A successful developer CV balances technical skills, web development experience, and qualifications. Use developer CV examples to create a winning CV in no time. Write a CV that meets all the UK requirements. Outline your skills, starting with a summary of the technologies you’re proficient, in such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Back this up with specific experience in developer roles and relevant qualifications like a degree in computer science.


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    Software developer CV template

    Develop a personal connection with your developer CV

    A personal statement section of your developer CV, also known as a professional summary, is an ideal opportunity to stand out and show off your uniqueness. It usually contains 3-4 sentences covering your professional profile. Use this section to showcase exceptional achievements and the path to achieve them, or your immediate goals and how you intend to reach them. Use our builder to access a collection of sample personal statements for your developer CV example.

    Top software developer CV tips to crack the code

    • Include the metrics

      If you’ve coded a new website, include statistics – for example, the number of visitors the website gets a month. This will help recruiters to quantify the impact of your skills and is much more memorable than merely listing your projects.

    • Tailor your CV to each role

      As someone who works with software, don’t let your CV fall foul to ATS. Always include keywords and phrases from the job description to help your application make the cut.

    • Show off your personal qualities

      Your personal statement is a great chance to share the qualities that make you a great developer. Whether it’s your attention to detail, your persistence, or your ability to work in a team, this section will show recruiters that you’re the whole package.

    • Proofread your developer CV

      You don’t want to be dropped at the start because of a typo or a mistake in your phone number. What’s more, a developer’s job requires special attention to detail, so errors in your CV might work against you.

    • Enrich your developer CV with links

      Whether you’re a senior or novice developer, you certainly already have a live portfolio or a business page. Add links to these assets to your developer CV. Depending on the number and nature of your links, you can place them in a separate section or add them to your contact details.

    Developer CV skills you want to include

    Key skills for your developer CV

    • Attention to detail
    • Programming skills
    • Testing and troubleshooting software
    • Expertise in computer applications

    Nice-to-haves that will help you stand out

    • Problem-solving
    • Analytical thinking
    • Good communication
    • Creativity and innovation

    Top questions about your developer CV

    What should I include in my software developer CV?

    Two of the most important sections to include in your developer CV are your professional achievements included in the work history section and your actual abilities, outlined in the CV skills section. Be specific about your most successful modules and projects, as this will show recruiters where your developer specialities lie.

    How to write a CV for software developer?

    To write a good software developer CV, start by studying the CV examples for this profession. In the next step, when you have your CV template ready, as with CVs for other professions, complete:

    • contact details including full name, address, phone number and email address
    • then write a short but to the point personal statement
    • give your employment history – listed in reverse chronological order
    • present your hard and soft skills
    • finally, provide information about your educational background.

    It is recommended that the format of your CV fits on one page.

    What skills do software developers need?

    A great developer needs to be diligent, collaborative, and ready to take responsibility for their work. From creating programs to monitoring them for ongoing maintenance, developers can rarely sign off on a project and forget about it. That’s why determination and creative problem-solving skills are excellent qualities to have.

    Software developer CV summary

    A sample CV for a developer should not only include all the information specific to the job advertisement, but it must also look neat and have the right CV format.

    Follow our advice and use a developer CV sample to outline your career path and necessary skills. Our CV builder will help you create a top-notch developer CV that meets all the requirements in just a few steps.


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