While there are many job opportunities for podiatry assistants, finding a new position is not always easy – marketing your skills, qualifications, and experience is vital to secure an interview. Use our podiatry assistant CV sample to write an application tailored to the role you are applying for, outlining your most impressive achievements and why you are the best person for the position.

Below, we’ll provide valuable insights into the information you should include and the best way to format your resume. The podiatry assistant CV example is a helpful example of a curriculum vitae that will gain your application the attention of hiring managers.

On top of digesting the following guidance, we suggest checking out our expert CV examples for more content and design inspiration. Each document breaks down the CV writing process from contact details to qualifications, so you can focus on job-hunting. There’s no need to stress or procrastinate – not when you have so many fantastic resources to hand!

Ready to begin? Keep reading as we explore:


    Sample podiatry assistant CV

    podiatry assistant CV example

    Anna McDonald

    195 Crown Street
    London W12 4WB

    Professional summary

    Podiatry Assistant with 4 years of experience providing trusted heath care in clinical setting. Plans, implements and evaluates treatment plans to elevate impact of existing services. Communicates proactively with other healthcare professionals to optimise plans for patients.

    Work history

    March 2022 – Current
    High Heels – London
    Podiatry Assistant

    • Suggested environmental adaptations to help patients with functional limitations perform daily tasks in home environments.
    • Referred patients to other health care providers to receive specialised services.
    • Tailored patient-centred plans to help patients achieve health-related goals.
    • Selected appropriate criteria to measure progress and treatment success to gain evidence-based insights.

    February 2019 – February 2022
    Nails and Beauty – London
    Podiatry Assistant

    • Considered problems analytically, leveraging different skills, resources and techniques to develop solutions.
    • Balanced patients’ holistic needs to inform treatment decision-making and consider multiple opportunities.
    • Communicated with professionals across different disciplines to coordinate treatments and provide continuity of care.
    • Adhered to healthcare legislation to maintain consistency and high standard of care across services.


    Equipment evaluations
    Treatment plan development
    Exercise physiology
    Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assistance
    Wound Care
    Procedure Preparation
    Instrument Sterilization
    Foot Treatments
    Foot Baths


    London College London
    Diploma of Higher Education Health and Social Care

    Podiatry assistant CV template

    Writing a CV with professional help is the best way to boost your career prospects. Luckily, we have countless online resources to make your life much easier, including pre-made CV templates, comprehensive how-to guides, and drag-and-drop builders. Landing your dream job is closer than you think!

    What is the best format for your podiatry assistant CV?

    Before tackling your content, you must think about presentation – what’s the best way to organise your information so it’s easy to read and cohesive? You don’t have to design a brand-new template from scratch. Instead, choose between these tried-and-tested CV formats. Why leave your success to chance when we have everything you need right here?

    While there are plenty of styles available, two stand out for their popularity and legibility – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former outlines your employment background, starting from your current or most recent role. The latter spotlights relevant transferable skills, such as “communication”, “organisation”, and “computer literacy”.

    So, which is best for a podiatry assistant? We always suggest the reverse-chronological structure because hiring managers prefer candidates with tangible experience, especially in the healthcare industry. However, as this is an entry-level position, you could use a skills-based CV, provided you have the right qualifications and attitude.

    What else do you need to know? Here are a few extra tips:

    • Your CV should be one to two pages long maximum – if you need a hard copy, print double-sided for the employer’s convenience
    • Tailor all the information to the job advertisement – this means you might have multiple CVs for different companies
    • Type in a professional font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri
    • Use headings, sections, and bullet points to enhance readability
    • Send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless asked otherwise

    How to write a CV for a podiatry assistant

    Now you’ve decided on the correct format, it’s time to dive into the meat and bones of your application – the content. The following sections break down how to write a CV step by step while offering insider pointers to wow the hiring manager. Plus, we’ll answer some of your most common CV writing questions towards the end.

    Let’s run through:

    How to add contact details to your podiatry assistant CV

    It might seem obvious, but many applicants forget to add their current contact details at the top of their CV – usually because they’re rushing and anxious about deadlines. However, if you want to receive a call back about the next steps, you must add your information somewhere near the header, preferably in a slightly larger or bolder font.

    Remember to include:

    • Full name – first name and surname
    • Location – so the employer knows where you’re based
    • Phone number – mobile, landline, or both
    • Email address – keep it professional

    Example of contact section for a podiatry assistant CV

    Phoebe Atkins,

    23 King’s Avenue,


    Milton Keynes, MK1 2PK,

    Mobile: 07789564345,


    How to write a personal statement for your podiatry assistant CV

    Standing out is easy when you create a powerful personal statement summarising your top achievements, skills, and qualifications. Basically, this introductory paragraph gives hiring managers a reason to keep reading. While it might sound easy enough, there’s a catch – you only have three to four sentences to get your main points across. Need a little help? Use our handy formula below.

    Sentence one opens with your years of experience and career focus, e.g. NHS hospitals or care homes. Sentence two explains what you can achieve, backed up by concrete results. Finally, sentences three and four underline your unique skills and specialisms. For example, you might work specifically with athletes or children.

    By results, we mean anything that proves you can walk your talk. Otherwise, you’re simply asking the employer to believe you – and why would they do that? You might have worked in several hospitals, managed a large caseload of patients, or developed a new treatment that improved foot conditions by a percentage number. Whatever the accomplishment, keep it specific and relevant to the role you’re applying for.

    What else makes a great personal statement?

    Implement the below tips:

    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Stick to the word count – between 50 and 100 words is ideal
    • Keep the tone friendly, formal, and polite
    • Use keywords and phrases – you can find these hard and soft skills in the job advertisement
    • Don’t focus on what you want – discuss what you can bring to the table, and save career ambitions for the cover letter and interview

    Example of personal statement for a podiatry assistant CV

    Professional and reliable podiatry assistant with two years of experience in private hospitals. Introduced a more efficient booking system that saw an 18% uptake in patients. Possesses excellent communication skills, both written and spoken, and is competent with office procedures, including maintaining patient records and booking appointments. Skilled at providing foot treatments and nail care for clients.


    Compassionate podiatry assistant with four years of experience in NHS and physiotherapy settings. Helped develop a new nail care programme that reduced pain by 21%. Assists the podiatry team with minor treatments and surgery, cleaning and passing specialist equipment. Specialities include treating sports injuries, specifically dancers and gymnasts.

    How to present your work history on a podiatry assistant CV

    Hiring managers love the work history section because it reveals more about you as a professional. Alongside identifying your core strengths and weaknesses (via what you don’t say), they can assess whether you’d be a good fit for the company and team. Our top advice? Keep everything relevant to the role you’re applying for – you don’t need to talk about that old pizza delivery job because the skills are probably not transferable!

    How should you present this section? Start from your current or most recent role and note up to six responsibilities for each.

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • List of key tasks
    • Achievements, awards, and promotions

    Like the personal statement, you can make an impact by including plenty of facts and figures. Let’s say you “supported podiatrists during surgical procedures” – can you expand on this? You could mention how many procedures, e.g. “supported podiatrists during 50 surgical procedures”. Additionally, the outcome, e.g. “supported podiatrists during 50 surgical procedures, with an average 87% success rate”. The more details you give, the more talented you’ll sound.

    Another way to engage the reader is by avoiding repetition. For instance, if you’ve mentioned “cutting toenails” underneath one role, talk about “applying dressings” in another. This will show the employer the breadth of your capabilities. Plus, avoid obvious tasks like “answering emails” – everyone should be able to do this as a given, so it’s just a waste of words.

    Lastly, convey your personality with positive adjectives and action verbs. You might be “reliable”, “diligent”, and “empathetic”. Action verbs are brilliant alternatives to “responsible for”. Some of our favourites for podiatry assistants include “supported”, “advised”, and “measured”.

    Example of work experience for a podiatry assistant CV

    Podiatry Assistant | Happy Feet Podiatry Services, Manchester | October 2020 – Present

    • Cutting patient’s toenails.
    • Applying dressings.
    • Supporting podiatrists during surgical procedures.
    • Maintaining patient documentation in a timely and accurate manner.
    • Taking patterns and casts for the manufacture of simple insoles.
    • Using toe pressure testing kits to check blood flow.

    Podiatry Assistant | Precision Podiatry, Milton Keynes | May 2018 – October 2020

    • Greeting patients and preparing them for surgery.
    • Booking appointments.
    • Making sure that patient records were kept up to date.
    • Keeping the surgical area and implements in a clean and sterile condition.

    Skills worth having on your podiatry assistant CV

    Hiring managers are busy, so they’ll often review your CV skills first before moving on to the lengthier CV sections. Neatly packaging your top technical and transferable abilities quickly reassures them you have what it takes to hit the ground running. Plus, ATS software relies on a scannable collection of keywords and phrases to blast your application past the algorithm. We recommend noting around 12 skills in total, split equally between hard and soft skills.

    What’s the difference? Hard skills are specialist and learnt on the job or through formal education. Examples include “performing podiatry procedures”, “hospital administration”, and “completing patient referrals”. On the other hand, soft skills are personality-based – you’re born with a tendency towards them. You might be “organised”, “motivated”, and “trustworthy”.

    Above all else, you need to balance both to succeed. Experience doesn’t compensate for a bad attitude. Likewise, friendliness doesn’t mean you have the right practical tools to get the job done.

    Need some more inspiration? Run through the following lists:

    Essential skills for a podiatry assistant

    • Skilled at developing a good rapport with patients
    • Committed to delivering high-quality foot and nail care
    • Flexible regarding working patterns
    • Good knowledge of prescribed medications and their effects
    • Dexterous and has an excellent eye for detail

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Some knowledge of booking platforms
    • Excellent telephone manner
    • Confident in minor surgical procedures
    • Understanding of elderly care
    • Clean driving licence for home visits

    How to add education to your podiatry assistant CV

    Qualifications are the building blocks of experience, proving you have the foundational knowledge to meet expectations. You can discuss school, college, or university courses, professional training, and memberships to governing bodies. Basically, anything that says, “I have more brains than the competition”.

    While this section is pretty straightforward to complete, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you don’t need to highlight poor grades or incomplete courses – they won’t exactly wow the reader. Next, you only have limited space to play with, so prioritise more recent qualifications, like university degrees, over GCSEs.

    What does it take to become a podiatry assistant? Most candidates are working towards a degree in podiatry approved by the Health and Care Professions Council. Some study another healthcare or science subject, and then apply for an accelerated degree in podiatry. As this is an assistant role, you can be part-way through your course while working full or part-time.

    When summarising your education, include:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. A level or undergraduate degree
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a podiatry assistant CV

    Bedford College | September 2020 – July 2022

    Diploma in Health and Social Care

    Bedford High School | September 2018 – July 2020

    4 A levels: English (A), Maths (B), Science (B), and History (C)

    Bedford High School | September 2013 – July 2018

    10 GCSEs at grades A – C

    Top dos and don’ts for podiatry assistant CV writing


    • DO mention your areas of expertise

      Lots of different people need podiatrists, from athletes to children. Plus, professionals can work in diverse settings, including hospitals, care homes, and gyms. As such, it’s a good idea to mention your specialisms in your personal statement and cover letter. Having a clear direction will help recruiters guide your CV to the right desks.

    • DO highlight your soft skills

      Podiatry isn’t just about specialised skills – you must also have the right character qualities to succeed. Ultimately, a podiatry assistant is a customer-centred and patient-focused position requiring bundles of compassion and empathy. You’ll also need exceptional communication skills to convey complex information in a digestible manner.


    • DON’T forget your cover letter

      A cover letter is a short one-page document introducing who you are, expressing interest in the role, and underlining why you’re the best person for the job. Plus, it’s a brilliant place to add extra information that doesn’t belong in a CV, such as your notice period and career aspirations.

    • DON’T skip over spell-checking

      The very last thing you should do is check and double-check your work for spelling mistakes, repetitiveness, and awkward phrasing. Otherwise, your application will look more amateur than awesome. You could also ask a trusted person to give you some feedback. The more input you get, the more confident you’ll sound!


    Your podiatry assistant CV questions answered

    What does a podiatry assistant do?

    Podiatry assistants support the main podiatrist with patient care and general administration duties. Usually, they’re working toward a full qualification, and some are on university placements. The days always look different, but some of the core responsibilities include:

    • Assisting with minor surgical procedures
    • Booking and referring patients
    • Keeping client medical records safe and up to date
    • Making recommendations under supervision
    • Carrying out basic podiatry tasks, like cutting nails and foot casts

    What skills does a podiatry assistant need?

    Podiatry assistants must have the technical knowledge to cure ailments alongside plenty of empathy and understanding. After all, podiatry is still a form of healthcare, and many patients feel quite vulnerable seeking help for their problems. Employers prioritise the following skills:

    • Knowledge of podiatry, physiotherapy, and medicine
    • Confident with risk assessment
    • Superb customer service skills
    • Meticulous attention to detail
    • Positive, can-do approach

    Is podiatry a difficult course?

    Every course has its challenges, and podiatry isn’t any different. However, if you’re interested in the subject, you’ll probably find the process a breeze. Some universities run dedicated podiatry degrees, or you can study another health-related topic and specialise at a later date.

    How much do podiatry assistants earn?

    It’s impossible to say how much a podiatry assistant earns because it depends on location, experience, hours, and more. However, entry-level NHS workers start at around £21,000 to £23,000. Of course, this rises with experience. Fully qualified NHS podiatrists earn up to £50,000, and often more in private practices.

    Create a persuasive podiatry assistant CV today

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