A good cover letter template, together with a well-written CV, is often the most effective way to make a good first impression when applying for a job. Such a cover letter offers a great opportunity to complement and expand on the information contained in your Curriculum Vitae and convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the job. Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for! In this comprehensive guide to cover letter templates UK, we’ll provide you with a free cover letter template ready to copy. In addition, you’ll learn about different templates you can easily use, cover letter examples for specific jobs, the biggest benefits of having a cover letter template, and answers to frequently asked questions.

    Cover letter template free format

    • John Carson
    • London W12 4WB
    • 07912 345 678

    18 January 2022

    Legacy Office

    London, E3 3PT

    RE: Manager, Ref. #123, January 2022

    Dear Hiring Professional,

    As an experienced Manager, I have contributed to positive business results through effective organisation, prioritisation and follow-through of key organisational projects. My strengths and qualifications are an ideal match to the Manager requirements and will bring immediate value to the Legacy Office.

    In my former Office Manager role, I exercised a calculated and methodical approach to problem solving. While I am independently motivated, I appreciate collective efforts and collaborate productively within group settings. Moreover, I am competent in business administration and staff management, with proficiency in contract management. This opportunity is especially exciting, as my professional goals are aligned with Legacy Office’s mission and values. Furthermore, my personal effectiveness, communication and interpersonal awareness abilities will serve to support your continued organisational efforts.

    I have attached my CV for your review and would be delighted to discuss the opportunity further at your earliest convenience.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Carson

    Cover letter templates in Word and PDF formats

    Below you will find 13 ready-made cover letter templates in different formats and styles. In our builder, you can change the content as much as you like. You can adjust the font, its size, and even the size of the margins or the distance between sections to give your cover letter template a unique look.

    We have divided them into four groups:

    1. Organised cover letter template
    2. enterprising cover letter template
    3. practical cover letter template
    4. artistic cover letter template

    Take a look and explore how you can modify your cover letter templates to create a document that will surely impress recruiters.

    Classic cover letter templates:

    1. Strong
    2. Winner
    3. Hero
    4. Champion
    5. Ambassador
    6. Boss

    Modern cover letter templates:

    1. Love
    2. Bold
    3. Daring
    4. Pacific
    5. Creative
    6. President
    7. Centered

    As you will notice, we have divided them into four groups: organised, enterprising, practical, and artistic. Take a look and explore how you can modify your cover letter templates and get a document that will surely help you impress the recruiters.

    Cover letter template: Organised type

    This type of template shows that you can focus on the task at hand. You have clear goals and are great at organising your work.

    • Strong

      clear, professional cover letter template

    • Pacific

      a well-organised cover letter template with a hint of colour

    • Winner

      sophisticated, universal cover letter template

    • Hero

      elegant and modern cover letter template

    • Creative

      bold and impactful cover letter template

    Cover letter template: Enterprising type

    Great for individuals with leadership skills who are not hesitant when it comes to decision making.

    • President

      elegant and simple cover letter template with a touch of colour

    • Centered

      well-structured cover letter template with a bold highlight

    • Bold

      industrial and contemporary cover letter template

    • Champion

      trendy yet elegant template, ideal for new age leaders

    • Love

      simple cover letter template with a clear accent on the candidate’s name

    Cover letter template: Practical type

    For people who are great at meeting deadlines and performing their tasks at their best.

    • Champion

      trendy yet elegant template, ideal for new age leaders

    • Ambassador

      a versatile, elegant format that works well in nearly any situation

    • Hero

      elegant and modern cover letter template

    • Boss

      a stylish and smart template that allows the reader to focus on the content

    • Strong

      clear, professional cover letter template.

    Cover letter template: Artistic type

    When you want to demonstrate not only your hard skills but also your creativity and teamwork

    • Pacific

      a well-organised cover letter template with a hint of colour

    • Love

      simple cover letter template with a clear accent on the candidate’s name

    • President

      elegant and simple cover letter template with a touch of colour

    • Bold

      industrial and contemporary cover letter template

    • Daring

      bold, impressive cover letter template that immediately catches the eye

    20 Covering letter templates to create and download by job title

    Every job is unique and involves specific tasks. When writing a job cover letter you also need to take into account the specific skills required. Check out our selection of 20 sample cover letter templates for various professions! Have you had a long employment break and would like to refer to it in your cover letter template? Don’t worry. We can help you with that too!

    5 benefits of using a Cover Letter template:

    • It’s super simple!

      Writing a cover letter from scratch is not the easiest of tasks. In addition, writing skills may not be your strong point – and it’s ok, you are a specialist in your field. Using a ready-made good cover letter template can help you create a well-rounded document that complements your CV.

    • It saves time

      When you’re looking for a job, you’re likely to apply to more than one offer. Writing one cover letter from scratch is already a time consuming task, let alone writing several! If you decide to go with a template cover letter examples, like those you can find in our Cover Letter builder, you will create a professional cover letter tailored to your experience in just a few minutes. How does it sound?

    • You can easily personalise your letter

      You choose a cover letter structure template according to your profession, and then add personal details such as years of experience, unique achievements or personal goals. In this way, you transform a simple cover letter template into a personalised document in just a few moments. It’s that easy!

    • You can match the layout to your CV

      The content of your CV and letter are very important – that’s undeniable. But first impressions are also influenced by aesthetic qualities. By using ready-made cover letter templates as well as our CV builder, you can create a matching pair.

    • You don't have to worry about spelling

      If you use cover letter template UK, you have the advantage of not having to worry about correct spelling or grammar because someone has already taken care of that. Your job is to fill in a few details in the content, and this minimises the risk of any mistakes or typos.

    Which cover letter template is right for you?

    Step-by-step guide

    STEP 1

    Take a look at the available sample cover letter for job application. Their structure varies slightly from industry to industry. Thus, a letter for a person whose job involves frequent contact with customers will have a different style than for someone whose job requires them to focus primarily on a specific task.

    STEP 2

    Once you have chosen your short cover letter sample, elaborate on it with personal details. Mention specific skills, both hard and soft ones. Don’t forget to show off your accomplishments.

    STEP 3

    Customise it! A good job cover letter template should include the exact name of the company you are applying to. Mention the company and job title at least twice: in the introduction and the conclusion.

    STEP 4

    Take the initiative! End your letter with a call to action. Think about using phrases such as: “I will be happy to share more about my experience during the interview” or “I would be glad to discuss my candidacy at your convenience”. Show them that you really care!

    STEP 5

    Have you finished? Then read your letter through again. Make sure you have included the correct company name and the position you are applying for. Ensure that your letter contains the correct contact details. Already have an impressive cover letter template and know how to write your CV? Fingers crossed for successful recruitment!


    FAQs: Cover letter template UK

    What is a cover letter template?

    A cover letter template is a draft document that helps you structure your letter. Good cover letter template makes it easy to create a letter in a short time, and it also tells you what elements to include in it. It usually serves as a framework for a document that you can complete and add information about your career without having to create a whole document from scratch.

    How to write a good cover letter template?

    A good cover letter template should include your contact details, and the contact details of the company you are applying to. In the introduction you should also mention your previous/ current position and the duties (or skills) you performed there that are relevant to the position you are applying for. In the next section, write about what you bring to the company and why you are the right person for the job.

    Conclude the letter with a call to action, e.g. by saying that you are ready to present yourself at the interview. A good way to get started is to use our cover letter builder.

    How to create a cover letter template?

    When creating a cover letter template, remember to include the basic elements. These are:

    • Your contact details,
    • A polite greeting,
    • Opening paragraph. Use this section to introduce yourself in the best light. This is a good time to present your achievements.
    • Second paragraph. In this part your task is to convince the recruiter why you are the right person for the job.
    • In the last paragraph, outline what you could bring to the company (both soft and hard skills).
    • Finally, take the initiative! Use a call to action and let them know you are ready for the interview.

    In this cover letter builder you will find great examples of catchy phrases that can help you get hired.

    Can a cover letter template be sophisticated?

    It depends on what position you are applying for. It’s a good idea to match the tone of the letter and vocabulary to the industry you’re in. Remember, however, that the recruiter who will read it is not always familiar with the terminology. It is strongly recommended to use formal but rather simple language. You want to present information about yourself in the best possible way and convince the recruiter to invite you for an interview. An overly complicated, pompous letter can make you come across as arrogant – and that, after all, is not what you want.

    Start your cover letter template

    Sometimes it’s better to outsource difficult tasks to professionals – especially when the stakes are high. That’s why we recommend using a Cover Letter Template created and tested by experts. Check out our cover letter samples and templates designed for your position. Select from the many available formats and layouts to find the best one tailored to your needs and match it to your CV to impress the recruiters with your professionalism and dedication. What’s great about our Cover Letter templates is that you can customise them as you like. Don’t forget to check out how to write the perfect cover letter to miss a single detail.


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