Modern CV templates are designed to help you stand out. Recruiters see hundreds of CVs with each job role so it’s crucial to make an impact with your application. Whether you’re looking for a professional CV template or a creative CV, a clear and well-written modern CV shows potential employers that you’re the candidate they’ve been searching for.

Cut down the time and energy you spend on job applications by using a modern curriculum vitae template. Browse myPerfectCV’s collection of contemporary CV templates to craft the perfect CV for your dream job.


Modern curriculum vitae templates


Modern CV examples by job title and industry

Take a look at some CV examples for different job titles and industries featuring our contemporary CV templates.

Top tips for using a modern CV template

  • Choose the right modern CV layout

    A CV’s job is to hold the recruiter’s attention and showcase your achievements. A modern CV layout helps to draw an employer’s eye from your contact details right down to your skills. A modern CV layout for UK jobs can help you stand out, but the layout should make the CV clear and easy to read, rather than complicating it. Adding a margin at side of your CV, for example, can create an effective space to display your contact details, skills, and languages. Ultimately, your modern CV template should complement your work history, not overshadow it.

  • Develop your CV design for modern jobs

    Choosing the right CV design for a modern job needs some consideration. Whilst it might be tempting to go for a unique design, it’s important to place the focus on your work and academic history. Keep your modern CV font simple and professional, rather than experimenting with bold or quirky fonts. Using a creative CV design for a modern job application can create a striking impression, but you should again tailor this to the job. If you really want to stand out, a modern CV template with a photo can create an immediate connection with employers. However, you should check in the job description if the company accepts them

  • Use a modern CV builder to save time

    When you’re job hunting, chances are you’re sending out more than one CV. If you’re creating your modern CV template from scratch, that can cut into precious time for other tasks. A modern CV builder provides you with bespoke layout and formatting options, so you can stay in control of your modern CV template without having to spend hours developing your own design. You can create a modern CV template with a photo, or keep the style streamlined to suit your needs.


FAQs about using a modern CV template

How to create a modern CV template?

There are several major steps to creating a modern CV template.

Start by researching the company you wish to apply to and looking at some modern CV examples from your field. Be clear on the type of modern curriculum vitae format that your prospective employer accepts. It will impact how your CV looks when they receive and read it.

Next, start your CV by adding your information. Don’t be tempted to include every last detail of your academic and work history. Keep your CV to two pages as a maximum. Once you’ve added in all your details, take a break from writing, and then come back to review your modern CV later in the day. Look for aspects in the design and formatting that could be confusing.

How to make a modern CV in Word?

Word is generally the best format for a modern CV template. This is because many organisations use ATS software to filter CVs for relevant keywords. If your modern CV template uses PDF format, it’s less likely for keywords to be picked up. PDF format is generally more useful for when you need to make a modern creative CV.

If you want to know how to make a modern CV in Word, the key factor to consider is formatting. Since doc formatting can appear differently depending on the program recruiters use to open the file, you need to ensure you don’t use complex formatting.

A modern CV template Word doc can provide you with clear formatting outlines for your CV.

What does a modern CV look like?

Modern CVs can vary significantly in appearance. A professional modern CV template will likely be easy to read and streamlined. It will need to use subdued colours, and a formal, yet stylish design.

In some cases, it can also help to use a modern CV template with a photo.

A modern creative CV looks very different because the focus is placed on showcasing your creative skills. This type of CV can feature photographs, illustrations, or copywriting that demonstrates your creative style and achievements.

Ensure you also add details about your work and academic history to support your application.

Choose a layout

Dos and don’ts when writing a modern CV


  • Review modern CV examples before writing your CV. Looking at CV examples can give you inspiration and direction for your own CV. Look at the CV layout and font used in successful CVs. How is the information displayed? What colour has the candidate used? What skills have they mentioned? Is there anything they have included that you haven’t? Examining a modern CV sample helps you to understand how to choose the right layout and content for your CV.
  • Do choose the right modern CV format for UK jobs. If you want to wow recruiters with a modern CV, they need to be able to see it. To ensure you don’t get filtered out by the organisation’s ATS software, you need to make sure you’re using the correct file format. Generally speaking, a modern CV template Word doc is the most ATS-friendly format..


  • Don’t focus on irrelevant information in your modern CV. Your modern CV should focus on your work achievements, rather than your interests. Don’t pad your CV with details about hobbies or skills if these aren’t relevant to the role. For example, if you are developing a modern IT CV template, you should focus on your work experience with IT, your relevant qualifications and the types of software you are familiar with. Unless you want to work for a French company, your French GCSE is likely not going to be an important detail.
  • Don’t ignore industry requirements for your CV. A modern-day CV template will still vary between industries. Illustrators may need to include samples of their work within their CV – or cover letter. A modern IT CV template will need more work experience with computer software and hardware. Go into detail about projects or work successes related to the position, and describe any achievements or awards received in your industry.

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