A risk manager CV should clearly illustrate your qualifications, skills and achievements in risk management settings. The perfect risk manager CV showcases your technical specialisms with quantitative examples. Find out how to demonstrate your skills and experience with our CV examples for expert risk managers. Finding the right risk management jobs can take time, ensuring you spend time creating an excellent CV is vital to your success.


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    Top recruiter tips for your risk manager CV

    • Quantify your experience

      As a risk manager, who is continuously monitoring and reporting on risk, you won’t be short of metrics and hard figures. Recruiters want to see that you have experience spotting and escalating risk factors on a regular basis. They will expect to understand how you did it and the outcomes and impact on your company.

    • Remember attention to detail

      Risk managers need to have excellent attention to detail – you will be adept at scouring paperwork and documents to find risks. Ensure you reflect your eye for detail in your CV by proofreading at least twice before sending your application. If you were to make a mistake in your job, it would have a detrimental effect on the company. Don’t let spelling errors ruin your reputation.

    • Show off your soft skills

      A great risk manager doesn’t just need strong risk evaluation skills – they should also have outstanding people skills. In your personal summary, show recruiters that you’re the best of both worlds. Use thoughtful adjectives to describe your worth ethic, team working abilities, and effective leadership.

    Top skills for your risk manager CV

    • Knowledge of business processes
    • Risk modelling
    • Relationship-building
    • Ability to articulate business risks
    • Excellent administration
    • Excellent administration
    • Risk management
    • Knowledge of ISO 31000

    Additional skills that will help you stand out

    • Customer service orientated
    • MI reporting
    • Commercial awareness
    • Time management
    • Teamwork
    • Good understanding of ISO 27001, 9001, 14001

    Top FAQs about your risk manager CV

    What does a risk manager do?

    Risk managers evaluate operational, environmental, and financial risks for companies (usually banks or financial institutes) and their clients, ensuring that business is conducted ethically and soundly. The role commonly sits within the risk & compliance departments of banks.

    Daily duties might include:

    • Ensuring consistent and regular identification, monitoring, testing, and validation of risk
    • Engaging in perpetual risk evaluation, across all landscapes, and ensuring that any external threats are reported in a timely fashion
    • Considering risk at all levels from enterprise to individual and include costs, legal and environmental factors as well as operational and infrastructural outcomes
    • Monitoring and collecting data, to report on operational risks and internally reported threats and ensure that process exists
    • Reporting and communicating risk in an appropriate way for different audiences
    • Keeping updated with legal, regulatory, operational changes
    • Providing support, education, and training to staff to build risk awareness within the organisation
    • Assisting with contract review of new and existing contracts from a compliance and risk perspective

    How do you write a risk manager personal statement?

    A great personal statement focuses on your expertise and experience in a concise and eye-catching manner. Ideally, you want to give the recruiter an overview of your specialism, technical skills like ISO 31000, and a hint of how you work with others. Try and keep your statement to 3 sentences and 1 paragraph, use the active voice and be economical with your word choices.

    A personal statement serves as a taster of your background and gives enough information to encourage the reader to continue. Done well, you may get an interview for risk manager jobs just through your introduction statement.

    How do you become a risk manager?

    To become a risk manager, you’ll need to demonstrate a high-risk awareness level and excellent business acumen. As well as a suitable bachelor’s degree, most risk managers have completed a risk management certification, such as an International Diploma in Risk Management. You’ll need a thorough knowledge of risk management methodology, and the ability to carry out in-depth analysis and risk modelling with skill and confidentiality.

    Risk management careers suit individuals with a naturally curious mindset, robust reporting, and excellent administration skill—additionally, an interest in compliance, where this role plays a large part. You’ll need to be trustworthy, diligent, and timely; business transactions may rely on the information you provide, so your role is of the utmost importance to the continued growth of a business.

    When it comes to meeting with the recruiters, we recommend managing risk interview questions by dissecting the job description and forming possible questions that you might get asked. For example, the job description might ask someone to establish a risk register, be prepared to be asked if you have experience and prepare an answer in advance. Some might call this managing risk of failing the interview!

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