Of the many things you need to consider when applying for a job in modern language education is a highly engaging CV. Ideally, your CV will be an accurate reflection of your skills, aptitudes, and teaching experience. Moreover, it also needs to put across your passion for education in a way that is compelling.

By adopting our free French teacher CV sample and using it for your own background, you can get the right balance between a standard format, which is easy to read, and a sense of individuality in the same document. This will mean that you are much better placed to land a desirable job, whether you happen to be focused on adult education or a school-based position.

As well as going through some tips and tricks, you’ll find a CV template to use as a blueprint for organising all your skills and experience. Keep reading as we cover:


    Sample French teacher CV


    Niamh Knight

    18 Old Street, Bradford BD1 5TG



    Professional summary

    Committed French Instructor with expertise in language grammar and various dialects. Passionate about promoting cultural awareness in students. Offering 8 years of experience instructing and designing curricula for students age 10 to 65.

    Work history

    February 2019 – Current

    Career Language School – Bradford

    French Teacher

    • Established individualised study programmes, increasing end of year exam passing rate by 20%..
    • Employed interactive learning methods and traditional lecture to instruct students from A level to C level in French language and culture.
    • Organised themed lessons that highlighted various French-speaking countries to facilitate cultural awareness in students.
    • Marked and assessed classwork, verifying student work constantly met and exceeded target grades.

    January 2016 – January 2019

    Bradford School of Languages – Bradford

    Head of Modern Languages

    • Administered examinations, assessed results and issued fair grades.
    • Prepared and delivered lectures on diverse topics related to French language and culture.
    • Contributed to department and faculty meetings to continuously assess and improve internal practices.
    • Helped students explore concepts through challenging assignments and stimulating class discussions.


    • Audio-visual method
    • French culture knowledge
    • Classroom management
    • Grammar mastery
    • Extra-curricular activity programmes
    • French language fluency
    • Student engagement strategies
    • Standardised testing
    • GCSE curriculum expertise


    University of London London – 2015

    Bachelor of Arts French literature

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    What is the best format for your French teacher CV?

    Before doing anything else, you must choose a compelling and easy-to-follow CV format that showreels your most fabulous qualities and skills. Why is this step so important? Busy hiring managers don’t have the time to decipher messy CVs. Plus, CV reading software has a penchant for neat sections, fonts, and formatting.

    There are two primary structures to choose from – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former prioritises career history, while the latter is more competency-focused.

    A reverse-chronological layout is better suited to French teachers. Employers – especially schools, colleges, and universities – prefer candidates with a background in a similar environment. If you’re a recent graduate with minimal work experience, you can mention teaching placements, internships, and part-time positions in place of traditional full-time employment.

    As you work through the following guidance, keep in mind that CVs should be one to two pages long maximum and typed in a professional font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. You should also save and send your CV in a Microsoft Word document or PDF file unless otherwise specified.

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    How to write a CV for a French teacher

    You don’t have to be a natural wordsmith to create a winning French teacher CV. As with any good language lesson, the key is to keep things clear, simple, and relevant. Recruiters want to learn about your skills, experience, and qualifications – so keep that in mind throughout your CV.

    The subsequent example explains how to write a CV that propels you ahead of equally experienced and qualified candidates. We’ll share our top advice on how to complete each section, covering:

    Adding contact details to your French teacher CV

    There’s no point in crafting the most amazing French teacher CV only to forget your contact details – it’s a huge oversight that could cost you an invitation to the interview stage. Include the following at the top of your CV:

    • Full name
    • Location
    • Phone number
    • Email address

    Provide up-to-date information and make yourself accessible. Most importantly, keep your answer machine message and email address work appropriate!

    Example of contact section for a French teacher CV

    Angela Davies
    11b Example Lane
    Birmingham, BL92 7CM
    01234 5553444

    Start your French teacher CV with a personal statement

    It’s time to shine with a persuasive personal statement that hits all the right notes. Here, you should explain why you’re the best person for the job in three to four succinct sentences. Every word matters – try not to waffle and only include your proudest accomplishments and most desirable skills.

    Our top advice for sparking the hiring manager’s interest is as follows:

    • Keep the tone confident and show off without sounding arrogant
    • Write in the third person for a polished edge
    • Use plenty of positive adjectives like “patient”, “kind”, and “motivated”
    • Opt for short, punchy sentences to generate maximum engagement
    • Reiterate key qualifications and years of experience to prove your suitability

    Above all else, include tangible results to substantiate your skills. Instead of saying you “planned fun lessons”, describe how you “planned valuable lessons that led to 91% of students achieving grades A* – C in their GCSE exams”. Being as specific as possible and lending weight to your claims are guaranteed ways to catch the employer’s attention!

    Example of personal statement for a French teacher CV

    Experienced and highly effective French language teacher with over a decade of classroom experience. Possess the necessary teaching qualifications to teach in England and Wales. Effective management of the department and consistent pursuit of professional development opportunities.


    Passionate educator with the ability to teach beginner-level German as well as French to A-level standard. Possess a proven track record of offering student pastoral care, including as a form tutor. Highly organised administrator who regularly achieves praise for planning and paperwork records by managers and independent school inspectors.

    Adding experience section to your French teacher CV

    Most decision-makers flock straight to the employment history section because it’s a goldmine of valuable information. As well as gaining a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, they can see how long you typically stay with a company, whether you make steady progress within a role, and any notable achievements.

    Starting from your current or most recent position, highlight and expand on:

    • Job title
    • Company name and location
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Primary duties
    • Promotions, achievements, and awards

    Much like the personal statement, include as many statistics as possible – this shows employers how brilliant you are rather than simply asking them to believe you. Note up to six primary responsibilities for more recent roles and up to three for older, less relevant jobs.

    Another top tip is to lead with powerful action verbs like “orchestrated”, “trailblazed”, and “streamlined” – they are much more compelling than “responsible for”. We suggest brainstorming a collection of action verbs and positive adjectives before writing your French teacher CV. Return to this list whenever you get stuck on how to open sentences or paragraphs.

    Lastly, avoid repetition. If you’ve mentioned “lesson planning” in one role, talk about “administration” in another. You want to provide a sweeping panorama of your abilities instead of a tiny snapshot!

    Example of work experience for a French teacher CV

    French Teacher | Example School, Nottingham. From September 2012 to present.

    • Introduced best working practices surrounding the school’s pastoral care function.
    • Assisted the head of department with multiple reports and presentations.
    • Gained superb results with my AS French classes and a rapid improvement of GCSE grades.

    Head of Modern Languages | Example College, Nottingham. From September 2008 to July 2012.

    • Ran a department catering for over eighty students taking modern language A level courses in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
    • Gained an outstanding Ofsted rating in 2010.
    • Accurately recorded attendance, attainment, and behaviour for a class of 30+ students.

    Great skills to add on your French teacher CV

    CV skills are unique qualities that make you the best person for the position. You should include up to twelve in total, split equally between job-specific hard skills and transferable soft skills. The former could include “class planning”, “exam grading”, and “homework setting”. The latter are transferable – think “goal-oriented”, “creative”, and “dependable”.

    Instead of copying the skills in the job description – which could make you sound robotic – tailor this section to reflect your personality. Identify and spotlight the attributes that make you truly special. You could always ask friends, family, and colleagues to help if you get stuck.

    Most CVs fall down because they feature too many hard skills. While these are important to demonstrate technical knowledge, they don’t reveal much of your character. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are if you come across as cold and uninterested, so find a good balance! Need some ideas? Check out the lists below:

    Essential skills for a French teacher

    • Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
    • Advanced Skills Teacher (AST)
    • Ability to create a conducive learning atmosphere in a classroom where all students can excel
    • Background in using multimedia for language skills acquisition, including video, recorded role play, and computers
    • Adept at class planning, homework grading, and exam preparation

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • French Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults (CLTA)
    • Member of the National Association for Pastoral Care in Education
    • Experience in pastoral care, which allows students to open up about their fears and sensitivities at school
    • Comfortable liaising with other school departments, caregivers, and learning support assistants
    • Brilliant public speaker who can confidently express themselves
    • Able to organise large school trips at home and abroad

    How to add education to your French teacher CV

    Any teaching position demands a high level of education to support an extensive employment background. As such, you should spend a reasonable amount of time underscoring your academic qualifications and extracurricular training.

    The route to becoming a French school teacher is highly specialised. You’ll need an undergraduate degree in the language. Then, you must obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You can do this by applying to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), undergoing an assessment to show you meet the QTS standards, or completing a teacher training course in England.

    Some teachers also possess a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – this master’s level qualification boosts knowledge and allows a person to teach internationally. However, it’s not essential as you only need a QTS to teach in the UK.

    Other organisations have slightly different requirements. Reread the job description carefully before applying to check you meet the criteria. Plus, note key qualifications at the top of your CV to reassure employers of your credentials. 

    When outlining your education, include:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study and graduation dates
    • Course title – not applicable to GCSEs
    • Qualification level – e.g. GCSE or postgraduate degree
    • Qualification result

    You can also mention other relevant courses in this section, such as first aid training – treat these like traditional academic achievements, using the format above.

    Example education section for a French teacher CV

    University of Example | 2001 – 2002 PGCE (Secondary) in French

    University of Example | 1997 – 2000 Degree in French | First-class honours

    Top tips for French teacher CV writing

    • Write an eye-catching cover letter

      Most hiring managers won't accept an application without a thoughtful cover letter that summarises your top talents and triumphs. As well as whetting the reader's appetite, taking the time to properly introduce yourself shows enthusiasm and willingness.

    • Don't skip over soft skills

      The most successful teaching candidates illustrate soft skills like "adaptability", "understanding", and "empathy". Teaching requires a particular personality type, and you must show employers that you have all the necessary traits to hit the ground running. 

    • Highlight your education

      You won't reach the interview stage if you don't have the correct certificates to teach a foreign language. However, many unqualified candidates still apply, wasting the employer's time. Earn brownie points by including your core qualifications at the top of your CV to streamline the recruitment process.

    • Include teaching placements

      If you're a recent graduate with minimal work experience, there's no need to worry. Talk about the teaching placements you would've had to complete during your university, QTS, or PGCE course.

    • Show leadership qualities

      At their core, teachers are motivational leaders who can bring out the best in students of all abilities. Demonstrate the times you've exceeded expectations alongside your mastery of the French language. For instance, you might've organised a successful school trip to Paris.


    Your French teacher CV questions answered

    What is the role of a French teacher?

    French teachers help students of all ages and abilities to grasp the French language. The subject focuses on three main areas – reading, oral, and written skills. While the environment varies, the primary duties include:

    • Creating and delivering engaging lessons
    • Setting and grading homework
    • Maintaining classroom standards 
    • Using multiple teaching techniques, including video and role play
    • Completing administrative tasks

    What are the skills of a French teacher?

    Becoming a French teacher requires so much more than being fluent in the language. Individuals must be motivational and enthusiastic. At the same time, they need to be stringent enough to maintain an environment conducive to learning. Some of the most significant skills include:

    • Patience with students of all abilities
    • Excellent communication style
    • Highly organised  
    • Compassionate yet tough
    • Problem-solving capabilities

    How long should a teacher CV be?

    As a rule, any CV should be one to two pages long. Employers don’t have the time to read through reels of paper and unnecessary text!

    How do I write a CV for teaching with no experience?

    It’s rarely the case that hopeful teachers will have no experience. You would’ve had to complete teaching placements as part of your undergraduate degree QTS course, or PGCE certificate – you can talk about these just like traditional employment. 

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