A perfect pharmacist CV shows that you hold the right qualifications and have a track record of applying your knowledge in a wide range of medical settings. It also demonstrates your understanding of the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry and highlights your professional standing.


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    Recruiter tips on best practice for pharmacist CVs

    Take a look at our top CV example to see exactly what a CV for a pharmacist should look like. Here’s what you need to note for recruiters:

    • Make a professional impression

      Create a great first impression on pharmacist recruiters by choosing a contemporary looking CV template that’s not cluttered with unnecessary imagery or sections. Our templates will help you to edit fonts and change colours simply and quickly.

    • A high-impact personal statement

      Pack as much detail into your personal statement for maximum punch – you must grab a recruiter’s attention quickly. Choose your words carefully and mention your proudest pharmaceutical achievements here.

    • Clear evidence of your pharmacist career

      Make it crystal clear where you have worked and your history in medicine. For example, you might have worked in an NHS primary care trust, a high street outlet like Boots, or a hospital setting – all help to give a rounded view of your career as a pharmacist.

    Key skills for your pharmacist CV

    The skills to include in a strong pharmacist CV will convince employers that you can excel in the role. They’re looking for a mix of specific technical know-how and softer skills.

    Must-have skills for a pharmacist

    • Calculating & prescribing medicines
    • Controlled medicine logging
    • Medicine interaction understanding
    • Patient confidentiality
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Quality assurance standards

    Extra skills to improve your pharmacist CV

    • Safety awareness
    • Written and oral communication
    • Mentoring colleagues
    • Community-focused

    Frequently asked questions about pharmacist CVs

    How do I make a CV for a pharmacist?

    Make a CV for a pharmacist by outlining the technical skills you’ve got, together with how you’ve applied those skills while working in a pharmacy:

    • Include your work in different settings like a hospital, local pharmacy, or a trust.
    • List your jobs in reverse chronological order to start with the most senior and impressive.
    • Try our CV builder to make a pharmacist CV quickly and easily.

    What are the main duties of a pharmacist?

    The main duties of a pharmacist include:

    • Preparing and dispensing medication on the basis of the GP’s requests.
    • Providing general health advice to patients.
    • Handling orders and maintaining stock levels.
    • Training more junior members of the team.

    What qualities should a pharmacist CV show?

    A pharmacist should have the following qualities:

    • Compassion: An effective pharmacist will always put delivering care to patients above any other considerations.
    • Communication: You need to be able to explain the medication you give out to patients in a way they will easily understand.
    • Organisation: Maintaining stock of medical supplies and ordering replacements is vital for patients to access their medications.

    Build your perfect pharmacist CV

    Choose the right template and work with our CV builder to fill in the details, and it’s simple to put the perfect pharmacist CV together.

    Get started now and you’ll have a personalised pharmacist CV that will impress employers and fast track you to the next stage of your career.


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