Your doctor CV tells the story of your career and clearly shows why you’re the obvious choice for the role. An impressive doctor’s CV demonstrates an ability to complete accurate patient assessments and deliver competent medical care. Showcase these capabilities through previous work experience, a clear overview of skills, and a comprehensive list of qualifications.


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    Keep these three recruiter tips in mind when building your doctor CV

    • Include a professional summary

      Most doctor CVs should include a professional summary section, usually at the top of the page. This is where you can summarise, concisely and informatively, your experience, skills, and specialist areas. It’s essentially an overview of your medical career and accomplishments so far.

    • Mention some outside interests

      The role of a doctor is a demanding one, often involving long shifts and lots of intense work. List some outside interests and hobbies on your CV, like playing sports or learning languages. This will show that you can handle the pressure of the job and still enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle.

    • Accuracy and structure

      Your medical CV may contain quite a lot of information and may be longer than a typical CV for other professions. This means it’s more important to make sure that all the relevant information is displayed neatly, in a well-structured format. It needs to be error-free too, so be sure to check for spelling or grammar mistakes.


    Learn more about doctor CVs with these common questions and answers

    What should be included in a doctor CV?

    A doctor CV includes a professional summary, in which you should outline your medical career so far, mentioning any skills, qualifications, or experience you have in the field. It should also include separate sections in which you go into more detail on your work history, education, and skills.

    What are the responsibilities of a doctor?

    Medical doctor roles can involve a lot of different responsibilities, which can vary from one position to the next. Medical doctors will usually work in clinics, hospitals, or other health centres, carrying out health assessments on patients, diagnosing disorders, and creating treatment plans.

    What are the top qualities of a medical doctor?

    To succeed in a medical doctor role, you’ll need suitable qualifications in medicine and extensive knowledge of medical disorders, as well as treatments. You should also have good communication skills, and an ability to cope with pressure and work well with others, and a general desire to help and care for others.

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