If you’re finishing your studies and considering roles in accounting, you’ll be most likely kicking off your career as an assistant accountant.

A well-written UK assistant accountant CV engages potential employers with a solid professional knowledge of accountancy. It showcases past responsibilities and experience that demonstrate clear competency in accounting, along with all relevant qualifications and accountancy specialisms.

Our assistant accountant CV example can show you how it’s done, along with the right structure and design to top things off. When you’re ready, try our quick and easy builder to create a top-rate CV of your own.


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    Assistant accountant CV templates

    Assist recruiters with your accounting personal statement

    With so many CVs to get through, the personal statement is sometimes the only section of a CV recruiters will read before putting them in the ‘no’ pile. This 3-4 sentence paragraph should concisely summarise your main qualities and experience to make recruiters want to read on.

    List essential skills like “bookkeeping”, “data entry” and “computer literate” as well as some personal qualities like “team player” and “great communicator” to show that you tick the initial boxes, making sure your assistant accountant CV passes the first hurdle.

    Top tips for your assistant accountant CV

    Take the next step in your career with these top 3 assistant accountant tips:

    • Keep it professional

      As an assistant accountant, you’ll need a keen eye for detail. The slightest error could have big consequences, so you need to show recruiters right from the start that you’re organised and efficient. Make sure your assistant accountant CV is free of any errors and present it neatly and tidily with a clear structure. You can get a head start with a pre-made CV template.

    • Show off your skills

      The world of accounting has its own jargon and terminology. Including some relevant key terms throughout your CV will prove that you have a strong understanding of this kind of work. As with our assistant accountant CV examples, UK-relevant qualifications and skills should also be listed, such as your organisation and proficient bookkeeping skills.

    • Focus on teamwork

      A big part of being an assistant accountant is knowing how to work as part of a team. It’s therefore recommended to stress in your personal statement that you’re a team player. You can do this by referencing a past position where teamwork was key, as well as highlighting your communication skills.

    • The numbers game

      It’s no secret that accounting assistant duties will involve lots of numbers. But they can also be a big bonus for your assistant accountant CV. Including figures like “assisted with payroll for 50 employees” or “managed client correspondence for 4 accountants” add weight to the skills and experience highlighted in your CV.

    • Stay relevant and concise

      To show you’re a good fit for accounting roles, it can be tempting to list every mathematical qualification you’ve ever attained and every bit of relevant experience, back to your part-time job in high school. Be careful though. Your assistant accountant CV should be no longer than 1-2 pages, so it might be worth dropping qualifications gained more than 10 years ago if you have more recent, relevant achievements.

    Assistant accountant skills to include in your CV

    Assistant accountants do immensely important work, often handling many different documents throughout the day. Their duties can be varied and complex, requiring a key set of core skills:

    Essential skills for assistant accountant jobs

    • Bookkeeping
    • Data entry
    • IT competence
    • Strong communication
    • Teamwork
    • Mathematical proficiency

    Extra skills for your CV

    • Punctuality
    • Adaptability
    • Organisation
    • Understanding of budgets
    • Microsoft Office
    • Working under pressure

    Top FAQs about your assistant accountant CV

    What is an accounting assistant?

    An accounting assistant (or assistant accountant) is an administrative role within an accounting department or accounting agency. The chosen candidate provides support to accountants, which can include both administrative work and junior accounting duties. Assistant accountants may also work towards chartered accountant status through ACCA or ICAEW as part of their role.

    What are the duties of an assistant accountant?

    Typically, an assistant accountant will be part of a team supporting one or more accountants. Accounting assistant duties include a range of clerical and accounting tasks, such as the preparation of financial documents, processing expenses, scheduling, and much more.

    What are the skills of an assistant accountant?

    As you can see from our assistant accountant CV example, you’ll need to have a good understanding and relevant qualifications in accountancy, as well as general proficiency in bookkeeping and data management. Competence with a range of Microsoft Office programs and other IT systems is very useful too.

    How do I write a CV for accounting?

    An assistant accountant CV should include basic information and contact details, as well as a personal statement outlining key skills and experience related to accounting. You should also include a list of qualifications and skills in accountancy or related fields, as well as any relevant experience you have in accounting or similar roles.

    What qualifications do you need to be an assistant accountant?

    To show you’re ready for accounting assistant duties, it’s best to have a strong background in mathematics. A degree in accounting or finance is ideal, especially if you’re taking the assistant accountant role with a view to becoming a chartered accountant. However, for some roles, you can show your proficiency with A-levels in Maths and Business or a diploma in a business-related subject alongside relevant experience.

    Get the best assistant accountant CV

    There can be a lot of competition for assistant accountant roles, which is why you need a strong, well-structured CV to stand out and take the next step in your career.

    We can help you to put the best possible CV in front of a potential employer. Check out our professional UK assistant accountant CV examples for inspiration, or load up our quick and easy CV builder to get started on making a CV you can feel proud of.


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