A CV for UK teaching and educational roles must outline your experience in education, along with qualifications, capabilities, and experience. Education is a highly competitive sector and our teaching CV examples are an invaluable starting point for creating a standout CV. Find out what should be included and discover tried and tested strategies used by professionals to take your CV to the next level.


How to impress recruiters with your teaching or education CV

Our example CVs for teaching job applications demonstrate how to best showcase your experience and abilities in education. Here are our top tips to getting your CV noticed:

  • Write a detailed personal statement

    A personal statement showcases highlights of your education & teaching experience while being personal. Whether you’re a Guitar Teacher, a French Teacher or an Arabic Teacher, show off your capabilities with this section type.
  • Highlight your own education

    As a teacher or educator, your education is super important to highlight. Make sure you include all your training and qualifications.
  • Make the most of keywords

    Your CV may go through scanning software, which looks for keywords that match the job description. Using the right keywords ensures your CV gets through the filters and into recruiters’ hands. Our CV templates are ATS compliant - meaning they are easily scanned.
  • Use a concise layout

    As an educator or teacher you command a room of students, make sure your CV does too, by choosing a professional and clear teaching CV template. Our templates are professionally designed, and also allow your CV to be scanned for keywords.
  • Spell check and proofreading

    Even if you’re not an English teacher, the teaching and education sector demands attention to detail. Use our spell check feature and proofread your CV before you download and send it to a recruiter.

Top example CVs for teaching & education roles

Find out exactly what works with these educational CV examples, with all the right sections and skills to inspire your own CV:

Build the perfect teaching CV

If you’re looking for the best way to show off your experience and skills in the education sector, myPerfectCV is the ideal solution. Whether you’re newly qualified or an experienced specialist, our innovative CV builder will help you create a professional CV for any role in education without the legwork.


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