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Working in the finance sector, it’s important to provide an insight into the roles you have held and the kind of companies you have worked for. When listing previous roles in your work history, make sure you include information about the location, business turnover, and the number of employees.

Qualifications are also a must-have in finance roles, which is why you should highlight them in your professional summary. Then be sure to include plenty of figures and statistics to quantify your achievements.

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  • Finance industry CV structure

    Your finance CV should include a personal summary along with dedicated sections for key skills, work history, and qualifications or education.

  • Finance sector CV length

    Many large companies prefer a one-page CV, allowing them to quickly review applicants without scrolling or flicking through pages. As a maximum, your CV should be no longer than two pages.

  • What looks good on a finance CV

    Qualifications are the best thing to include on a finance sector CV, showing you have solid foundations for the job at hand.

  • How to make a finance CV stand out

    The best way to make a finance CV stand out is by including facts and figures about your achievements in previous roles. That could be increased profitability or the number of clients managed, for example.

  • Personal statements for finance CVs

    Your finance CV personal statement should introduce your professional background, including the type of companies you’ve worked for, roles held, and your key qualifications.

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How your finance industry CV should look

Finance CVs should have a professional format, putting the focus on your skills, qualifications and experience. Given how important technology has become in finance roles, a modern CV template may also be a good fit. In terms of the file type, employers will usually specify whether they have a preference between Word or PDF documents.

Many finance sector employers prefer a one-page CV for quick reviewing, so you should always keep your CV concise and to the point. Clear subheadings will make it easier to navigate to your work history, key finance skills, and qualifications. You can also use bullet points to avoid long blocks of text.

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