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Biomedical Engineer

Engineering is a fast-growing sector in the UK. There will be an estimated 1.8 million new engineering jobs in the UK due to technology growth. If you are a keen problem solver who doesn’t mind advanced maths, this field is full of opportunity.

A CV for engineering should focus on education, certifications, and technical skills more than anything. Put those in a clear section at the top of your CV.

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  • Job outlook

    The UK is experiencing technology growth, especially in their goal to achieve zero-carbon emissions by 2050. This means a significant demand and many vacancies open for engineers, especially those skilled in the environment.

  • Find your niche

    There are engineers for almost every type of industry, from environmental to software. Most engineering falls into one of these four categories: civil engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering.

  • Education

    Engineering is a highly competitive field. Almost all employers will require A levels in mathematics and science and then an advanced degree. If you have formal education, you should emphasise this on a graduate engineering CV. If you are not interested in traditional schooling, you could look into engineering apprenticeships.

  • Prepare for the interview

    Due to the technical nature of the engineering field, be prepared to show off your skills in an interview. Often positions in this field will have you take a pre-interview quiz to test your core skills. During the interview, don't shy away from talking about all the certifications, software knowledge and other skills you have.

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Engineering CV advice

Engineering professionals are in high demand, but you’ll still have stiff competition as it’s a popular career choice. To ensure that your CV stands out, make sure that you choose a modern, professional design style. Use bold and italic text to help important information stand out.

Recruiters in fast-growing fields almost always rely on ATS (automated tracking systems) to help sort through their application, which will be the case in engineering.

When crafting your CV, keep some crucial dos and don’ts in mind:

  • Don’t use images and colours; those are not effective with ATS and can result in a mismatch.
  • Do keep some white space on your CV; overcrowding will be less effective with ATS.

Most importantly, always send your CV as a PDF to ensure that you lock in your design.

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