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Unlike many other entry-level jobs, trainee accountant roles require a unique combination of qualifications, personal qualities, and key skills. That’s exactly why a trainee accountant CV is so important. It needs to showcase those capabilities to tick boxes for the recruiter, but also set you apart from other candidates.

While it might sound taxing, it couldn’t be easier with help from myPerfectCV. We’ve pulled together some of the best trainee accountant CV examples, templates, and sought-after skills to guide your application and help you secure that crucial first step in your career.


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    Trainee accountant CV templates

    Trainee accountant CV – UK tips

    If you want your trainee accountant CV to become one of your biggest assets, take a look at our CV writing advice below.

    • Base your CV on trainee accountant roles

      It goes without saying that your CV will be targeted as roles for trainee accountants. However, by checking trainee accountant job description responsibilities, you can tailor your application to specific openings and their criteria. Firstly, this will delight recruiters by giving them exactly what they’re looking for. It could also help you pass checks with ATS software, which is used to scan CVs for keywords.

    • Try a trainee accountant CV template

      When you’re writing a trainee accountant CV, you want to put all your time and effort into the content. CV templates can give you a head start in this respect with the perfect layout, structure, and design, so you can get started on the all-important skills, qualifications, and trainee accountant duties and responsibilities. Above all else, a template will make sure your CV looks the part and shows your professionalism.

    • Crunch the numbers

      As an aspiring accountant, numbers are no doubt your forte. They can also be the strong point of your CV. Wherever possible, use figures and statistics to back up your experience. That might be dealing with 15 clients in an accounting internship or increasing productivity by 10% in another previous role like sales or admin – it doesn’t have to be directly relevant to accounting.

    • Make it transferable

      Continuing from the point above, not all of your skills and experience will be directly related to trainee accountant duties and responsibilities. Chances are, you’ll be fresh out of university and applying for your first role in accounting. However, you can still make your CV attractive recruiters by picking out transferable skills from your studies or previous roles. Think teamwork, communication, computer literacy, and numerical aptitude.

    • Pair your CV with a cover letter

      Cover letters introduce you as a candidate with an overview of your background. They allow you to expand on your qualifications in a way that your CV won’t. With that in mind, a trainee accountant cover letter can be critical. Be sure to show your enthusiasm for the role and the accounting world more broadly, and highlight how your academic pursuits have prepared you for a trainee accounting role

    Trainee accountant skills to include in your CV

    There are a number of skills that go hand in hand with trainee accountant duties and responsibilities:

    Essential skills for your CV

    • Numerical aptitude
    • Analytical ability
    • Attention to detail
    • Time management
    • Computer literate
    • Well organised

    Added extras to set you apart

    • Accounting experience
    • Report writing
    • Project management
    • Familiar with accounting software
    • Industry knowledge
    • Clear communication

    Trainee accountant personal statement

    As the first section of any UK CV, the personal statement is vital in giving recruiters a good first impression of you as a candidate, and aligning you with the job at hand.

    In three to four sentences, you should highlight your experience or qualifications, one or two key qualities that define you as a trainee accountant, and what you can offer to a prospective employer. Take a look at some CV examples to see how it’s done.

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    Top FAQs about your trainee accountant CV

    How do I write a CV for a trainee accountant?

    The easiest way to write a trainee accountant CV is by tailoring your own personal qualities, capabilities, and experience to trainee accountant job description responsibilities. In short, you want your skills section, work history, and personal statement to show that you’re a perfect fit for the role.

    What does a trainee accountant do?

    While trainee accountant duties and responsibilities vary from role to role, they’re generally related to preparing and auditing accounts under the responsibility of a senior accountant or audit manager. You can expect to assist with managing invoices, checking data for accuracy, and compiling financial reports alongside general administrative duties. You’ll also work towards an accounting certification such as ACCA or CIMA.

    What should an accounting CV include?

    CVs for trainee accountant jobs can be broken down into the following sections:

    • Personal statement – introducing your top qualities, skills, and experiences in relation to the role you’re applying for.
    • Work history – a brief summary of your previous roles, using bullet points to list the main responsibilities.
    • Key skills – listing a mixture of 8-12 hard and soft skills.
    • Education – include your degree in finance, accounting, or mathematics along with any other relevant qualifications.

    How much does a trainee accountant earn?

    The starting trainee accountant salary for most roles is between £19,000 and £23,000. That’s typically higher in city-centre locations, especially London. You can also expect the salary to rise significantly once you achieve chartered accountant status.

    How to become a trainee accountant

    The vast majority of trainee accountant jobs require a relevant bachelor’s degree as a minimum. This includes accounting, finance, and mathematics. In some cases, companies will support you through your degree with funding if you have relevant work experience before applying for university. There are also some degree programmes which include work placements and ACCA qualification to fast-track your progression.

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    Be audit you can be with a great trainee accountant CV

    Whether you’re looking for a solid trainee accountant CV sample (PDF) or the best tips and tricks to set your application apart, you’ll find it right here at myPerfectCV.

    All that’s missing is your own CV to send to recruiters and secure those interviews. That’s where our brilliant CV builder comes into play. Complete with professional templates and pre-written content for trainee accountant roles, it has everything you need to take the first step in your career.

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