A finance director commands high levels of leadership, financial understanding and responsibility. When you’re managing high-level finances and a large team, you’ll need a diverse skill set. Find out how finance directors illustrate their managerial and organisational talents with our tailored CV template.


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    As a finance director you know the importance of a clear, concise document. A professional layout will help ensure you’re noticed for all the right reasons. Browse our selection of finance director CV templates below.

    Make a winning bid with our top tips for your finance director CV

    • Include keywords from the job description

      Without the appropriate keywords, even the most impressive CV might not pass an ATS. To give your application the best chance, always include keywords from the job description – whether that’s compliance with the FCA, experience carrying out particular duties, or a specific financial qualification.

    • Mention the metrics

      A finance director is responsible for managing costs, so ensure met-rics from your previous roles. If you improved cost efficiency by 10%, boosted ROI by 15%, or increased revenue by 20%, these statistics are sure to help your application stand out to recruiters.

    • Always proofread your application

      Finance directors need to have impeccable attention to detail and the ability to identify tiny mistakes in accounts. By proofreading your CV for grammar and typos, you can demonstrate your careful work ethic and show recruiters you’ll never rush through the paperwork.

    Key skills for your finance director CV

    • Numeracy
    • Leadership
    • Strategic skills
    • Strong communication (both written and verbal)
    • Budgeting and financial compliance
    • Analytics

    Bonus skills to sweeten the deal

    • Negotiation
    • Specific industry knowledge
    • Collaboration
    • Presentation
    • HR skills
    • Relationship management

    Common questions about your finance director CV

    How do you write a finance director CV?

    To write a finance director CV, you’ll need to include 4-5 bullet points per each work experience. These should outline your key responsibilities, with metrics and statistics to demonstrate your impact in the role. You should al-so include your academic and professional qualifications, such as a degree in Business & Economics or an accounting chartership.

    What are the responsibilities of a finance director?

    A finance director is responsible for planning, optimising, and carrying out a company’s financial strategy. Tasks can include analysing and reporting on its current financial performance, overseeing accounts, reviewing budg-ets, reconciling accounts, and cutting costs where appropriate.

    What skills do you need to be a finance director?

    To be a successful finance director, you need the following skills: strong communication and numeracy; an awareness of business strategy and fi-nancial compliance; IT skills and the ability to solve problems analytically; leadership skills such as delegation and decision-making, and excellent in-terpersonal skills.

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