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A credit manager CV illustrates your qualifications, skills and achievements in similar roles in a neat CV format. The perfect credit manager CV delves into your suitability for the position by quantifying your previous successes. Find out how to illustrate your skills and experience with CV examples for professional credit managers.


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    Do yourself credit with our top recruiter tips for your credit manager CV

    • Include any relevant metrics

      As a credit manager, you will need to demonstrate a strong head for numbers. Show your recruiter you have what it takes by including relevant metrics from previous roles on your CV. Whether you approved an average of 20 credit applications a week or improved efficiency by 15%, these figures will help your application stand out from the crowd.

    • Don’t forget to proofread

      Credit managers need to have excellent attention to detail – after all, a tiny mistake in a credit report could come at a high cost. To give the right impression, always make sure that you proofread your CV before sending your application. A grammar error or typo may be an innocent mistake but could make a recruiter think you’re not cut out for the job.

    • Share some personality

      A great credit manager doesn’t just need strong numeracy skills – they should have excellent people skills, too. In your personal summary, show recruiters that you’re the best of both worlds. Use thoughtful adjectives to describe your worth ethic and make sure to include a range of hard and soft skills.

    Top skills for your credit manager CV

    • Numeracy
    • Relationship-building
    • Analysis
    • Compliance with the FCA
    • Strong communication
    • Empathy and sensitivity
    • Management

    Additional skills that will help you stand out

    • Commercial awareness
    • Time management
    • Budgeting
    • Documentation and bookkeeping
    • Teamwork

    Top Credit Manager CV questions and answers

    What does a credit manager do?

    A credit manager manages a company’s credit policies. A credit manager duties and responsibilities include analysing a potential customer’s credit history to grant a loan, reviewing the credit of existing customers, and reconciling accounts to optimise financial strategy.

    How much does a credit manager make?

    As it’s a senior position, the average salary for a UK credit manager is £46,616 per annum (base pay). Salary will depend on your workplace. If you work for a large business such as a national bank, this figure could rise to over £70,000 per annum.

    What skills does a credit manager need?

    To become a credit manager, you will need to demonstrate a high financial awareness level. You will need a thorough knowledge of credit regulations, as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority, and the ability to carry out in-depth research into customers with speed and sensitivity.

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