A financial analyst is a key member of a successful business, helping to guide decision making for growth. With our financial analyst CV example, you’ll learn how to highlight skills such as research, economics, data analysis, and strategy – and get hired for your next role.


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    Top tips to impress recruiters with your financial analyst CV

    • Always include the numbers

      If you’ve successfully identified an excellent investment opportunity or cut costs in your previous role, let recruiters know. Facts and figures are the best way to demonstrate your suitability for the job, enabling you to ‘show not tell’ your abilities.
    • Use a clear layout

      Financial analysts need to be able to convey information logically, often through reports and graphs. Using a messy structure for your CV will always give the wrong impression – so use headings and bullet points to make sure it looks inviting.
    • Stand out from the crowd

      Your achievements might speak for themselves, but as financial analyst roles become increasingly over-subscribed, adding a personal touch to your CV can help you stand out from the crowd. Balance your hard facts with soft skills such as teamwork, reliability, and public speaking.

    Top FAQs about your financial analyst CV

    What should be included in a financial analyst CV?

    As well as your education and work experience, it’s vital to include any relevant qualifications. If you’re a CFA charter holder, make sure this is one of the first things a recruiter will notice on your CV at a glance.

    What are the key responsibilities of a financial analyst?

    The role of a financial analyst is to make educated predictions based on financial information. This includes tracking past performance, writing reports, and carrying out financial modelling. Many analysts are responsible for appraising investment opportunities for private or corporate clients.

    What are the top qualities of a financial analyst?

    A financial analyst needs to have strong commercial awareness and excellent communication skills. This is so they can identify potential opportunities or issues and explain them to the rest of a team. They also need to be tech-savvy as many analysts use modelling software and programs such as Excel to track finances.

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