Office managers play an integral role for businesses, overseeing day-to-day operations in the office environment. To create a successful office manager CV for UK jobs, you’ll need to incorporate essential skills like project management and staff coordination, along with professional experience.

Whether you’re looking for office manager CV samples, key job duties and responsibilities, or example skills lists, you’ll discover everything you need to create the perfect office manager CV. Then, once you have all your information together, you can use our online CV builder. to create a professional, easy-to-read CV to impress potential employers.


    How to open your office manager CV

    Your CV’s personal statement (or profile) is the perfect place to build rapport with recruiters and make an instant impression. The office manager CV profile sits at the top of your CV, so it’s the first thing that will catch an employer’s eye.

    You’ll need to keep it short – just 3-4 sentences will do. It will form a summary to your office manager CV, detailing the crowning achievements of your career. Don’t be tempted to simply copy and paste your work history, though. Your personal statement needs to be unique – take a look at some professional CV examples to see exactly how they’re set out.

    Top tips for your office manager CV

    Office managers lead the way, helping their team succeed and thrive. Here are some top tips to help your office manager CV reach the same heights.

    • Keep it neat and tidy

      One of the key duties of an office manager involves keeping record systems in good order – not to mention your staff team. Your office manager CV needs to be kept similarly neat and tidy to reflect that, and keep it easy to read for recruiters. Rather than a single block of text, your CV should be set out with sections for contact details, a personal statement, work history, academic history and skills. Using an office manager CV template can make this process very easy – all whilst looking highly professional for recruiters.

    • Organise the details

      What’s the best way to organise an office manager’s CV? The conventional way is using a reverse chronological format. That means recording your work history backwards by date – starting with your most recent position. This format is the easiest for recruiters to see all the information they need at a glance. You can also take a look at some office manager CV samples for UK jobs to get an idea of how this formatting style looks.

    • Analyse the job description

      As with any job, you should always check over an office manager job description before sending your CV. The job description will include many details about the type of candidate the company is looking for, along with the key duties of the office manager role. Take out pen and paper and jot down some of the key requirements and skills to include in your CV.

    • Lead with expertise

      Recruiters need to know they can rely on you to excel in the office manager role. That’s why you should showcase your leadership skills even within your CV. Take the initiative and show recruiters exactly what you’ve achieved through your career. Don’t be tempted to simply include any old details or create a bland list of job duties – your aim is to take recruiters on a journey. Include specific examples, such as the size of a team you managed successfully or the number of clients you dealt with.

    • Stand out from the crowd

      If your CV doesn’t stand out, it risks heading to the bottom of the recruiter’s pile. Show exactly how unique you are and include any relevant office manager skills, experience and specialisms that might catch the employer’s eye. Perhaps you’ve proved yourself an expert at reaching tight deadlines, or maybe you’ve worked at a similar company before. Don’t let these key points slip out from under the recruiter’s eyes – they’re a key part of writing a CV that grabs their attention.

    Key skills to include in your office manager CV

    As an office manager, computer skills, communication, and time management are some of the must haves. Here are some of the most important skills to include in your CV.

    Lead the way with these office manager skills:

    • Office management
    • Leadership skills
    • MS Office Suite
    • Staff training
    • Business administration
    • Project management

    Grab recruiters’ attention with these soft skills:

    • Time management
    • Communication
    • Attention to detail
    • Great organisation
    • Ability to multitask
    • Problem solving

    Top FAQs about your office manager CV

    What is office management?

    The job description of an office manager in the UK involves ensuring the smooth running of an office workplace – from making sure that office supplies aren’t running too low to overseeing staff training and making sure employees have all the information they need. Office management helps office employees to thrive in their work and improves company output as a result.

    What are the duties of an office manager?

    As for the specific job functions or responsibilities of an office manager, these can vary depending on the type of office you work in. Generally speaking, the role comprises a very diverse set of duties, including supervising, training, and evaluating employees, improving company productivity, overseeing company budgets, restocking office supplies, and utilising administration systems to ensure the office runs without a hitch. If you’d like to know more about the kind of duties you’ll need to have experience with in your CV, take a look at our office manager CV example for UK jobs.

    How to become an office manager?

    There are several pathways to becoming an office manager. A set degree isn’t required, but a degree in business management or HR could help your CV to stand out. If you’ve worked in offices and have a lot of relevant experience, you could progress to a managerial position, or start out as an apprentice in business administration.

    Office manager roles are often very popular, and so office work experience is the most vital factor for recruiters. You should highlight your experience in this area throughout your office manager CV, particularly in your personal statement, as well as your cover letter. However, if you can prove that you’ve shown leadership skills in another job role or volunteer work, this can also be beneficial.

    You should also be aware that the job requirements will change between industries and job specifications. For example, a front office manager CV may require more experience in customer service, as it will involve more interaction with customers.

    What is the average office manager salary?

    The average office manager salary in the UK is around £30,000 per year, depending on the industry and responsibilities involved. For the most high-paying positions, this can rise up to £45,000. Meanwhile, entry level positions can start at around £25,000 per year. If you’re on the lookout for a higher-paying position as an office manager, make sure you know how to write a CV to showcase your unique strengths and experience.

    Get recruiters calling with a polished, professional office manager CV

    A great office manager can inspire their staff – and a great office manager CV can equally inspire recruiters. Now you have all the information you need to make a fantastic office manager CV, use our online CV builder to create a professional CV to impress recruiters with no hassle at all.

    Utilise stylish templates to make your CV look the part like our office manager CV example, choose from pre-written content, then add some personal details to finish it off. You can download it in a choice of file types including PDF and Word to keep things easy.


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