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The computer software industry is ever-growing and changing. This industry is always looking to hire those who are up on the newest software trends and have the best technical skills.

Since this industry is so focused on technical skills, make sure to call attention to that on your CV. Make a bold and clear skills section towards the top of your CV and mention all of the software, languages, and certifications you have.

Examples of CV for Computer Software in UK

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Learn more about the computer software industry

  • Areas in computer software

    Technology is an ever-changing, constantly growing industry that employs just under three million people in the UK. Workers in this industry can work in game development, web design, computer forensics, and much more.

  • Education

    Computer science is a highly competitive industry, and most positions will require an advanced degree in a related subject, a foundation degree, or a higher national diploma.

  • Finding computer science jobs

    Many computer science jobs can be found on specialised websites such as CWJobs, IT Jobs, or Technojobs.

  • Interview Prep

    Computer software is a highly technical field, so when you head to an interview, expect that they will ask you to demonstrate your skills. Many technology companies may require a skills test before the interview.

  • Working Environment

    Being a part of the technology sector means that you will benefit from a higher than average salary. However, you may need to work long hours and constantly be learning new changing software. This industry also has many opportunities to work abroad.

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How your computer software CV should look

Computer software is a highly competitive industry, so designing a professional, modern CV is essential to landing your dream job. This industry will rely on ATS (automated tracking systems) to help sort through hundreds of applications.

There are a few tricks to designing a CV for ATS. First, stay away from colour and images; those are not effective with ATS. Second, choose a modern sans-serif (no feet) font such as Arial, Helvetica or Calibri. ATS is far more likely to see your CV as a match when you choose these fonts.

After you finish designing your ATS optimised CV, be sure to save it as a PDF. This ensures that no design elements change upon the opening of your document.

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