Contract managers (sometimes also known as contract specialists) are responsible for overseeing contracts between two parties. Often working in industries such as construction, consulting, and sales, contract managers need a unique combination of hard and soft skills. So, how can you sum all of this up on your CV?

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    Example CV for an experienced contract manager

    Contract manager CV templates

    Seal the deal with a personal statement for your contract manager CV

    Your personal statement (or personal summary) should provide an overview of your professional background and make your recruiter want to read on. This section is just two or three sentences long and sits immediately beneath your contact details. You should mention your current role, experience level, and key skills. You may also want to include some positive adjectives to describe your work ethic and character.

    Contract manager CV tips

    As a contract manager, you’re no stranger to drawing up documents. Take the stress out of writing your CV by following our top tips from UK recruiters.

    • Mention the metrics

      For a contract manager CV that stands out, always include key metrics from your previous positions. Whether you negotiated a contract worth £75,000 or sped up the signing process by 15%, these facts and figures will help your recruiter quantify your success.

    • Use keywords from the contract manager job description

      Your recruiter could receive hundreds of CVs a day, which means they might use an ATS (applicant tracking software) to screen for the most relevant applications. To make sure yours ends up on the right pile, include a range of keywords and phrases from the contract manager job description.

    • Proofread your application

      Contract managers need an impeccable eye for detail, whether they’re recording documents or helping to draw up budgets. Make the right impression by carefully proofreading your application before you send it to your recruiter. A typo or factual error could suggest you’re slapdash!

    • Highlight your industry know-how

      Because contract managers can work in a variety of industries, it’s important to highlight your specific sector knowledge on your CV. This will also make it much easier to tailor your CV to a new role if you’re applying to work in the same industry.

    • Share some personality

      It’s not just numbers and documents that contract managers need to work with – they spend most of their time working with people. To show your recruiter you have the right personal qualities for the job, include a few positive adjectives to describe your personality when writing your personal statement.

    Contract manager skills to include in your CV

    The key contract manager roles and responsibilities require a unique combination of hard and soft skills. Tick every box by including these must-have skills on your contract manager CV.

    Crucial skills for your contract manager CV

    • Numeracy
    • Understanding terms & conditions
    • Communication (written & verbal)
    • Conflict resolution
    • Risk management
    • Financial analysis

    Bonus skills

    • Reporting
    • Mediation
    • Negotiation
    • Knowledge of contract law
    • Attention to detail

    Top FAQs about your contract manager CV

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a contract manager?

    A contract manager role is responsible for overseeing their clients’ contracts. This process involves a number of roles and responsibilities, including negotiating terms, keeping documents on file, and ensuring the contract adheres to legal regulations. Additional contract manager duties include resolving conflicts between parties, carrying out research into potential business partners, and ensuring a new contract will further their clients’ aims.

    How do you write a good contract manager CV?

    To write a good contract manager CV, the first step is to find a professional CV template. Because you’re responsible for drawing up documents and keeping records, a logical structure is a must. A messy CV could suggest your written communication isn’t up to scratch. Subheadings and bullet points will make it much easier for your recruiter to read your application and will help you keep your CV to just one page.

    What should I include in a contract manager CV?

    You should include the following information in your contract manager CV:

    • A personal statement that outlines your current role, experience level, and key contract manager skills.
    • A work experience section to share your main responsibilities and achievements in your previous roles.
    • A bullet point list of your top eight hard and soft skills.
    • An education section that contains your academic achievements and professional contract manager qualifications.

    What qualifications do you need to become a contract manager?

    To become a contract manager, you will probably need to have an undergraduate degree or college diploma in contractual law. Various subjects cover contractual law, including civil engineering, business studies, and contract management. It’s also possible to qualify as a contract manager by completing an apprenticeship. Additional qualifications may be necessary depending on your chosen industry – for example, professionals in the construction industry may also need a construction skills certification scheme (CSCS) card.

    What is the average contract manager salary in the UK?

    According to data from, the average salary for a contract manager in the UK is £51,419 a year. The typical pay scale ranges from around £47,623 to £57,158.

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