UK human resources roles offer applicants the chance to connect with people from all walks of life and make a difference in their careers. Make a difference to yours with our human resources CV examples. Our helpful tips cover how to organise your work experience, focus on relevant HR skills, and present your application appropriately.


Show recruiters your best qualities
with our guidelines

Whether your specialism is in employment law, change management or internal communication, learn how to put your best foot forward. Impress employers with your experience and enhance your human resources CV with our tips:

  • Put a spotlight on your achievements.

    Use active verbs and quantify your experience to impress your employer. For example, a recruitment consultant CV might state, “successfully placed twenty-five applicants in six months”.
  • Focus on language

    Many UK human resources employers will use scanning software to process CVs quickly. Our CV examples are ATS compliant, so make sure you use job-related keywords such as ‘management’, ‘people’, or ‘staff’.
  • Stay within the last ten years

    Your CV needs to be concise, so only highlight the most relevant and recent experience. This can also include hobbies or volunteer roles – for example an HR manager may have had experience working with large groups by coaching sports teams.
  • Craft an impactful opening statement

    Human resources roles can be competitive, so your personal statement needs to shine. Highlight your achievements, experience, and passions in no more than three short paragraphs.
  • Keep it consistent

    For easy of scanning, lay out your human resources CV appropriately. Use a consistent font and font size, and space out headings or bullet points evenly to guide your employer through the document.

Show your people power with our human resources CV examples

Whichever human resources role you’re applying for, myPerfectCV provides trusted guidance on how to impress your employer. Perfect your writing style and outline the unique skills that will put you ahead of other candidates. For an interview-winning human resources job application try our CV builder today.


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