Finance management is all about detail. An effective finance manager CV reflects this by providing detailed examples of success in previous roles. Reinforce essential skills like KPI management, budgeting, analysis, and reporting by illustrating a comprehensive work and educational history.


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    Help your finance manager CV stand out with these 3 recruiter tips

    • Show off your eye for detail

      Finance managers need to be attentive individuals with a keen eye for detail. Demonstrate your qualities for the role by putting together a mistake-free CV – it’s easy for a small typo or formatting error to go unnoticed, so be sure to double-check every line.

    • Highlight your unique advantages

      Give your CV a boost by highlighting key successes from your past. If you’re an experienced finance manager who helped to lower monthly expenses and raise revenue at your last job, be sure to highlight this. If you don’t have much experience, shine the spotlight on your academic successes and special skills instead.

    • Use keywords and terms

      A smart way to catch a recruiter’s eye is to include plenty of financial terms and phrases throughout your CV. Demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of financial management work, as well as your general financial expertise. It also shows confidence, proving that you’re ready for the role.


    Learn more about finance manager CVs with these key questions

    How do you write a finance manager CV?

    A finance manager CV should include the applicant’s name and contact information at the top, followed by a professional summary section, in which key skills and successes are outlined. The CV should also include sections dedicated to your work history and relevant qualifications, along with key skills.

    What are the duties of a finance manager?

    Financial managers have various duties focused on offering financial guidance and support to a business. Duties typically include making financial reports, carrying out financial analysis, and handling budget planning. Finance managers will also often meet with different heads of department to provide support and advice.

    What qualities help make a good finance manager CV?

    A strong finance manager CV should be well-structured and free of any errors. It should show that the applicant is an organised and attentive person. It should also include all relevant information regarding work history and qualifications, without being stuffed with details that have no relevance to the role.

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