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Business operations fully developed in the UK during wartime when the armed forces used maths and statistics on the frontlines. Now you'll find business operations in all industry, commerce and governmental organisations. If you enjoy strategy, maths, and logic, business operations may be the perfect fit.

When writing your business operations CV quantify your success for the recruiter, so they see you are perfect for the role. For instance, if you increased productivity in your office, let them know precisely by how much.

Things you should know about the business operations sector

  • Types of business operations positions

    All business operations jobs focus on running better businesses, turning more profit, and increasing return on interest. These jobs are mathematical and strategic. The industry includes roles like data analyst, development manager, and process improvement consultant.

  • The typical work environment

    Most business operations roles will be in an office with professional dress expected. Recently many of the opportunities have been moving remote and can accommodate those who wish to work from home. These roles rarely require weekend work, though they may ask for extra time when needing to meet tight deadlines.

  • What to expect in the interview

    Most interview questions will fall into two categories, operational and behavioural. Operations questions will ask you about your technical know-how, such as: “how do you handle budget planning?” Behavioural question focus on personality, such as: “how have you adjusted to industry changes in the past?”

  • Qualifications

    Most employers will expect an advanced degree of at least a 2:1 standard. Degrees that will lead to these positions are usually math or business-related such as statistics, economics or technology.

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How your business operations industry CV should look

CVs for any business sector, including operations, should be traditional and professional. Stay away from colour, cursive fonts and images. Instead, your CV needs to focus on content and details. The best way to showcase your content is by using bullets. This allows recruiters to understand your experience with only a glance. The only large chunk of text on your CV should be your personal profile.

Emphasise important information on your CV by using bolded, italicised, or underlined details. For example, if you worked as a data analyst for a large marketing firm in London, those details need to stand out. When you finish crafting the perfect professional CV, make sure to send it to recruiters in PDF format. This ensures that none of your detail elements changes upon opening the document.

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