A relationship manager is responsible for fostering positive business relationships. Whether they’re liaising with clients or forging partnerships with other firms, personality is hugely important – but conveying your personal qualities on a CV can seem an impossible task.

That’s where myPerfectCV comes in. Our selection of customer relationship manager CV samples will show you how the professionals would structure your application, from general CVs to specific relationship manager CV samples for banking and other sectors. Our relationship management tips for your CV will help you to craft a friendly and approachable format – fit for recruiters. Then, put your new-found knowledge into practice by building your perfect CV with our proven CV builder.


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    When it comes to building relationships, appearance isn’t everything – but your CV should always look its best. Browse our range of relationship manager CV templates to find your perfect structure.

    Win over your recruiter with our top tips for your relationship manager CV

    As a relationship manager, you’ll know the importance of first impressions. Your CV needs to grab your recruiter from the start – expertly showing off your skills, experience, and education. Discover our top tips below

    • Highlight your specialist relationship management

      Most relationship managers fall into two categories: client relationship managers and business relationship managers. The former aim to build a positive rapport with clients while the latter is responsible for creating constructive relationships with other companies. Some job postings will hire one person to manage both aspects of the role, so make sure your CV displays the scope of your specialist experience, including specific types of customer relationship management.

    • Show off your personal qualities

      The role of a relationship manager, as its name suggests, is all about your ability to build a connection with others. While experience is always important, your personal qualities are also crucial – so use your personal statement as a chance to show off what makes you tick. Use positive language to describe your work ethic, such as ‘influential’, ‘considerate’, or ‘proactive’.

    • Share your impact in previous relationship manager roles

      If you boosted client satisfaction rates by 15% or secured a new business partnership, always include the details on your CV. When it comes to writing your CV, numbers can speak louder than words. Impressive metrics will help your recruiter to quantify your success and give deeper insight into your achievements. They will also help your CV to stand out from the competition!

    • Share your personal qualities

      Because change managers work so closely others, they need to balance the needs of a business against the needs of its people. These don’t always boil down to the same thing. To show you have the qualities to handle these situations sensitively, give your recruiter a sense of your personality in the personal statement of your CV. Thoughtful adjectives such as ‘persuasive’, ‘empathetic’, and ‘influential’ are likely to create a good impression.

    • Display your industry knowledge

      Relationship manager CVs can cover a broad range of industry verticals, from a bank relationship manager CV to a client relationship manager CV, which means it’s not always necessary to have the market experience that’s closely aligned to the job you’re applying for. However, your CV should demonstrate that you’re able to carry out market research to gain a deeper understanding of different sectors. Whether you’ve got a business degree or undertaken extracurricular courses, additional qualifications are a great way to show that you’re prepared to go above and beyond to gain the knowledge you need. A relationship manager CV sample for banking might be useful when working in the finance industry.

    What skills should you include on your customer relationship management CV?

    Your skills section should clearly outline the qualities that set you apart. Discover the must-have (and nice-to-have) skills for relationship managers today.

    Essential relationship management skills

    • Relationship building
    • Communication (both written and verbal)
    • Conflict resolution
    • Negotiation
    • Industry knowledge
    • Customer service

    Good relationship management skills to stand out

    • Business software such as CRM
    • Sales and marketing experience
    • Budgeting
    • Teamwork
    • Market research

    Top FAQs about your relationship manager CV

    What does a relationship manager do?

    A relationship manager is responsible for forging and maintaining professional relationships on behalf of a company. This can be customer-focused (B2C) or business-focused (B2B). Their duties may include checking in with existing clients to answer any questions and gain feedback, carrying out market research to identify potential partners, and approaching representatives at other companies. They usually act as the first point of contact for a range of incoming business enquiries.

    How much do relationship managers make in the UK?

    According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a relationship manager in the UK is £42,000 a year. An early-stage relationship manager with less than five years’ experience might earn nearer £25,000, whereas a seasoned professional with many years’ experience could take home as much as £86,000 a year. Factors that could influence how much you’ll earn include the size, location, and sector of your company.

    How to become a relationship manager?

    Because this is a managerial position, it’s not suitable for entry-level candidates. Most relationship managers have around five years’ experience working in customer service, sales, or business strategy. The majority also have a relevant undergraduate degree, for example, in English, communications, marketing, or business.

    What are the key skills for relationship management?

    Above all, relationship managers need to have a key combination of personal skills. These include confident communication, a friendly and approachable manner, and a willingness to answer questions and help others proactively. On top of this, they should also be highly computer literate in order to maintain databases such as CRM.

    How to improve my relationship management skills?

    If you’re hoping to become a relationship manager, it’s important to develop a range of key skills in your current position. One of the most important forms of experience you’ll need is regularly talking to clients, as you’ll need a confident and engaging manner. You can also improve your skills by honing your managerial expertise.

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