A change manager’s role is a relatively new one, sometimes confused with a project manager. From business transformation to engaging stakeholders, this profession encompasses a broad range of change-related activities. Summing up your experience can be a challenge – but as a change manager, you should be up to the task.

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    As a change manager, you’ll know how important it is to present your ideas in the best light. Your CV should do the same for your skills. Choose from our range of professional change manager CV templates to find the perfect one for you.

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    As a change manager, you’ll probably know the feeling of balancing numerous tasks at once. Your CV needs to do the same – expertly sharing your skills, experience, and education. Find out how to tick every box below.

    • Showcase your impact

      By definition, change managers need to measure their success by implementing changes and improvements. Show your recruiter that you’ve got an excellent track record by sharing your achievements in previous roles. Whether it’s improving employee happiness by 10%, improving client satisfaction by 15%, or boosting employee retention, these metrics will highlight the impact of your career and make your CV more memorable.

    • Highlight your specialism

      Change managers can work in a vast number of different industries and verticals. From e-commerce to investments, energy to social initiatives, always highlight your specialism on your CV. Knowledge of industry standards and regulations can be invaluable for change managers, as they need to identify and implement different avenues for improvement.

    • Demonstrate your teamwork and leadership

      Onboarding colleagues, liaising with stakeholders, pitching to senior leadership – change managers need to collaborate with people at almost every level of an organisation. It’s your job to ensure everyone is aware of (and happy with) the changes you need to implement, so teamwork and leadership skills are a must. Include examples of projects and situations you’ve managed, as well as those you’ve handled as part of a team.

    • Share your personal qualities

      Change managers work closely with stakeholders, and balance a business’s needs, against its people’s needs. These don’t always boil down to the same thing. To show you have the qualities to handle these situations sensitively, give your recruiter a sense of your personality in the personal summary of your CV. Thoughtful adjectives such as ‘persuasive’, ‘empathetic’, and ‘influential’ are likely to create a good impression.

    • Tailor your CV to the job description

      Change managers need to be excellent communicators. This cuts both ways – as well as being able to present; they also need to listen to the company’s needs. Using keywords to tailor your CV to the job description, you’ll show that you can change your approach to reflect others’ requirements.

    What skills should you include on your change manager CV?

    The skills section of your CV is the perfect way to round-off your experience. Discover the skills that will set your change manager CV apart.

    Essential skills for your change manager CV

    • Business strategy
    • Communication (both written and verbal)
    • Conflict resolution
    • Negotiation
    • Budgeting
    • Industry knowledge
    • Leadership

    Additional skills to stand out from the crowd

    • Knowledge of a second language
    • Project management
    • Business software such as CRM
    • Sales and pitching experience
    • Marketing knowledge

    Top questions about your change manager CV

    What does a change manager do?

    A change manager is responsible for identifying and implementing business strategy changes. This core responsibility can encompass a broad range of projects such as re-organising the company structure, introducing new software, adding new job roles, and changing the overall business processes. They are also responsible for maintaining relationships with stakeholders, updating records, and briefing different team members.

    How much does a change manager earn in the UK?

    The salary of a change manager is hugely dependent on the scale of a company. According to industry sources, a change manager at the lower end of the scale could earn between £25,000 and £30,000 a year. However, the average UK salary is between £50,000 and £70,000, and at big multinational companies, an experienced change manager could expect to earn around £100,000.

    What skills do you need for change management?

    Change management is a relatively new career, and one of the essential skills you’ll need to demonstrate is adaptability. You will also need strong and persuasive communication skills, with the ability to keep team members on side for the duration of the change implementation process. Change managers will be extremely diligent and process-driven individuals with a knack for seeing the bigger picture.

    How do I get a job in change management?

    To become a change manager, you will need to have demonstrable experience in changing business processes and an excellent understanding of business fundamentals. Many change managers have previously worked as project managers, business strategists, or growth specialists. Others may have started as a change specialist and gained management experience on the job.

    What qualifications do I need to become a change manager?

    Most jobs won’t ask for a specific change manager qualification, although some roles might require you to have passed a professional course such as PRINCE2 or Lean Six Sigma Yellow. Most change managers will have worked their way up from a junior role in business operations or project management in terms of education. For this, you’ll need a relevant academic qualification such as a bachelor’s degree in business, management, or sales and marketing.

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