The chief operating officer role (COO) is vital to the day-to-day running of a business. As the title suggests, they focus on operational functions, from managing staffing to designing, implementing, and monitoring strategy at the direction of stakeholders or a chief executive officer (CEO).

Taking on chief operating officer responsibilities requires a variety of leadership skills, a wealth of experience, and the right qualifications to boot. To help you showcase all of that in your CV, we’ve brought together the best templates, skills lists, and expert advice all in one place.


    COO CV Sample

    Chief Operating Officer CV-1

    Your personal statement is of chief importance

    Sitting at the top of your CV, your personal statement should engage recruiters from the get-go and make them want to read on. It should be concise, with 2-3 lines that are tailored to the chief operating officer job description.

    Good things to mention are your years of experience and specific industry expertise such as manufacturing, distribution, automotive or healthcare. You can also show your target-driven nature by highlighting a focus on increasing revenue or streamlining operations.

    Top tips for your chief operating officer CV

    Recruiters want someone that’s ready to hit the ground running with chief operating officer roles and responsibilities. Here’s how to show you fit the bill…

    • Looking the part

      When recruiting a chief operating officer, UK firms want someone that’s professional in every way. The appearance of your CV will form part of that impression. Choose a CV template that looks the part for such a senior position – not to mention the chief operating officer job salary that goes with it. Use simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman in standard sizes, with 10-12 for paragraph text and 14-16 for headings. Colour should be kept to a minimum, although simple, professional tones like navy blue can add a touch of interest to the design.

    • What to include

      Chief operating officer, by definition, is a senior role for an experienced candidate. But you don’t want your CV to wind on through countless previous jobs. Firstly, use a reverse-chronological format so your most recent and relevant experience comes first in your work history section. We then recommend including the past 3-4 roles to give an overview of your experience while still keeping your CV readable and on-point.

    • Tick all the boxes

      Above all else, your CV is about showing you fit the chief operating officer job specification. With that in mind, you can (and should) use the chief operating officer description when writing your CV. Pick out all of the must-have skills, qualifications, and experience mentioned in the job listing, then tailor your CV to emphasise your most relevant qualities.

    • Show your leadership ability

      If there’s one thing recruiters are looking for more than anything, it’s leadership. It’s easy to get carried away with simple chief operating officer roles and responsibilities when detailing your experience. But remember to demonstrate how you’ve led along the way. That could be orchestrating the entire company’s digital transformation efforts, managing staff at multiple sites, or upskilling a specific department to improve productivity.

    • Put it into numbers

      As any UK chief operating officer will know, numbers are critical to what you do. Expenditure, profit margins, staff turnover – it all adds up to show how well you’re doing your job. If you can include some impressive figures about chief operating officer key responsibilities, recruiters will get a better idea of your capabilities. That could be the number of sites you were responsible for, a specific rise in revenue, or even an increase in customer satisfaction.

    Chief operating officer CV skills

    A concise and compact key skills list is a quick and easy way to show you’re suited to the chief operating officer position description. Here are some essentials and added extras to inspire your own:

    • Strategy development
    • Financial planning
    • Managing staff
    • Leadership and delegation
    • KPI monitoring
    • Change management

    Added extras that set you apart

    • Industry expertise
    • Multi-tasking
    • Strong communicator
    • Good under pressure
    • Well organised
    • Problem solving

    Top FAQs about your chief operating officer CV

    What is a chief operating officer?

    A simple chief operating officer definition is a senior professional who manages and oversees the operations of a business. The role differs from a chief executive officer, who is less involved in the day-to-day operations, or a chief financial officer, whose focus lies more on a company’s accounts.

    What does a chief operating officer do?

    Chief operating officer responsibilities range from planning business strategy and goals to organising resources, staff, and specific projects. That includes the maintenance of sites and equipment, management of staffing levels, and recruitment and training to continually meet business needs.

    How to become a chief operating officer?

    Experience is the number one requirement for any chief operating officer job description (UK). You’ll need to work your way up through senior positions in your specialist industry, such as department manager or operations manager. Qualifications are a good way to fast-track this progression, with BBA and MBA amongst the most suitable degree courses.

    What is a chief operating officer salary?

    The average salary for chief operating officer roles is around £60,000 per year. That can vary depending on the size of the company and the level of responsibility given to you. Some chief operating officers are second in command to a CEO, for example.

    How to be a good chief operating officer?

    A successful chief operating officer is well organised, target-driven, and a natural leader. They keep stakeholders and staff happy while working towards shared objectives by making the most of company resources – including effective delegation. Most importantly, they deliver results, increasing profits by continually improving operations across the board.

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