Getting a job as an optical assistant entails being able to present your qualifications, personal skills, and work experience in an impactful and compelling manner that draws attention to your unique strengths. To assist you in this complex process, we have created a free optical assistant CV template to help you format and write up a compelling CV that lands you an interview and possibly an optical assistant job.

Our step-by-step guide will help you compile each section with the best resources and advice, including:


    Sample optical assistant CV

    Albert Hamilton CV 1

    Albert Hamilton

    21 Guild Street, London EC2A 7TA


    Professional summary

    Reliable Optical Assistant promotes commitment to accuracy and quality. Safety-focused problem solver with strong aptitude for troubleshooting and repair. Quickly assesses components to identify and correct defects. Strong hand-eye coordination and mechanical skills.

    Work history

    February 2018 – Current

    Optic Centre – London

    Optical Assistant

    • Lens care education
    • Performed frame repairs and adjustments for customer comfort.
    • Advised customers on spectacle and sunglass choices based on prescription, style and budget to encourage repeat business and guarantee satisfaction.

    February 2013 – January 2018

    OptiGlass – London

    Optical Assistant

    • Assisted with dilating patients or using eye medications when directed by optometrist.
    • Performed ancillary testing when ordered by optometrist and thoroughly explained procedures to patients.
    • Conducted pretest procedures to gather data before exam and make eye appointments more efficient and productive.


    • Health insurance claims
    • Bifocal lenses
    • Frame repairs and adjustments
    • Eye drop administration
    • Depth perception testing
    • Vision test booking management


    London College London – 2015

    NVQ Level 3 Optical Retail Skills

    What is the best format for your optical assistant CV?

    Choosing the correct format for your CV can be challenging with the number of examples available on the web. However, getting the best CV formats that recruiters prefer is pretty simple. Reverse-chronological is the most common format to use. This means starting with your most recent work history and qualifications.

    After your contact details and personal statement, your work history will make up the main body of your CV. That’s complemented by sections on your skills and education to tick the remaining boxes.

    Optical assistant roles often require experience. However, submitting a skills-based CV may be appropriate if you don’t have this. This highlights transferable skills learned in other jobs and is typically suitable for entry-level roles. In this instance, the skills section comes after your personal statement.

    Optical assistant CV tips

    • Write a cover letter if required

      Some opticians will ask for a cover letter included in the application. This is a chance to showcase your optical assistant abilities and experience in a more detailed fashion. Cover letters should consist of more information on your knowledge, skills, and education – the perfect chance to show how your experience relates to optical assistant duties if you haven’t held the position before. You can also include relevant achievements and industry awards if needed, such as an employee of the month award as an optical assistant.

    • Keep your CV concise

      It’s tempting to write everything in your CV to show off your skills for the job, whether that’s customer service from a job in sales or optician knowledge from your studies. However, recruiters don’t have time to shift through long applications. Write one or two pages and keep it concise. Bullet points and clear structuring also make it easy to read.

    • Use consistent fonts and headings

      Formatting your CV is just one way to make it stand out. Another element to consider is the font and headings. Keep these clear and consistent. Don’t use unprofessional fonts or fancy typeface. All the headings should match in size and ensure section blocks have consistent spacing – to avoid your CV looking like a Snellen eye chart!

    • Read the job description and person specification thoroughly

      Your optical assistant CV should be relevant to the job you are applying for. So, it’s essential to read the job description and get a feel for the type of work you’ll be doing. Tailoring the content to the role will help recruiters determine how you’ll transition into a new job.

    • Add relevant transferable skills

      Highlighting your skills is an integral part of your CV. However, be sure to keep them relevant to the job. As an optical assistant position may not require formal qualifications, it’s vital to detail how your previous experience suits the role. Transferable skills such as communication skills, problem-solving and attention to detail are just some of the factors that could help your application.

    • Include relevant training awards and certificates

      The role of an optical assistant is varied, and having relevant industry awards can show recruiters your passion and willingness to learn. For example, if you hold a retail management skills certificate, include this as it details your aptitude for progression. If you have relevant eye health certifications, also include this in your education section.

    How to write a CV for a optical assistant

    When applying for an optical assistant job, you need to include a range of information such as education, skills, and work history. However, knowing how to write a CV is essential so you have everything relevant to the job you’re applying for.

    This guide shows you how to make the best first impression. Below you’ll find:

    Outlining education on an event steward CV

    Most event steward positions which will require you to have a relevant qualification or two. An NVQ in Spectator Safety is particularly relevant, but Level 2 in Event Security would also be beneficial. In some cases, you might be required to have a GCSE in English to prove your basic skills.

    Here are some of the details you’ll need to include your education section:

    • Institution name
    • The year of completion
    • The level of qualification, e.g., NVQ
    • Subject or course title, where relevant

    Example education section for an event steward CV

    The London College | London – 2021Imperial College London: 2004 – 2008 Level 3 NVQ in Spectator Safety

    Heartstart (British Heart Foundation) | London – 2021 CPR training

    How to add contact details to your optical assistant CV

    At the top of your CV sits the contact details. This is an important section, as it provides the information that recruiters need to contact you. It’s easy to get right, but there are a few things to include for clarity. This includes:

    • First name and surname
    • Address and postcode
    • Mobile number and/or landline
    • Work-appropriate email address

    Example of contact section for an electrician apprentice CV

    Melanie Wood

    15 Anyroad Anytown Anycounty

    AT66 8UU

    01234 555344

    Optical assistant CV personal statement

    An important part of your CV is the personal statement. This offers the opportunity to tell recruiters about your skills, experience, and background in a few sentences. Our advice on writing your personal statement is:

    • Write in the third person – it helps recruiters understand what you offer
    • Keep it brief, 3-4 sentences is plenty
    • Use positive words such as “positive”, “patient”, and “flexible.”
    • Detail skills and achievements such as industry recognised awards
    • Highlight expertise if relevant

    Example of personal statement for an optical assistant CV

    A confident, experienced, and self-motivated optical assistant with six years of experience working in fast-paced retail settings. In-depth knowledge of the techniques and instruments used in routine eye examinations, coupled with outstanding organisational and administrative skills. Possess business awareness and a clear understanding of the best retail practices in healthcare environments.


    Experienced optical assistant of six years. Able to supervise teams and coach newly qualified optical assistants in line with the current industry standards and in-house sales targets. Committed to professional development and to providing first-class customer care. Now seeking to develop managerial skills further and tackle new challenges with a supervisory role in the public sector. Willing to relocate.

    Optical assistant CV work experience

    Relevant work experience is an important element to add to your optical assistant CV. This section details your aptitude for the job and shows recruiters how well you may fit into the role. After all, you wouldn’t want someone inexperienced taking care of your eyes!

    Starting with your most recent role, include the below details:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • Include 3-6 duties per job role

    There’s often a lot to include in this section. But ensure you keep the details concise and structured to fit everything in. It’s also helpful not to overlap duties from one role to another. Recruiters want to see the breadth of your work history. For example, if you have experience undertaking initial assessments before an eye examination, perhaps include your assisting with frame selection in another. The more information you can pack in without writing too much, the better.

    Example of work experience for a optical assistant CV

    Senior Optical Assistant | Eye See, Any City, June 2013 – Present

    • In charge of coordinating and implementing an effective customer care strategy across five optical clinics.
    • Developed a new in-house training scheme and mentored newly qualified optical assistants.
    • Responsible for ordering new supplies and for weekly stock control.

    Optical Assistant | Bright Side, Any City, May 2010 | May 2013

    • Assisted customers during the eyewear selection process at a busy high-street optician.
    • Provided chair-side support to senior optometrists during consultations and eye examinations.
    • Provided admin support to the reception team.

    Great skills to add on your optical assistant CV

    A day in the life of an optical assistant is varied. So, having relevant skills to fit into the job well is essential. In addition, transferable skills learned in previous positions showcase your ability to do the job well and give employers an idea of your ability to handle a range of situations.

    Some example of CV skills to include:

    Essential skills for a optical assistant

    • Excellent communication
    • Customer service
    • Sales aptitude
    • Digital skills
    • Adaptability

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Well presented
    • Confident and friendly
    • Willingness to learn
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Eye health knowledge

    Optical assistant CV education

    A general standard of education is typically required for optical assistant positions. Qualifications such as GSCEs are accepted. However, the grade level is not always necessary as long as candidates show aptitude and skills for the role.

    When writing your qualifications, there are a few details to include. Start with your most recent education level first and list:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, GCSEs, NVQs
    • Subject or course title – you don’t need this for high school courses

    Example education section for a optical assistant

    Example College, Anytown, 2006-2008 Level 3 Diploma in Optical Retail Skills

    Any College, Anytown, 2004-2006 A levels: Maths (A) English (B) Biology (A) Science (B)


    Your optical assistant questions answered

    What is the role of an optical assistant?

    Optical assistants primarily work in opticians or eye health clinics. This role is varied and involves working with the public. Common duties include:

    • Booking eye examination appointments
    • Helping customers choose frames and lenses
    • Conducting initial eye health screenings
    • General customer service
    • Retail shop duties such as cleaning

    What skills does an optical assistant need?

    Optical assistant must show a range of skills for this role, including:

    • Positive attitude
    • Attention to detail
    • Communication skills
    • Ability to handle a busy retail environment
    • Natural sales approach

    What qualifications are needed to be an optical assistant?

    For an entry-level optical assistant role, a general standard of education is required. For example, good grades in Maths and English will help you in many areas of the job. However, many employers look for candidates who are willing to learn and show aptitude and skills suited to the position.

    How can I be a good optical assistant?

    Becoming a good optical assistant comes down to an individual’s attitude and approach to work. Using your skills learned in other roles and having a willingness to learn new things will help you throughout your career. In addition, as every day is different, being a good optical assistant means you need to be adaptable, flexible, and tactful, especially when dealing with the public.

    Make your optical assistant CV crystal clear

    Want to make sure your CV passes the recruiter’s eye test like our CV examples? Our online builder has a choice of CV templates to give you a head start with the right design and structure. You can then fill your CV with top-rate content written by professionals, specifically for optical assistant applicants.


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