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Accounting roles sit within all kinds of businesses, from big banks to start-ups and firms that service many different clients. You might be in-house, or you might work client-side directly for the company.

When writing a CV for an accountancy-based role, it is essential to focus on the impact you had on an organisation and quantify how your influence helped the company. For example, if you saved them money - how much?

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  • Accounting CV Personal Profile

    Your accounting CV must have a personal summary that introduces the recruiter to your work history and specialisms in a concise manner.

  • Accounting education

    Your education is a must-have for any accounting CV. You can gain experience through an advanced degree, which you can highlight on a graduate accounting CV.

  • Automation in the accounting industry

    Accounting is a highly competitive industry, which means that they may use ATS (automated tracking systems) to sort through high volumes of applications. The best accounting CVs will copy the keywords and languages of the job description. Tailored CVs will be seen as a match by ATS.

  • Professional accounting certifications

    Accounting is a technical field, and if you have the certification to prove that you know how to complete your job, you need to include that on your CV. You can gain qualifications through two vocational routes: AAT Accounting Qualification or ACCA Certified Accounting Technician qualification (CAT).

  • Online networking

    Your CV can only do much; online networking is quickly becoming the industry secret to a more successful job search. Especially if you are writing an entry-level accounting CV or an accounting CV with no previous experience, building a personal profile will help you network your way to job opportunities. Spend some time creating a LinkedIn or online website.

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How should an accounting sector CV look?

Accounting sector CVs should be professional and straightforward. The key to a standout accounting sector CV will be in the details. Proofread your CV for clarity and typos before you send it out. Don’t give recruiters any reason to stop reading your CV based on simple mistakes.

When choosing your formatting, remember that your CV needs to grab the recruiter’s attention after only a few seconds. Avoid writing long paragraphs under your experience, but instead, craft concise bullets. Bullets and list formatting make it easier for a recruiter to get a sense of your skills with only a glance. The only chunk of text on your CV should be your profile, and all other content should be in bullet or list formatting.

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