Bookkeepers are the beating heart of a business, whether they’re working internally or as part of an accounting firm. They make sure all the numbers are in order, to maintain compliance and maximise profitability. With that comes the need for invaluable experience and vital bookkeeping skills, which is where your CV comes into play.

A great bookkeeper CV will demonstrate accountancy knowledge, attention to detail, and full compliance wherever required. CV formatting is also essential, enabling employers to digest all the critical information easily. See our bookkeeper CV examples that will help you craft the perfect application.


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    Bookkeeper CV templates

    Your bookkeeper CV has to pack in lots of information to show that you’re up to the job. But things can soon become messy, overwhelming, and off-putting without the right layout and formatting.

    With our CV templates, that’s not a problem. Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates that are perfect for bookkeeping roles. From clear sub-headings to bullet-point lists, employers will have no problem picking out all your key skills and experience.

    Craft a standout personal statement for your bookkeeper CV

    A personal statement or professional summary is the first thing recruiters will read on your application. It sits at the top of your bookkeeper CV and effectively introduces you to potential employers. As such, your personal statement needs to communicate your personality, key qualities and the main skills you can offer in a bookkeeping role.

    Highlight any specialist areas of bookkeeping which you have experienced, including the size of clients or specific sectors. Then list a few key aptitudes such as corporate tax or maintaining company ledgers, while also describing your personal qualities such as well-organised and analytical.

    Sell your skills with our top tips for bookkeeper CVs

    Recruiters have to sift through countless applications for bookkeeping roles. That’s exactly why your bookkeeper CV needs to tick every box. We’ve put together five bookkeeper CV tips to take you from bottom of the pile to top of the list.

    • Include keywords from the job description

      As more recruiters use scanning software to screen for the most relevant bookkeeping CVs, including keywords is the best way to make sure yours makes the cut. For example, if the job spec wants a candidate who’s familiar with QuickBooks and you’ve used the software before, make sure to mention this on your CV.

    • Quantify your successes

      Bookkeeping is all about the numbers. If you slashed expenditure from £5,000 to £3,500 in your previous job, always include the metrics. Use of numbers helps recruiters quantify your impact and imagine what you could bring to a future role. Use our bookkeeper CV templates to help see where you need to add more detail.

    • Be open and honest

      Bookkeepers are trusted with vast sums of money. Let employers know you’re up to the task by showing some personality in your personal statement. Use words such as ‘confidential’ and ‘discreet’ to describe your work ethic, showing recruiters you have both the required professional and personal skills.

    • Highlight your specialty

      As a bookkeeper, you might have worked for companies within a specific industry or dealt with clients of a certain size. That experience can really set you apart from other candidates when applying for a job that’s relevant to your experience, so be sure to highlight it from the off in your personal statement.

    • Back it up with qualifications

      While day-to-day responsibilities and career experiences are important for recruiters, your bookkeeping qualifications are an absolute must-have for most employers. List them clearly in a dedicated education section with the year you obtained each qualification.

    Top bookkeeper CV skills

    A bookkeeper CV example is useful for laying out your skills section. Discover some of the best bookkeeper skills to include in your CV below:

    Essential bookkeeper skills

    • Bookkeeping
    • Excellent numeracy
    • Reconciliation
    • Use of accounting software
    • Attention to detail
    • Understanding of UK accountancy practices

    Additional skills for bookkeepers

    • Outstanding communication
    • Organisation
    • Time management
    • Well-rounded business acumen
    • Autonomous
    • Works well under pressure
    • Team-player

    Top questions about your bookkeeper CV

    How to write a CV for a bookkeeper

    To write a successful bookkeeper CV, you should always include a personal statement, your education and any relevant qualifications, and your work experience. If you’re applying for an entry-level job with no experience, focus on essential accounting software, maths, and budgeting skills.

    How to write a profile section on a bookkeeper CV

    Your profile section should include information about how long you’ve been working as a bookkeeper, your qualifications and the highlights of your achievements and skills. The profile section is your elevator pitch and chance to get the reader’s attention.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper?

    A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of business transactions and accounts. This can include issuing paychecks and invoices, providing financial advice, and using Excel to monitor spending.

    Use our bookkeeper CV examples today

    When applying for a bookkeeper position, a professional and clear CV will help you stand out from other candidates. Our bookkeeper CV examples can help you put together a perfect application, giving you the very best chances of success.

    Start today by checking out our professional UK CV templates and making use of our CV builder. Quickly and easily, you can prepare a winning bookkeeper CV and take the next step in your career.


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