When writing your CV, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between showing off your excellent people skills and nailing the HR Administrator job spec. That’s where myPerfectCV comes in. With our professional HR Administrator CV examples, you can discover what makes the perfect application before using our range of templates to build your own.

A well-written CV example provides plenty of inspiration for each part of your CV. That extends from the format, structure and design to what’s included, how it’s worded and so much more.

Below, we’ll run through everything you need to know with examples along the way:


    HR Administrator CV sample – image plus text CV

    HR administrator CV Sample

    Leanne Tegg

    24 Old Kings Road
    Leeds LS1 8JP

    Professional summary

    Dedicated and detail-oriented HR Administrator with comprehensive experience in managing various HR functions. Proficient in recruitment, employee relations, payroll administration, and HR compliance. Seeking to leverage skills and expertise to contribute effectively to the HR operations of a dynamic organisation in Leeds.

    Work history

    August 2022 – Current
    Stelars – Leeds
    HR Administrator

    • Accurately processed leave of absence requests and monitored absence data to use as triggers for management intervention.
    • Updated HR policies and documentation in line with legislative developments and GDPR requirements to ensure compliance.
    • Reviewed and renewed company policies, ensuring strict legal compliance across all business activities.
    • Provided expert HR advice to line managers to tackle obstacles such as conflict resolution, pay disputes and under-performance management.

    January 2016 – July 2022
    Sunny Co – Leeds
    HR Assistant

    • Communicated courteously, confidently and clearly at all levels across the organisation.
    • Understood the importance of strict confidentiality at all times and handled confidential personal information.
    • Ran payroll processes and updated employee benefits details.
    • Maintained and updated employee files and records.


    Statistical reporting
    Unit economics modelling
    CIPHR software
    HCM software
    Policy and procedure development
    Talent management
    Payroll control
    External recruitment


    Leeds Beckett University Leeds
    Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

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    HR Administrator CV templates

    No matter how much experience you have in human resources, recruiters can still be put off by a bland or messy CV. Our premade CV templates ensure that won’t happen, providing a choice of designs that are the perfect fit for HR Administrators. Find the perfect balance between professionalism and personality.

    What is the best format for your HR Administrator CV?

    As an HR Administrator, you might have seen your fair share of CVs from hopeful job applicants. All too often, they lack structure, meaning recruiters can’t find the information they need. So, how can you provide a CV format that potential employers are familiar with?

    The answer is with a reverse-chronological CV. After introducing yourself with contact details and a personal statement, the main body of your CV will focus on work history in a reverse-chronological order – most recent first. It’s the best choice for anyone with one or more previous positions that are relevant to HR or administration, focusing on your hands-on experience.

    Short on relevant roles to talk about? A skills-based CV could be a better fit. In this case, the work history section is replaced by an expanded skills section, highlighting sought-after capabilities that make you a great fit for an HR Administrator position. That includes things like computer literacy, organisation, and interpersonal skills – ideally with examples to back them up.

    Whatever your preference, there are some universal formatting tips to ensure everything looks as expected:

    • Go for a simple, professional font like Arial or Times New Roman.
    • Your CV should be one or two pages long, rather than somewhere in-between. Font size and line spacing can be tweaked to make it fit.
    • Use PDF or Word formats when saving and sending your CV, unless the job advert specifies otherwise.

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    How to write a CV for an HR Administrator

    When you’re dealing with HR issues day in, day out, you probably won’t be au fait with the best practices for CV writing. Not to worry. We’ve put together a guide on how to write a CV for HR Administrators. Read through our expert advice, insights, and examples for each part of your CV:

    Adding contact details to your HR Administrator CV

    Communication is key for HR Administrators, so don’t stand in the way of it for potential employers. It needs to be quick and easy for them to find your contact details on your CV. That includes multiple methods of contact so they don’t have to compromise. You wouldn’t want to miss out because a recruiter is calling around and you’ve only left an email address, for example.

    Before you write about what makes you great at HR, put your contact details near the top of your CV. Here’s what you should include:

    • Your name – you’d be surprised how many forget it.
    • Your mobile number or a landline if you’re confident you’ll be there to answer it.
    • Your email address, as long as it looks professional. If it doesn’t, just set up a new one.
    • Your home address – some people still use post, but recruiters might simply want to know where you’re based.

    Example of contact section for an HR Administrator CV

    Mary James
    4 Covington Close,
    London, WC2 4TF

    Getting personal with your opening statement on an HR Administrator CV

    Every good UK HR Administrator CV sample starts with a personal statement. In 2-4 sentences, it should introduce your main HR Administrator skills, experience, and personal qualities that set you apart.

    The idea with a personal statement is to hook potential employers in and make them want to read more. As such, it’s good to include the stand-out attributes you can offer. While you shouldn’t copy the job description, your personal statement can certainly reflect or echo some of the essential requirements listed.

    If you’re a skilled negotiator, say so. Be sure to include how many years of relevant experience you have, so recruiters know what to expect. Then sprinkle in a few key qualities like “organised”, “results-driven”, and “adaptable”.

    Take a look at these simple tips to take your personal statement from good to great:

    • Use the third person “Offers…” rather than first person “I offer”. It puts the focus on what you do rather than who you are.
    • Use verbs like “organised” and “managed” to create a dynamic tone from the start.
    • Include a few select adjectives such as “diligent” or “experienced” to add more information without drastically increasing the word count.

    Example of personal statement for an HR Administrator CV

    Results-driven Human Resources Administrator offering 5+ years achieving positive results for large companies. Articulate negotiator, skillfully supporting company growth by sourcing top-quality applicants for critical roles. Organised planner with excellent team leadership and program management abilities.


    Organised HR Administrator with 4 years of experience in human resources. Offers excellent dispute resolution with great interpersonal skills and case management capabilities. Brings a track record of success in data monitoring, record keeping, and personnel management.

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    How to present your work history on an HR Administrator

    Busy companies don’t have time to show you the ropes for weeks on end. Work experience shows potential employers that you’re ready to hit the ground running. That’s especially vital in the fast-paced world of HR.

    So, how do you discuss your work experience on your CV? While it may be tempting to write paragraphs about each of your previous roles, they can be difficult to read and make your CV unnecessarily lengthier. Instead, you can utilise bullet points to give recruiters the key takeaways without all the extra fluff.

    Start with your most recent position. List the job title, employer, location, and dates. You can write “current” if you’re still employed there. Now list 3-6 responsibilities or achievements that define your time there. You can use the job description you’re applying for to get some inspiration, as this is what the employer is looking for.

    Once that’s done, move onto your previous job. Again, list some responsibilities. But make sure they’re different from those you’ve already listed. This will ensure you demonstrate a wider breadth of experience in HR or administration.

    Starting responsibilities with verbs is a good way to avoid repetition. Rather than “I was responsible for…”, try “implemented”, “advised”, and “monitored”.

    Example of work experience for an HR Administrator CV

    HR Administrator, 01/2023 to Current
    Smith’s Consulting Ltd – London

    • Accurately processed leave of absence requests and monitored absence data to use as triggers for management intervention.
    • Achieved average time to offer of 10 days.
    • Generated starter documentation 2 days after formal offer, on average.

    Junior HR Officer, 01/2019 to 12/2022
    Weston & Co Services – London

    • Managed the smooth operation of candidates through regular email communication.
    • Worked closely with the HR Officer to establish and deliver to resourcing needs.
    • Handled the day-to-day running of job postings, ensuring high levels of productivity and application progression.

    HR Administrator skills to include in your CV

    A skills section is a must for any CV. It’s important to include the right HR Administrator key skills based on your responsibilities. From generating contracts to handling official complaints, your job encompasses a wide range of administrative and emotional tasks. By mentioning both hard and soft skills, you can show recruiters that you have what it takes to fulfil both aspects of the role.

    Hard skills are the technical aptitudes you learn on the job or during training, such as managing disputes, conducting interviews, or negotiating salaries. On the other hand, soft skills are more transferable qualities that describe you as an employee. They include communication, organisation, and attention to detail.

    HR Administrator duties and responsibilities call upon a unique combination of practical and people skills. You’ll want to include around 6-12 in your CV skills section to give a good overview of your best capabilities. They should echo other parts of your CV like the personal statement and work history, to provide a cohesive overview for recruiters.

    Discover the must-have attributes below.

    Vital skills for HR Administrator CVs

    • HR software competence
    • Legal knowledge
    • Dispute management
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Policy development
    • Recruitment processes

    Added extras that recruiters love

    • Communication
    • Time management
    • Well organised
    • Negotiation
    • Adaptability
    • Teamwork

    Outlining education on an HR Administrator CV

    Next is education on your CV. This acts as a foundation upon which all your experience has been built. While it might not be a dealbreaker for a HR Administrator role, it could help you stand out from other applicants.

    As a minimum, HR Administrator roles usually require sound Maths and English, demonstrated by a pass at GCSE level (or equivalent). However, you’ll stand yourself in good stead with a BTEC in Business Administration, CIPD approved course or a degree in human resources management.

    If you have a degree that’s not directly relevant, you can still include it as it shows countless key skills like diligence, research, analysis, and organisation. However, don’t delve too deep into other qualifications that aren’t relevant. For example, your GCSEs can usually be summarised with a number and grade range, such as “8 subjects at A*-C”.

    Example of education for an HR Administrator CV

    Bachelor of Science: Sociology, 06/2014
    University of Bristol – Bristol

    A-Levels: Health & Social, English Language, History, 08/2011
    Eastbank Secondary School – London

    Dos and don’ts for your HR Administrator

    As an HR Administrator, you’ll undoubtedly have a number of secrets to making your tours better than the competition. Here’s how to do the same with your CV…


    • DO include HR statistics

      A great way to make your CV stand out is by mentioning metrics from your previous roles. Did you help improve employee satisfaction levels by 15%? Or successfully recruit an average of 3 new people a quarter? These figures will help a recruiter to quantify your success and imagine your contribution to HR Administrator duties.

    • DO show some personality

      You may hear HR described as ‘hiring and firing’ – but the reality isn’t always as cut-throat. The typical HR Administrator job description includes handling various sensitive situations, requiring the right people skills to match. In your personal summary, share some of the personality traits that make you a good fit for the job.


    • DON’T just save and send

      An eye for detail is one of the most important HR Administrator skills. With that in mind, impeccable spelling and grammar is a must. A typo in an email to a prospective applicant could give the wrong idea about the whole company, so always proofread your CV and cover letter to make sure nothing has slipped through the net.

    • DON’T forget to structure it well

      Because recruitment is part of the role, HR Administrators need to provide an impressively structured CV. If your application isn’t great, you’re unlikely to be trusted with finding the top talent to join a company – so always use a solid format that’s easy to read at a glance. It will show that you know the qualities to look out for when carrying out recruitment yourself.


    Top FAQs about your HR Administrator CV

    What do HR administrators do?

    Broadly speaking, HR administrators act as a go-between for employees and their employer. They’re responsible for all paperwork and processes relating to employees and recruitment, but also handle day-to-day tasks like employee disputes, payroll, and staff training.

    What are HR administrative duties?

    As well as supporting existing employees, HR administrator responsibilities cover a wide range of administrative duties. These can include updating the details on an employee database, scheduling meetings and interviews, generating employment contracts or P45s, managing the company payroll and issuing payslips, and filing classified paperwork.

    How to become an HR Administrator (UK)?

    There are a few routes to becoming an HR professional. The most common is to study a degree in human resources, or a discipline such as management, business, psychology, or English. Alternatively, you could try an HR apprenticeship, learning skills on the job, you might decide to study later down the track to go for higher roles such as HR director. Internships usually last between 18 and 24 months and provide an excellent starting point in the HR industry.

    How to be a good HR administrator?

    A good HR administrator is exceptionally well-organised with strong communication skills. They must remain calm in stressful situations, acting as both the first point of contact and (when needed) a middleman to solve conflicts successfully. They must also have the ability to multitask as they will usually manage several different jobs, as outlined in the HR administrator description.

    What is the difference between an HR assistant and HR administrator?

    An HR assistant is a junior role responsible for supporting their team members in an HR department. HR administrative assistant duties typically include a range of tasks from orienting new employees to assisting with the payroll, but they can also complete ad-hoc jobs depending on the department’s needs. HR administrator job duties, on the other hand, involve dealing directly with external applicants and internal queries.

    How much does an HR Administrator earn?

    The average HR administrator salary (UK) is between £18,000 and £20,000, rising to £22,000 or £24,000 after a couple of years’ experience. Many administrators are promoted to HR officers, who earn an average of £32,500 in the UK.

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