Healthcare assistants support patients in various settings, including in hospitals, GP practices, their own homes, and more. This rewarding role requires healthcare experience, along with communication and practical capabilities, enabling you to make a real difference to patients’ lives.

To secure a job as a healthcare assistant, you’ll need an impressive and well-written CV using our healthcare assistant CV sample as a basis. A good CV will show just how you fit the bill for the job, including your specific qualifications and your skills and accomplishments in the health care field.

One of the best ways to give yourself a leg-up when applying is to examine health care assistant CV examples. UK CV examples help you to plan ahead by showcasing exactly what a successful CV looks like. By taking a look at the healthcare assistant CV sample here, you’ll know just what to write and the format to use. Our layout is the ideal way to make a great impression on the recruitment team or individual manager at the company you’re applying to work in, so you’ll get to the interview stage.

Read on for more on how to write a CV for a healthcare assistant, including:


    Healthcare assistant CV sample

    Samantha James CV 4

    Colleen James
    217C Fairey Street
    Birmingham B45 8GWA
    07912 345 678

    Professional summary
    Compassionate Healthcare Assistant with a comprehensive background in effective, efficient care of elderly patients in care home settings. Providing exceptional care, thorough monitoring and dedication to safe nursing practices for continued patient trust. Maintaining excellent levels of patient care through continued kindness and commitment to safe working practices.

    Work history

    March 2022 – Current
    SunnySide – Birmingham
    Healthcare Assistant

    • Built caring, supportive relationships with residents, enhancing daily life through personalised care.
    • Participated in personal development initiatives to enhance service delivery and patient care.
    • Actively developed professional healthcare competencies through regular training.
    • Maintained up-to-date patient records to enable care continuity between support providers.

    January 2017 – February 2022
    Clear Water Home – Birmingham
    Care Assistant

    • Completed documentation of care, hospital actions and patient activities for up-to-date client records.
    • Minimised care continuity issues by keeping thorough, accurate records.
    • Maintained optimal safety standards throughout client home and care environments, prioritising risk-reduction, health and hygiene.
    • Monitored individual’s physical and emotional well-being, promptly reporting changes and providing suggestions for care plan adjustments.


    • Safeguarding policy compliance
    • Elderly care expertise
    • Team player
    • Moving and handling
    • Infection prevention and control
    • Blood glucose monitoring
    • Patient transfer support


    Birmingham College Birmingham
    NVQ Level 3

    Healthcare assistant CV template

    Creating a persuasive CV is easier than it looks – especially if you make use of the right resources. Explore our library of handy tools to get ahead, including pre-made CV templates, which are available in our drag-and-drop builder. It’s never been easier to create a CV that will give you a head start on landing a new job!

    What is the best format for your healthcare assistant CV?

    Presentation is the first thing to consider when creating the perfect CV. You need to structure your CV so that it’s engaging, informative, and easy to read. One way to do this is to choose from tried-and-tested CV formats.

    Although you’ll find many styles to choose from, there are two that are the best fit for a healthcare assistant CV. The first is known as the reverse-chronological, and the second is the skill-based CV. Both work in slightly different ways.

    A reverse-chronological CV is all about outlining your past work experience. You will work backwards from your most current or recent role, outlining your experience and key responsibilities. A skill-based CV, however, is all about explaining any transferable skills you have and how they make you prepared for the role in question.

    Which is better for your healthcare assistant CV? It all depends on your level of experience. If you are an experienced healthcare assistant, then show this in a reverse-chronological CV. If you’re applying for an entry-level position, then a skill-based CV will give you the best shot of creating something that’s effective.

    What else should you keep in mind when formatting?

    Here are our top tips:

    • Keep your CV one or two pages long
    • Use a legible font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri
    • Break up your text with headings, section, and bullet point lists
    • Ensure the information you add is tailored to the job advertisement in question.
    • Send it as a Word or PDF file unless directed otherwise

    How to write a CV for a healthcare assistant

    Now we’ve covered formatting, let’s look at the specifics of writing a CV. The following sections will explore how to write a CV for a healthcare assistant in detail, including:

    How to add education to your university student CV

    The education section is one of the integral parts of a university student’s CV, because it gives you a chance to let recruiters know what you’ve learned on your course. It will usually appear beneath the work history and skills sections.

    First and foremost, include your current degree, even if it’s still ongoing. Our example CV of a university student mentions it in the personal statement, but you can also record it in your education history. This can help recruiters to see how your academic history fits with the job role. Secondary school qualifications, including A-Levels and GCSEs can also be relevant, depending on the role.

    However, there’s no need inflate your academic history with lots of old or irrelevant qualifications. The CV of a university student doesn’t need to include any qualifications before GCSE level.

    How it should look

    You’ll need to include some specific details about your academic history, as shown in our CV sample for a university student:

    • Level of qualification
    • Subjects (for further education)
    • Institution
    • Date of completion

    Example of education for a university student CV

    A-Levels: Maths, Physics, Psychology

    South Manchester College


    What contact details should I include in my healthcare assistant CV?

    The first step is to add in any contact information. This is a great first thing to do as it means your employer will be able to contact you directly. It’s important to highlight all of the relevant information somewhere near the top of your document, in either a slightly larger or bolder font. This will ensure that it is easy to spot!

    Make sure to include:

    • Your full name – no need for middle names
    • Location – so employers know where you are
    • Phone number – mobiles are the best choice here so you’re easy to reach
    • Email address – make sure it’s a professional address

    Example of contact section for healthcare assistant CV

    Jane Smith

    1 Sample Street,

    Sample Town,

    United Kingdom, AB1 2CD

    07777 666 555

    How to write a personal statement for your healthcare assistant CV

    Recruiters are busy people, so they need to be hooked from their first glance at your CV. A great personal statement is the answer. Situated right near the top of your CV, it’s a short summary that captures the main qualities and achievements that show why you’re the perfect candidate.

    Here are some top tips to make your healthcare assistant personal statement stand out:

    • Keep it short and on point, with a maximum of four sentences:
    • Tailor the content to the job description, including core qualities such as “strong ability to work under pressure”
    • Be specific about the sectors you have experience with, such as “at-home care”, “hospital care”, or “GP surgery”, among others
    • Also establish the groups you have experience caring for, like “experienced in the care of young people, adults and the elderly”
    • Write in the third person to place the focus on your competencies

    Example of personal statement for healthcare assistant CV

    An experienced and well-qualified health care assistant with a thorough working knowledge of residential care legislation, including good practice, and health and safety standards. Experienced in the care of young people, adults and the elderly, as well as those with special needs and/or mental health conditions. Able to carry out all aspects of the role such as personal care, administering medication, meal preparation, and record keeping.


    A newly qualified and compassionate healthcare assistant with qualifications and volunteer experience. Three A-levels and 5 supporting GCSEs from A-C. Particular skills in supporting care for the elderly and record keeping with in-depth knowledge of national care standards and how these apply to different categories of people in care.

    How to present your work history on a healthcare assistant CV

    Your work experience section is one of the most integral parts of any CV. This is because work experience is one of the most important aspects to determining whether a candidate is right for the position. This is your chance to explain your strengths and what you have achieved in the past. It’s important again to tailor your experience so that it matches the job advertisement you are applying for.

    What’s the best way for you to format this section? You’ll need to start from your current or most recent role, noting up to six responsibilities for each. Add additional details for similar positions and transferable skills.

    Make sure to include:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • List of key tasks
    • Workplace achievements

    As with your personal statement, it’s important to back any claims up with real world examples. This will give a sense of authority to these statements and paint the picture of a stronger candidate.

    Another thing to keep in mind is not to repeat yourself. This means not adding the same responsibilities for different roles. Make sure that each responsibility you list builds on what has come before. On this note – also be sure not to add anything that could be considered irrelevant. For example, a common thing many people will put on CVs is “answering emails,” or “liaising with colleagues.” These are both common tasks that almost all working professionals do, and therefore do not strengthen your application.

    You should also keep the reader constantly engaged with positive adjectives and action verbs. Positive adjectives are effective ways to describe yourself, including “trustworthy,” “punctual,” and “effective.” Action verbs, by contrast, are anything that you can replace “responsible for” with. These can include “led,” “assisted,” or “advised.”

    Example of work experience for healthcare assistant

    Health and Social Care Worker | Sunnyside Homes, Manchester | 2022 – present

    • Responsible to all aspects of care of children with learning disabilities
    • Administering medication
    • Personal care
    • Liaising with parents and families

    Care Assistant | Blake Homes, Manchester | 2017-2022

    • Caring for all aspects of elderly residents’ health and wellbeing
    • Co-ordinating an entertainment programme
    • Record keeping

    Healthcare assistant CV skills

    When the employer doesn’t have much time, they often skip straight to the CV skills section of your application. It shows them whether or not you have the right skills for the job. Many companies also use ATS software as a fast way of scanning for essential keywords that ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the job in question. We would suggest noting around 12 skills in total. You should split these up between hard skills and soft skills.

    Hard skills are technical skills that you have gained either through experience or through education. Some of the most obvious examples of these include “diagnosing patients,” or “administering medication.” Soft skills, in contrast, can be thought of as personal traits. For example, you might be “punctual,” “reliable,” or “compassionate.”

    A good rule of thumb is to strike a balance between these. Doing this will show the hiring manager in question that you are a balanced candidate who knows what skills are important for a healthcare assistant.

    If you’re stuck for ideas, try using some of these below:

    Essential skills for a healthcare assistant

    • Care standards
    • Compassion and patience
    • Communication
    • Washing and dressing patients
    • Making beds
    • Recording temperatures and pulse

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Sterilising equipment
    • Teamworking
    • Works well under pressure
    • Time management
    • Flexibility
    • Health education and promotion

    Healthcare assistant CV education

    The education section of your CV is the foundation for you as a candidate. It is vital to include as it will show the hiring manager that you have the necessary education for the role of a healthcare assistant. You should discuss any relevant education, including school, college, university, and any professional training you may have.

    A few things to keep in mind here. First off, you don’t want to discuss any poor grades or incomplete courses you may have. Instead, focus on relevant credentials that bolster your application. For example, don’t write about an art qualification you have achieved, as this is not a great fit for a healthcare assistant.

    What are the common requirements to become a healthcare assistant? You’ll find that most employers will ask for at least A levels in relevant subjects. Another popular qualification for a healthcare assistant could be a level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults). Where relevant, you should also record your GCSE or A-Level results to show you meet the required standard in Maths or English. In short, the better your qualifications, the more you should highlight them in your CV.

    Just like your work history, there are a few core pieces of information that you should record in your education history:

    • The name of the institution you studied at
    • The year you received the qualification
    • The level of study, e.g., NVQ, GCSE
    • Course title or subject, though this is not required for secondary school qualifications

    Example of education for healthcare assistant CV

    Hertford College, 2021

    NVQ Level 3 – Health and Social Care

    Skipton High School, 2018

    GCSE – Maths B, English B

    Top dos and don’ts for a healthcare assistant CV


    • DO customise your CV to reflect the job advertisement

      A covering letter can help your application to stand out. This is a one-page document that accompanies your CV, and you can use it to flesh out any details in your CV that need to be expanded upon.

      It’s important to understand how to write a cover letter properly. Here are a couple of pointers for writing a healthcare assistant cover letter.

      Cover letters are supposed to grab recruiters’ attention, so don’t just regurgitate the same content from your CV.

      Instead, home in on specific experiences that have made you extra-qualified for the role. For example, if the job requires experience working with young people, and you’ve spent years volunteering at a support group for young people, this is the perfect place to elaborate about what this experience taught you about their unique set of needs.

    • DO mention your specialist skills

      Healthcare assistants cover a wide variety of different areas. As a result, it’s important to mention any areas of expertise that you may have. You should try to add these in your cover letter and personal statement.


    • DON’T send replica CVs

      You will need to tailor each CV you send so that it responds to the specifics of the job application you’re going for. Make sure you highlight different skills and strengths depending on their requirements. This is equally true with cover letters, where you can go more in-depth.

    • DON’T forget to check your writing

      It’s vital that you proofread your writing so that it is free from errors. A well-polished application package will show the reader that you mean business. A good way to edit is to pass your work over to a trusted friend or colleague. This may allow you to catch some things that you have missed!


    Your healthcare assistant CV questions answered

    How do I write a CV for a healthcare assistant?

    A healthcare assistant CV needs to show you have the qualities and competencies to exceed in the job role. It should include your contact details, a personal statement, work history, education history, and skills. Experience in care or healthcare is vital, and qualifications in healthcare are also a major plus.

    What are the duties of a healthcare assistant?

    The healthcare assistant role can vary depending on the setting of the job. Caring for a patient in a hospital environment can be very different to care in a GP surgery setting or a care home. Generally speaking, however, the duties of a healthcare assistant include:

    • Helping patients with their personal care, including feeding, showering, dressing and using the bathroom
    • Showing care and compassion to patients to help them feel comfortable
    • Taking patients’ temperatures and pulse
    • Supporting patients with their mobility
    • Tidying the wards or patients’ homes
    • Making beds and changing bed pans

    What skills do healthcare assistants have?

    Core qualities and competencies for healthcare assistants include:

    • Showing empathy, patience and care as they support patients through their healthcare.
    • They will need to be comfortable making beds and cleaning wards, as well as providing personal care, including washing and helping patients to use the bathroom.
    • Being able to work under pressure is a must, as well as both solo and team working.
    • You’ll potentially also need experience with practical healthcare tasks, including taking patients’ temperatures and blood samples.

    What qualifications does a HCA need?

    Again, this will ultimately depend on the requirements of the specific job. Some trainee roles won’t require any set qualifications. However, there are some qualifications that would help you to stand out:

    • Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care
    • Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care
    • An NVQ or BTEC in healthcare, such as the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care
    • GCSE Maths and English are often specified for healthcare assistant roles too, as employers like to know your understanding of these subjects is up to standard.

    Create an effective healthcare assistant CV today

    Once you have all the details together, it’s time to get cracking on that impressive CV. Using our online CV builder, you can utilise CV templates crafted to suit your CV – which you can then fill in with pre-written content tailored to your industry. Plus, if you’re looking for health care assistant CV examples (UK) to give you inspiration, we have plenty of CV examples to set you in the right direction.


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