The business analyst role helps to guide businesses in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis. As an analyst, you’re likely a stickler for details and leave no stone unturned to help generate efficiencies.

A good business analyst CV showcases a broad range of skills and experience, from deploying new software to analysing and interpreting trends. It uses a professional business analyst CV template (UK) that clearly sets out your work history and achievements, making it easy for recruiters to quickly spot career highlights and see how well you’d fit into the team.


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    Business analyst CV templates

    Time to scrutinise your personal statement

    Whether you refer to it as a business analyst cv profile or business analyst cv summary, your personal statement is a short and sweet paragraph that opens your CV. At around 2-4 sentences long, it should sum up your main qualities, skills, or experience – whatever sets you apart from other applicants.

    Take a look at our business analyst personal statement example to get a better idea. Phrases like “goal-oriented”, “proactive”, and “personable” give the recruiter a good idea of who’s applying and how they would fit into the role.

    Top tips for your business analyst CV

    Our business analyst UK CV sample can help you take the next step in your career. We’ve put together some top recruiter tips to help you create the best business analyst CV:

    • Maintain a professional look and feel

      Being a business analyst, you’re probably no stranger to sleek reports and concise formatting. Choose a contemporary CV template that reflects this practice. Recruiters are looking for a clean, clear CV template that doesn’t include unnecessary sections.

    • Start with a punchy opening paragraph

      In just 50 words or less, your personal statement should tell a recruiter that you are fit for the position, for example you might state that you are goal-oriented, proactive, personable, and analytical.

    • Use appropriate language

      Ensure you use language fit for the role. Recruiters expect to see technical language, which may also be used to filter down CVs using ATS scanning. However, where possible, try to keep things simple. While you can include things like “system configurations” and “consolidating financial performance” from the business analyst job description, it’s important not to overcomplicate simple concepts like multitasking, teamwork, and communication, which are equally important to recruiters.

    • Crunch the numbers

      What’s analysis without numbers? As well as being integral to business analyst roles and responsibilities, numbers are a great way to show how you’ve put your business analyst skills into practice. That could be improving customer service ratings by 20% or continually analysing 15 databases.

    • Use the right format

      When it comes to your business analyst CV, format is key. This refers to the way information is structured. While skills-based CVs are ideal for candidates without experience, most business analysts benefit from a reverse-chronological format which lists your most recent role first with a few responsibilities from each job.

    Business analyst key skills to include in your CV

    If you want to showcase your business analyst skills, CV lists are a clear and concise way to do it. Take a look at some of the top skills for a business analyst below.

    Business analyst hard skills

    • Advanced Excel modelling
    • Data modelling
    • Analytical thinking
    • Revenue development
    • Requirement tracing
    • Functional requirements

    Soft skills for a business analyst

    • Communications skills
    • Working under pressure
    • Detail-oriented
    • Problem solving
    • Analytical thinking
    • Multitasking

    Top FAQs about your business analyst CV

    What is the role of a business analyst?

    As the title suggests, the business analyst role is focussed on analysing business processes, services, and performance to flag issues, identify their causes, and improve the way organisations work.

    What does a business analyst do?

    As you can see from our example CV, business analyst roles are all about research, analysis, and strategy. Business analyst roles and responsibilities include collecting data through surveys and other means, manipulating data using Excel and other software, and strategic planning – using your findings to make recommendations to improve efficiencies.

    What are the requirements for business analyst jobs?

    Qualifications are vital to get a good job in a highly competitive field like business analysis. Employers look for:

    • A Bachelor of Business Administration will show that you’re equipped for the job.
    • Further qualifications in sectors like business data, to broaden the range of positions you can apply for.

    What skills do business analysts need?

    If you’re wondering what the key skills of a business analyst are, data collection, analysis and modelling are three of the most important. You need to be able to interpret your findings, or existing data, to add value for your employer. In terms of transferable capabilities for a business analyst, communication skills are key. Once you’ve got your findings, you need to communicate them clearly to colleagues who aren’t always as clued up on data as yourself.

    What are the key achievements of a business analyst?

    The best achievements for a business analyst are noticeable improvements for their department or employer. That could be time savings, higher customer ratings, or even a boosted bottom line.

    How to write a business analyst CV?

    The easiest way to write your CV is to start with a business analyst cv template (Word or online). You can then fill out each section, which should include a personal statement, experience or work history, education or qualifications, and a skills section.

    Build your perfect business analyst CV

    With myPerfectCV, you don’t need a business analyst CV writing service! Our online builder is pre-loaded with professional templates and content based on the business analyst job description, skills, and responsibilities.

    Whether it’s a senior business analyst CV or you’re just getting started, we’re confident we can help you build your own perfect CV and take the next step in your career. What are you waiting for?


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