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Combining accounting and business management, management accountants play a vital role in countless organisations. They put their accounting capabilities to good use at the top of a business, helping management teams make the right decisions to maximise growth, profit margins, and the stability of the business going forward.

Whether you’re applying for management accountant roles in London, Newcastle, or Edinburgh, a great CV is a must. It should include the right management accountant skills and knowledge, outline your career path, and highlight your achievements to date. We’ve pulled together the best CV writing advice to make that easy, including examples, templates, and clear answers to frequently asked questions.


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    Management accountant CV templates

    Top tips for your management accountant CV

    Nail down your management accountant career path, skills, and qualifications with our expert tips.

    • Start off on the right foot

      Starting your management accountant CV is often the hardest part. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank Word document, conjuring up various ways to open your management accountant CV personal statement. With a pre-made CV template, you’ll have a professional layout and structure, so you can take it step by step and fill in each section before reviewing your management accountant CV as a whole.

    • Use the management accountant role description

      While they’re broadly focused on accounting to guide management teams, management accountant roles can vary from business to business. Using the job description, you can tailor your CV to the specific management accountant skills and knowledge that each employer is looking for. Include all of the key words and phrases from the role description to make sure your CV passes scanning software as well as ticking every box for recruiters.

    • Showcase your management accountant career path

      Recruiters don’t just want to where you are now. They want to know where you’ve come from as well as. Listing previous roles will show how you’ve worked your way up to the management accountant role, and the valuable experience you’ve gained along the way as an accountant or management accountant assistant, for example.

    • Include your achievements

      Alongside your skills and knowledge, recruiters are looking for evidence of your success in accounting. The best management accountant CV achievements are specific and quantifiable. Reference specific feats such as reducing expenditure by 15%, a year-on-year profitability rise of 10%, or assessing the finances of seven departments.

    • Stay relevant and concise

      While it’s important to outline your management accountant career path, it can actually be counterproductive if you go too far into the past. As an experienced candidate, for example, there’s no need to list your GCSEs and A-levels or your first part-time job as a waiter. It’s best to stick to your previous 3-4 job roles and any qualifications that are relevant to management accounting, such as a degree and CIMA or ACCA certification.

    Management accountant skills and knowledge to include in your CV

    The best management accountant CV examples strike a good balance of hard and soft skills. Take a look at the must-have management accountant skills and knowledge below:

    Hard skills for management accountant roles

    • Flawless numerical ability
    • Data analysis
    • Report writing
    • Accounting software competency
    • CIMA or ACCA certified
    • Business acumen

    Soft skills for your CV

    • Clear written and verbal communication
    • Project management and leadership
    • Working to deadlines
    • Teamwork with all levels of staff
    • Specific industry knowledge
    • Determination and problem solving

    Give the best account of yourself with a top-rate personal statement

    When it comes to your management accountant CV, personal statement writing is crucial. Also known as the professional summary, this short section comes at the top of your management accountant CV and essentially introduces you to recruiters.

    In 3-4 sentences, you should outline your most attractive management accountant skills and knowledge, including certification, specialist abilities or niches, and your years of experience in accounting.

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    Top FAQs about your management accountant CV

    What does a management accountant do?

    Broadly speaking, the management accountant career objective is to support a company’s management team with financial analysis, insight, and advice. That ranges from the establishment of financial policies and systems to recommendations for reducing operational costs and making decisions on new investments.

    What are the duties of a management accountant?

    While management accountant role descriptions vary from business to business, the duties typically include:

    • preparing financial reports and recommending improvements
    • providing budgeting support to different departments
    • negotiating on new projects or investment
    • advising on financial strategy and decision making
    • keeping the business compliant from a financial standpoint

    What makes a good management accountant?

    A good management accountant is determined and hardworking with meticulous attention to detail. Alongside these personal qualities (soft skills), they will have an aptitude for data analysis and number crunching, with the ability to communicate their findings clearly to non-financial managers through written reports, presentations, and face-to-face discussions.

    How to become a management accountant

    The typical management accountant career path starts with a degree in accounting, mathematics or business studies. Alternatively, there are some specialist apprenticeship training schemes for junior accountants. Most candidates will need to work their way up from general accounting roles to more senior positions before becoming a management accountant.

    How to become a certified management accountant

    Certification is a must for any management accountant role. It can be gained through CIMA or ACCA. Some degree programmes include this certification, while others will simply make you eligible to apply for a separate training course. In some cases, employers will support eligible candidates to study for certification as they work.

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