As a senior member of the accounting department, accounts payable manager jobs are vital to keep companies in the black. They take on a range of responsibilities, from managing accounts payable (AP) staff and setting KPIs to resolving account issues and drafting financial policies.

All of that calls upon a specific set of accounts payable manager skills, which should be demonstrated throughout your CV. To make things easier, we’ve got an accounts payable manager CV example, customisable templates, and all the best tips and tricks specifically for accounts payable manager careers.


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    Accounts payable manager CV templates

    Top tips for your accounts payable manager CV

    With such a wide range of accounts payable job tasks, it can be hard deciding what recruiters are looking for. Here’s how to make sure your CV passes the test.

    • Show your career path

      It’s rare for people to walk straight into accounts payable manager jobs. Instead, there are a range of accounts payable job roles like assistant and officer to work your way up. Your CV should show this progression to demonstrate your proficiency in accounts payable job tasks as well as the managerial side of things.
    • Use the accounts payable manager description

      If you want your CV to be compliant with a recruiter’s criteria, spend some time reading through the accounts payable manager job description. Here, you’ll find all of the essential and desirable qualities they’re looking for, along with more information about the accounts payable job responsibilities. You can then tailor your CV to the description, adding relevant experience and skills wherever possible.
    • Pack a punch with facts and figures

      So many accounts payable job tasks are about numbers. So why not add some to your CV? Whether it’s the number of people managed in an accounts department or a specific reduction in late payment fees under your stewardship, precise figures will add weight to your work history and back up your skills section.
    • Structuring your CV

      With so much to pack in, it’s important that your accounts payable manager CV has the right structure and layout. Recruiters should be able to skim-read and easily navigate to the information they need. Use a CV template with clear subheadings and dedicated sections for experience, skills, qualifications, and your personal statement.
    • Keep it simple

      When you’re writing your accounts payable manager CV, it’s best to use plain English wherever possible. For one, because recruiters want to get the information they need as quickly as possible. It could also increase your chances of passing an ATS scan for keywords, as they are more likely to search for “budgeting” than “the capability to organise and designate financial estimates”.

    Accounts payable manager skills to include in your CV

    As an AP manager, you’ll need to combine technical skills and personal qualities to strike the right balance between your accounts payable and managerial capabilities.

    Must-have accounts payable manager skills

    • Corporate compliance
    • Financial reporting
    • Balance sheet reconciliations
    • Purchase ledgers
    • Forecasting
    • Budgeting

    Soft skills to boost your CV

    • Leadership
    • Delegation
    • Attention to detail
    • Relationship building
    • Industry specialism
    • Well organised

    Write a personal statement that pays off

    Your personal statement is the first account of yourself in your CV.

    Also known as a professional summary, it should include your key qualities, any specialisms, and the amount of experience you have in accounts payable job roles.

    Stay positive with words like “dedicated”, “experienced”, and “knowledgeable” that make recruiters want to read on. Stay brief with 2-3 sentences, giving them what they need quickly. If you feel like you want to expand a little more, consider writing a cover letter for your CV.

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    Top FAQs about your accounts payable manager CV

    What does an accounts payable manager do on a daily basis?

    On a day-to-day basis, accounts payable managers handle the management of their team and resolve any issues that arise with accounts, finances or specific clients. They also monitor and analyse the company’s accounts more broadly to make sure everything is accurate, complete, and compliant.

    What skills do you need for accounts payable?

    An accounts payable job role requires a combination of technical finance skills and teamworking qualities. Good communication is key, both orally and in writing. You’ll also need an eye for detail, with technical capabilities in ledgers, balance sheets, and budgeting.

    How do I become a good accounts payable manager?

    A good accounts payable manager should have a track record of success in AP roles and responsibilities. This can be bolstered by a strong educational background, whether that’s an apprenticeship in business administration or a degree in finance. Your accounts payable manager CV should show how you’ve earned your stripes in accounts payable job roles to work your way up to an AP manager position.

    What are interview questions for accounts payable?

    When applying for AP manager roles, interview questions will focus on accounts payable job responsibilities and your experiences of them. That could include:

    • Tell us about a time when you’ve solved a discrepancy
    • What software have you used in previous roles?
    • How would you deal with an underperforming accounts payable assistant?
    • Do you have experience in recruiting accounts payable staff?
    • What’s your biggest achievement as an accounts payable manager?

    How much should an accounts payable manager make?

    As a senior member of the finance department, AP managers can expect to make upwards of £35,000 a year. The salary can increase depending on the size of your team with the potential for performance-based incentives too.

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    Writing a CV for AP manager roles doesn’t have to be as tricky as solving financial discrepancies. At myPerfectCV, we provide everything you need in one place. Use our CV examples as inspiration. Choose a professional template to get you started. Then access pre-written content tailored to accounts payable manager careers in our online builder.

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