Making a professional first impression is critical. Our financial controller CV example (UK) takes the guesswork out of building your CV. From template choice and structure to what to write, our examples show what recruiters expect from you and your peers.

For a financial controller CV, that means including all the right responsibilities and skills – not to mention meeting the financial controller education requirements. We’ve paired that with pre-made templates, so you have the right design and layout to make things easier. Start now and take the next step towards getting hired.


    Financial Controller CV Sample

    Financial Controller CV-3

    Financial controller CV templates

    Personalise your financial controller CV

    No financial controller CV example is complete without a good personal statement. Also known as the professional summary, it sits at the top of your CV below your name and contact details.

    Our advice is to write it last. Go through your CV and pick out the most important financial controller skills, qualifications, or key achievements then summarise them in 3-4 sentences. That could be IFRS standards, strategy implementation, or managing teams of 10+ accountants.

    Top financial controller CV tips

    What are recruiters looking for in your financial controller CV? Here are our top financial controller requirements when writing a CV.

    • Start with the right structure

      Most financial documents have a standard structure that you shouldn’t deviate from. Your CV is no different. Given that you’ll be well into your career, financial controller CVs should use a reverse-chronological format. This is the expected layout for anyone with relevant experience, listing your most recent job role first after your personal statement and working backwards. You’ll then move onto your skills, education, and any additional sections.

    • Check the financial controller job requirements

      It’s worth spending a little more time reviewing the job listing or description to see if there are any stand-out requirements that you meet. Then tailor your CV accordingly. If they’re looking for someone skilled in negotiation, for example, you can emphasise this throughout your financial controller job duties.

    • Highlight your achievements

      Finance is undoubtedly a numbers game, meaning your achievements can easily be quantified. When it comes to key achievements, financial controller candidates should focus on efficiency improvements, expenditure reductions, and the number of people they have managed. Those are just a few financial controller CV achievements examples though – be sure to include any specific figures that back up your skills and qualifications.

    • Control the length

      As such an important role, there’s undoubtedly a lot of financial controller duties and responsibilities you can include on your CV. But do they all need to be there? As demonstrated by our financial controller CV sample, UK recruiters are expecting 1-2 pages in length. If you find anything that doesn’t relate to the skills of a financial controller, it’s probably worth removing to keep your CV easily readable.

    • A final audit!

      It would be a huge shame if small typos and inaccuracies took the gloss off your financial controller skills and qualifications. That’s why a final audit is necessary to finish things off. Read through every last part of your financial controller CV, and get a friend or relative to check everything is present and correct too.

    Skills for your financial controller CV

    There’s so much to choose from when it comes to financial controller key skills. Our advice is to combine your most important technical capabilities with some soft, transferable skills.

    Essential financial controller skills list

    • Budgeting
    • Accounting skills
    • Negotiation
    • Financial regulations knowledge
    • Strategic planning
    • Process implementation

    Soft skills of a financial controller

    • Leadership
    • Digital skills
    • Business acumen
    • Mathematical skills
    • Great communication
    • Well organised

    Frequently asked questions about a financial controller CV COPY:

    What is a financial controller?

    A financial controller is someone in charge of an organisation’s financial operations. That extends from day-to-day transactions to ongoing budgeting and improvements.

    What is the role of a financial controller?

    The role of a financial controller is to keep a company’s books in order, ensure financial compliance, and make improvements wherever possible. That typically involves overseeing and managing other staff, such as accountants.

    What does a financial controller do?

    Here are some of the most common financial controller duties:

    • Ensure all accounting processes are completed accurately and on time.
    • Develop policies to maintain regulatory compliance.
    • Manage accounting staff day-to-day.
    • Analyse financial data to check for in discrepancies or areas of improvement.
    • Maximise business profits by reducing expenditure and ensuring tax-efficiency.

    What is a financial controller’s job description?

    The financial controller job description will typically outline:

    • Financial controller requirements – essential and desirable
    • The main financial controller job duties
    • Years of experience required.
    • Financial controller salary.

    What qualifications do I need to be a financial controller?

    While roles may vary, a relevant degree is standard when it comes to financial controller education requirements. Some examples include finance, accounting, and business management. An MA or MBA is a good way to stand out from the competition.

    How to become a financial controller?

    Aside from the basic financial controller requirements, you’ll need to gain experience in finance jobs. That could be a junior or assistant financial controller. However, working as an accountant or finance administrator is also good preparation for the role.

    How much does a financial controller make a year?

    The average financial controller salary (UK) is between £45,000 and £55,000. Earnings can rise for more experienced candidates in strategic roles, who take on the duties of a chief financial officer (CFO).

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