Your cover letter, accompanying your CV, plays a crucial role in shaping how recruiters perceive your application. If it’s been a while since you wrote your last cover letter, or you haven’t written one at all, knowing where to begin can be challenging. This is where expert cover letter examples come in handy.

Using a sample helps you in the cover letter writing process. It offers insight into presentation, structure, and wording, making the task much more manageable. A well-crafted cover letter example also sparks inspiration for your own application, guiding you on what to include. Most importantly, it serves as a valuable starting point.

At myPerfectCV, we offer a diverse array of cover letter examples tailored for job applications across various sectors. Whether in marketing, customer service, engineering, finance, or any other field, you’ll discover exceptional cover letter samples to inspire your writing. Additionally, we provide ready-made cover letter templates to kickstart your application journey.

Cover Letter Examples UK (2024)

Short Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter samples for all industries

Explore our collection of cover letter examples, organised by category. Explore cover letter examples from your industry and find out how other professionals present themselves. These examples show the ideal structure of a cover letter, from the opening paragraph to the conclusion. By studying the cover letter examples, you will capture the right tone and language, striking a balance between professionalism and personality.

What’s more, the cover letter samples serve as a source of inspiration for creating your own letter. See how others effectively present their skills, experiences and achievements, which can inspire you to create your own unique pitch. In addition, reviewing cover letter templates that have proven successful in securing interviews or job offers allows you to spot effective strategies and techniques. Incorporate these insights into your own cover letter, increasing your chances of securing your desired role.


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    UK Cover Letter Examples: Benefits

    • Make the right first impression

      Your cover letter sets the tone for your job application, so it’s important to make it visually appealing from the get-go. With our perfect cover letter examples, you can easily grasp the layout, structure, and design before diving into your own. Whether you’re aiming for a straightforward approach inspired by our simple cover letter examples or opting for something bolder for a creative job application, our templates offer the flexibility you need to make a memorable impression.

    • A variety of roles and sectors

      Our cover letter examples cover a broad spectrum of industries and roles, ranging from architecture, accounting, and administration to law, sales, and fashion. This diverse array ensures that you can find guidance tailored to your own experience and skills, helping you craft a cover letter that makes a strong impression in the UK job market.

    • Customise your cover letter

      Using our cover letter examples for job applications makes it easier to personalise your own letter. You can cherry-pick your favourite features, let the example skills and experience inspire ideas about your own career, or even use an excellent cover letter example as a template.

    • Create a cohesive job application

      If you need a letter template, cover letter examples are a perfect choice. But what about your CV? With our online CV builder, you can align your CV with cover letter examples, creating a cohesive job application that’s sure to impress UK recruiters.

    How to Write a Cover Letter Using Examples

    covering letter example

    Writing an attractive cover letter is an essential step in the job application process.

    How you present yourself can significantly affect a potential employer’s perception of you. To make sure that your cover letter meets all expectations, you might want to look at cover letter examples, both within and outside your industry. This can provide valuable insight into writing standards and make the task of crafting your own letter much simpler.

    Here’s how to get started:

    • Review Various Cover Letter Examples

      Familiarise yourself with different styles, vocabularies, and structures commonly found in cover letters. Professional cover letter examples serve as excellent guides and sources of inspiration. Explore sample cover letters within your industry to identify common elements.

    • Align with Company Values

      In addition to showcasing your skills and experience, your cover letter can demonstrate alignment with the company’s values. Research the company’s ethos and mission, then incorporate relevant points into your cover letter. For instance, if the company prioritises environmental initiatives, highlight your interest in environmental matters.

    • Seek Feedback from Others

      Writing a cover letter doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavour. In addition to utilising cover letter examples, enlist the help of a trusted friend or relative. Have them review your cover letter and provide feedback. Ask for their input on completeness, clarity, and potential errors or typos.

    • Take Breaks and Revise

      Resist the urge to rush through the cover letter writing process, even with access to excellent cover letter examples. Taking breaks allows you to return with fresh perspective to proofread and enhance your cover letter. With a renewed focus, you can identify any errors or inconsistencies and consider new ideas to highlight your best qualities.

    • Compare with Professional Cover Letter Examples

      Once satisfied with your cover letter, it’s wise to compare it with a high-quality cover letter example tailored to a similar job application. This comparison ensures you’ve included all essential elements, maintained the appropriate tone, and crafted engaging introductions and closings.


    Top FAQs about cover letter examples

    How to write a cover letter example?

    Writing a cover letter like our examples isn’t as hard as it looks. For starters, you can use the same structure and layout, and even cover the same talking points. Your cover letter should outline what role you’re applying for, why you’re applying, and what makes you suitable for the job. You should draw upon past experience, qualifications, and personal qualities or interests to demonstrate what you can offer in the given role.

    How to start a cover letter?

    Our examples demonstrate several different ways to start your cover letter and address the recruiter. Firstly, you should include the job title and reference (if provided) above the first line of your letter. If you have a name for the recruiter or hiring manager, you should use this to open the letter. ‘Dear Sarah Green’ or ‘Dear Mrs Green’ are perfectly acceptable, for example. If no name is given, you can choose from addresses like ‘To Whom it May Concern’, ‘Dear Hiring Manager’, or ‘To the Directors at [Company Name]’.

    How to end a cover letter?

    Examples of cover letters (UK) can also assist with the way you end your cover letter. There are two main parts to consider. Firstly, you’ll need a closing statement, which thanks the recruiter for their time and encourages a response, such as ‘Thank you for taking time to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you.’ Next, there’s the sign off. If you have addressed the person by name, ‘Yours sincerely’ is the conventional way to end a cover letter. Alternatively, use ‘Yours faithfully’ if you don’t have a name for the recruiter or hiring manager.

    What is a cover letter for a job?

    Our UK cover letter examples have one thing in common – they are written to accompany a CV. That’s exactly what a cover letter is intended for. It was traditionally a physical cover on top of your CV. However, with CVs sent digitally, it still remains an important step – and a great way to link the skills, experience, and qualities in your CV to the specific job role you’re applying for.

    How many words should a cover letter be?

    The length of a cover letter can vary depending on the industry, the level of the position, and individual preferences. However, as a general guideline, a cover letter is typically one page long, consisting of around 250 to 400 words. It’s essential to keep the cover letter concise and focused on highlighting your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the job you’re applying for.

    How can I explain career gaps in my cover letter?

    A good cover letter is a perfect way to explain any gaps on your CV that could otherwise put recruiters off. Be honest and positive, explain that you were taking time to reconsider your career or focus on what you learnt in your time away from work.

    How can I sell my limited experience?

    Everybody starts somewhere. Sell yourself by showcasing transferable skills gained during your education or through your hobbies, and emphasise a willingness to learn and adapt.

    Should I write a cover letter for each role?

    Yes! Writing a cover letter for each job application allows you to tailor your experience to fit each role. It will enable you to focus on the specific requirements of the job and how your knowledge and skills are the perfect fit.

    Start writing a cover letter using our examples

    Ready to get started on your own cover letter? Whether you’re a recent graduate or experienced professional, myPerfectCV can make the process a breeze. Take a look at our employment cover letter examples, then use our tried-and-tested cover letter builder to create your own.

    Simply enter a few details about your career and skills, the job you’re applying for, and the kind of letter you want to create, then our builder will generate a great cover letter just for you. You can customise it further or download it ready to send to recruiters.

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