professionally designed templates, simple and modern CVs for you to choose from, but here we’ve chosen some of the best CV templates for the year.

  • British CV UK templates

    A professional CV template emphasises your relevant skills and experience. It shows employers that you’re fully aware of what is expected of someone in the industry with an attractive and appropriate layout, feature colour and elegant font.

  • Free CV Template Word

    Take the hassle out of building a CV that gets you noticed with our Word CV templates and shorten the time it takes you to get hired. Our Word CV template take the guesswork out of creating your CV.

  • Professional CV template (simple)

    Similar to a basic CV, a simple CV template is both clear and concise. It’s the ideal choice for an entry-level position or for when your work history is lighter.

  • Best CV template (creative)

    The best CV template is the one that’s most appropriate for your experience level and your industry. An entry-level CV will emphasise educational achievements, while a managerial role calls for a focus on employment history and skills.

  • Google docs CV template

    A basic CV template is a great template for CV for those looking for the industry-standard. Demonstrating your work history with an attractive and appropriate layout, feature colour and font.

  • Student CV template

    Create your high school student CV and showcase your capabilities and any experience to recruiters. Our high school student CV page has section-by-section advice for your CV along with top-rate examples.

  • CV template for 16 year old

    Writing a CV for 16 year old and looking for that first job can be overwhelming but we make it simple with our step-by-step advice, top CV examples and templates, topped up with advice on format and design.

  • Modern CV template UK

    A modern CV template is ideal for industries that are a little less traditional, like digital, design and the arts. A modern CV template combines a clean, contemporary appearance, may use a second colour and often use a sans serif font.

  • European CV template (Europass)

    Creating a European CV, often referred to as a Europass CV, involves structuring your curriculum vitae according to a standardized format widely recognized and used across Europe.

Free CV template to download

Our collection of free CV templates is easy to download and will help you create the best-fitting CV for free.

Get a PDF CV template from our builder

Use our CV maker to create or edit one of the following CV templates.

Professional CV template for all UK jobs and industries

If you’re looking for a CV template, you’re in the right place. Choose a CV template that’s right for the role and makes writing your CV as easy as 1-2-3. Whether the position is corporate, creative, or traditional, we stock a broad range of CV templates for all sectors. myPerfectCV offers the best CV templates for the UK.


    • Graduate CV Template

      Our graduate template is a choice for anyone writing a CV for the U.K market. These CV templates contain experience, skills, education and personal statement sections as standard.

    • Teacher CV Template

      A clear CV template with example content for teaching jobs in the UK. These CV templates enable you to display your advancement, qualifications and training in schools and higher education.

    • Academic CV Template

      An academic CV template with example content for education jobs in the UK. These CV templates enable you to clearly present your development, qualifications and training in schools and higher education.

    • Nursing CV Template

      A CV template with example content for nursing professions in the UK. These CV templates enable you to present your medical experience and patient exposure.

    • Acting CV Template

      A CV template with example content for actors. This creative CV templates showcases your performance experience in theatres, radio and on television.

    • Engineering CV Template

      A CV template with example content for a range of engineering positions. These CV templates highlight skills, experience and results gained throughout your career so far.

    • Medical CV Template

      A CV template with example content for medical professions. These CV templates focus on highlighting experience and results gained in medical settings.

    • Marketing CV Template

      A CV template with example content for a broad range of marketing professions. These CV templates focus on showcasing your skills, experience and results gained across marketing campaign work.

    How to make a CV template that’s right for you

    • Use the correct CV template format

      Using a pre-formatted template makes building the perfect personalised CV so much quicker and easier. Using a ready-built template means that you can focus your time and energy on finding a job rather than writing your CV from scratch. With our CV builder, you’ll also get top tips and advice on building a CV that will impress recruiters and help get you hired.

    • Build the best CV layout with our easy-to-use CV templates

      Formatting your CV can seem like a daunting task; using tools like word processing software can take a long time to get right. Using our simple templates, we do all the hard work for you, formatting your CV as you enter your information. Take the stress from the hassle of manually laying out your CV with our ready-made layouts.

    • Highlight your capabilities with a skills-based CV template

      Creating a skills-based CV is recommended for entry-level candidates for who you might not have a lot of experience. By moving your skills upfront and centred on your CV, you can draw attention to the skills that make you a suitable candidate for the position. Recruiters can easily see which skills you possess and would bring to the company.

    • Choose from one-page and two-page CV templates

      In the UK, it’s customary for CVs to be two pages at maximum, anything over two pages, and you’re likely to lose a recruiter’s attention. Other countries prefer one page CVs, so if you’re applying for roles overseas in places like Spain, Italy, or further afield in the U.S, you can count on myPerfectCV to help you create a great-looking one page CV. Whichever you require, you can edit all our CV templates into your desired page length.


    CV Template Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best template for a CV?

    From a practical point of view, the best template for a CV is one that contains all the necessary sections and gives you the freedom to make customisations based on your job. For example, while the reverse-chronological CV may be a great option for most jobs, if you are an artist, you are expected to have a more creative CV along with an artist portfolio. So again, it all depends on your industry and the job you are applying for.

    It is important that the CV template is in line with current trends and market requirements.

    So, when applying for a job in the UK, the best CV template is one that has the following sections:

    1. contact details
    2. personal statement
    3. employment history
    4. skills
    5. experience

    A good UK CV template should be clear, aesthetically pleasing and easy to download in several formats, primarily pdf and word.

    Why a CV template is important?

    Whether you’re building a CV after a career break or condensing down 20 years of experience into two pages, using a CV template gives you a clear structure to start with. Instead of figuring out what to include, what not to include and what order to put it all in, starting with a high quality, CV template. This will help you get the correct information in front of employers.

    Does myperfectCV offer CV templates for free?

    Free CV templates can be easily downloaded from a range of sources. We also offer free CV templates for a range of jobs. Most of these free templates CVs will be in the standard, basic format. And if that is what you need then go ahead and download one of our free CV templates. However, if you are looking to stand out and you really want the job, then we strongly recommend that you use our CV builder service and create an impressive and custom designed CV to impress your new, future boss.

    What are the most popular CV templates in 2024?

    The three most popular CV templates in 2024 are:

    • Strong
    • Smart
    • Traditional 2

    The Strong CV template is an example of the perfect use of page space to include all the information you need, while creating a document that is not overwhelming but inviting to read. It is suitable for professionals from all industries, at any level. With the use of a side column, none of the information will get lost in the content or go unnoticed.

    The Smart CV template combines elegance and modernity. The bold use of classic colours allows you to stand out from dozens of other candidates, while maintaining all the advantages of the previously mentioned template. This template suggests adding a photo to your CV. This is great if you want to create a European CV, for example.

    The Traditional 2 CV template, on the other hand, is ideal for both experienced professionals and those starting out in their careers. It is elegant and balanced. The clever arrangement of sections allows you to highlight all the information that recruiters are looking for. You can use it to create a chronological CV or, if you don’t have any experience yet, a skills-based one.

    How can I download a CV template?

    You have two paths to download a CV template.

    If you want to download one of our free CV templates, you’re halfway there, this is the right page. Now all you have to do is click Free CV download on the template of your choice from the free templates available.

    And if you want to download our most popular templates, here’s how to do it:

    1. go to our builder
    2. choose your template (you can always go back to the template selection after editing your document)
    3. fill in your details following the steps in the builder
    4. click save – this way you can always go back to your CV to edit it
    5. in the last step, you will have three icons on the left of your CV: download, print and email. Click on the first one: you will see a list of 5 available formats for downloading. Choose the one you need. When applying for a job, PDF format works best. And done! That’s how you download a CV template.

    How to get CV template on word?

    The best way to get a CV template in Word format is to go to our collection of ready-made Word CV templates. However, our CV builder is versatile enough to allow you to download any CV template in the 5 available formats, including word format. All you need to do is click download at the last step of your CV template completion and choose this file type from the provided list.

    Do all CV templates contain a personal statement section as standard

    Experts agree that a striking personal statement makes a lot of difference when reading a candidate’s CV. In just 6 seconds, you must catch the recruiter’s attention; one way to ensure this is by using our personal statement section, which comes as standard in all templates. Follow our guidelines to craft a job-winning personal profile.

    How do you know which CV template is right for you?

    All our CV templates comply with UK CV standards and requirements. This means that you can choose a template based on personal preference. You can also customise our templates: change colours, fonts, add and remove sections and more.

    When choosing a CV template for jobs where appearance is important, such as modelling or acting, choose a CV template that allows you to add a photo.

    For other jobs, unless specified otherwise in the job advertisement, it is better to opt for a CV template without a photo.

    What’s the best CV template with no work experience?

    The best CV template with no work experience is the British one. It allows you to customise it as much as you like. If you have already gained some experience but it is not much, you can place the work history section right below your skills. If you are applying for your first job, you can get rid of this section altogether in favour of expanding the skills section. In this way you will create a skills-based CV, which will highlight your strengths and show the employer that despite your limited experience, you have a strong desire and willingness to learn.

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