Financial advisors are responsible for helping their clients make good decisions about their money. Whether they’re supporting someone who’s applying for their first mortgage or suggesting an investment portfolio for a retiree, these professionals can play an important role in people’s lives. But summing up their impact on a CV can be a challenge.

Thankfully, myPerfectCV is here to help. We have all the resources you need to create your application today, from tips and templates to top-rated financial advisor CV samples. Discover how to write the perfect CV then put your skills to the test with our quick and easy CV builder.


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    Financial advisor CV template

    Write a persuasive personal statement for your financial advisor CV

    As a financial advisor, you’re no stranger to persuading people to make the best decision. When writing your CV, your personal statement needs to grab your recruiter’s attention and convince them you’re a strong candidate for the role – all while avoiding clichés and generic language.

    Your personal statement sits at the top of your CV, immediately underneath your contact details. In just 2-3 lines, you need to outline your current role, key attributes, and career goals. Make sure to include your biggest selling points, whether it’s an industry accreditation, award, or area of expertise.

    Follow these top tips for a financial advisor CV that pays its dues

    If time is money, there’s no point wasting yours with a second-rate CV! Discover what UK recruiters want to see in your financial advisor application.

    • Show you have a head for numbers

      It goes without saying that financial advisors need to be comfortable crunching the numbers. To show your recruiter you have a head for figures, always include key metrics from your current role. Perhaps you’ve managed portfolios that are worth £5+ million or drawn up a budget to help a client pay off £25,000 of debt.

    • Include keywords from the financial advisor job description

      Financial advisors need an in-depth knowledge of different financial products. If you have experience managing pensions but are applying for a position that’s focused on education expenses, make sure to include keywords and phrases from the job description to tailor your CV to the role.

    • Proofread your application

      A typo will never give a good impression – but if you’re applying to be a financial advisor, it could be the difference between an interview and a straight-out rejection! You’ll need a great eye for detail when drawing up budgets and contracts, so make sure your CV is 100% error-free.

    • Highlight your qualifications

      To become a qualified financial advisor in the UK, you’ll need to hold a Level 4 qualification that’s been approved by the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) – for example, in investment advice or financial planning. Your recruiter won’t assume you have this qualification if you don’t specify it on your CV, so make sure to include it in your personal statement.

    • Share your personality

      Financial advisors need to put their clients at ease. Building a rapport is incredibly important – so show recruiters you’re up to the task by sharing some of your key character traits in your personal statement. These could be ‘reassuring’, ‘approachable’, or ‘respectful’.

    What skills should you include in your financial advisor CV?

    The skills needed to be a financial advisor range from communication to compliance with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Discover the other must-have skills below.

    Necessary skills for your financial advisor CV

    • Communication (both written and verbal)
    • Knowledge of FCA regulations
    • Budgeting
    • Numeracy
    • Confidentiality
    • Problem solving

    Nice-to-haves that will help you stand out

    • Leadership
    • Decision making
    • Record keeping
    • Data comprehension
    • Market knowledge

    FAQs about your financial advisor CV

    What is required to be a financial advisor?

    In the UK, financial advisors are legally required to pass a QCF-approved Level 4 qualification. That could be in a range of subjects, from financial planning to investment advice. However, any course you pick must contain at least 200 hours of study time. The majority of applicants take around 18 months to qualify, as financial advisor qualifications are usually designed to fit around a full-time job.

    What are the duties of a financial advisor?

    The role of financial advisor encompasses a range of duties, from building investment portfolios to helping clients achieve their financial goals. They are also responsible for chatting to clients to establish criteria such as their appetite for risk, long-term priorities, and investment ethics.

    What should a financial advisor put on a CV?

    When writing their CV, a financial advisor should include the following information:

    • A personal statement that outlines their current position and key professional attributes.
    • A work experience section that includes their previous roles in reverse-chronological order. Make sure to include 4-6 bullet points per role and mention your achievements as well as your daily duties.
    • A list of your most important hard and soft skills (include 8 overall).
    • An education section to share your academic and professional qualifications.

    What skills should a financial advisor have?

    A financial advisor should have a variety of hard and soft skills, ranging from analysis to interpersonal skills. They need to be excellent at making forecasts, predicting trends, drawing up budgets, and calculating risk potential. They also need to have a reassuring and engaging communication style, as this will help them to build trust and create a loyal client base.

    How much does a financial advisor make in the UK?

    According to, the average salary for a financial advisor in the UK is £65,482 a year. At the lower end of the scale, you could earn around £54,000, while more experienced advisors could earn anything from £85,000 and above.

    Build a financial advisor CV that isn’t a dime a dozen

    To take the next step in your financial advisor career, you should have a CV that stands out. At myPerfectCV, we have everything you need to build your financial advisor application. Check out our online CV builder to get started today!


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