The UK healthcare sector offers a vast number of rewarding career paths. We’ll show you how to apply for a number of these careers with our range of detailed healthcare CV examples. From presentation to format to language, we’ve got what it takes to give your CV a clean bill of health.


Enhance your healthcare CV
with these tips

Our healthcare CV examples will demonstrate how to organise your work experience and present a clear and professional personal statement. Put this into practice with our tried and tested healthcare CV tips:

  • Remember your transferable skills

    As a sector that relies heavily on soft skills, highlight any hobbies that involve customer service or team management. For example, if you’ve organised school activities, you could bring your experience with children and families to a midwife role.
  • Be transparent about any career gaps

    Nowadays it’s normal to take a break from your career. Add any gaps to your healthcare CV and explain how they enhance your application. For example, an optical assistant may have spent valuable time abroad volunteering with the blind.
  • Scrub up your presentation

    Healthcare is a serious profession which calls for a serious CV. Stick to standardised fonts and steer away from images, clashing colours, or inconsistent spacing.
  • Start with a clear personal statement

    Healthcare is a personal field of work, so be sure to start with a personal statement that illustrates your passions and qualities. Take some cues from our examples.

Healthcare CVs made simple with our expert builder

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