As a librarian, showcasing your organisation, customer service, and knowledge of literature is key. Learn how to present these skills in a concise, eye-catching manner to impress future employers. Discover the key qualifications and experience you need using our librarian CV example.


    Librarian CV sample

    Experienced librarian CV example

    Make your CV a page-turner with these top recruiter tips

    • Highlight relevant qualifications

      Whether it’s a degree in English or a specific CILIP qualification, relevant qualifications can give your librarian CV a solid start for recruiters. It ticks the first box, allowing your skills and experience to work their magic.

    • Get specific

      How many items do you manage? How many members have you dealt with? Specific figures can set your application apart from other experienced librarians, showing that you’re capable of the workload but also aware of the work you’re doing.

    • Don’t forget your interests

      You don’t have to stay quiet about your hobbies. Having a keen interest in books is vital for any librarian. Showcase your enthusiasm by mentioning specific genres or authors you like, or perhaps you’re a writer yourself!

    What skills should my librarian CV include?

    Here’s how to show recruiters you’re well cut out for a librarian role.

    Must-have skills for your librarian CV

    • Meticulous organisation
    • Computer and database use
    • Archiving and filing know-how
    • Wide-ranging book knowledge
    • Customer service
    • Attention to detail

    Soft skills to set you apart

    • CILIP qualified
    • Friendly and approachable
    • A passion for literature
    • Great with numbers
    • Teamworking skill

    Your librarian CV questions, answered

    What makes a great librarian CV?

    Like any good library, librarian CVs need to be fully stocked and well-organised. Sections on experience, key skills, and a professional summary should be packed with everything the recruiter is looking for.

    What are the key responsibilities of a librarian?

    Librarians are responsible for organising, distributing, and collecting books. They may also be in charge of other items like films, CDs, magazines, and academic material. Librarians will often conduct audits as well as managing finance and ordering new resources.

    What are the top qualities of a librarian?

    Organisation is top of the list for any librarian. That should be paired with a friendly, approachable manner, good mathematical skills, and of course a love for all kinds of books.

    Curate your skills with an impressive CV

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