The perfect recruitment consultant CV contains a clear, professional summary that highlights relevant career experience, skills, and a concise job history. Guided by an appropriate CV template, it also outlines relevant qualifications and professional certifications.

Whether you’re looking for a recruitment consultant CV sample or template, or information on salary, skills, formatting, job duties and requirements, and qualifications – you’ll find everything you need to craft the perfect CV for a recruitment consultant.


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    Recruitment consultant CV templates

    Producing a recruitment consultant CV personal statement

    Your CV needs to impress recruiters from the outset – that’s where a recruitment consultant CV profile comes in. The personal statement or profile of a CV forms a short summary of your core career achievements and qualifications.

    As a quick snapshot of what makes you perfect for the position, your recruitment consultant CV summary should only be 3-4 sentences long. The details you’ll need to include will vary. For example, a CV for a recruitment consultant with no experience will need a personal statement that focuses on how the candidate’s transferable experience and skills make them right for the role.

    Recruitment consultant CV top tips and techniques

    Create a professional CV for recruitment consultant jobs with our helpful top tips.

    • Structure your achievements

      Your recruitment consultant CV should be split into several parts, including:

      Choosing the right CV format is also of vital importance. The reverse chronological format is the most professional choice, as it starts your work history with your most recent position, then works backwards. This means recruiters can instantly see the most relevant information from your CV.

    • Recruit a professional template

      Recruitment consultants always need to find the most professional candidates – and it’s no different with CV design. To look the part, you need to recruit a professional CV template for recruitment consultant jobs. CV templates structure your CV to make it clear for recruiters to read through – and they eliminate the tiring process of trying to create a design from scratch. Choose a template with muted colours and a clear and simple font for a truly professional design.

    • Show off your accomplishments

      Modesty isn’t the best policy when it comes to CVs. Recruiters need to know exactly how you meet the main qualities of a recruitment consultant, so you need to show off your achievements. A successful recruitment consultant CV will show that you work well under pressure – and achieve real results for candidates. Ensure that you include specific examples – for example, ‘successfully placed 20+ candidates per month’ or ‘exceeded annual recruitment targets by 25%’. Examining a sample recruitment consultant CV can help you to see the kinds of achievements candidates will need to incorporate into their CV. For instance, a trainee recruitment consultant CV example will showcase academic awards, as well as accomplishments during training.

    • Review the job description

      Using the recruitment consultant job description for CV writing is a must. Ignoring the job description when writing your CV is a sure-fire way to lose your chance with employers. That’s because the specific duties and qualifications can vary between positions. Before writing your CV, the recruitment consultant job description should be consulted. Highlight any key requirements that you meet, then include these throughout your CV – from your personal statement to your work history.

    • Proofread to perfection

      It should go without saying that your CV needs to have accurate grammar and spelling. Your CV needs to show you can meet the key skills for a recruitment consultant job – and communication and professionality are two of these skills. A poorly written, confusing CV will mean your application is pushed aside. Always proofread your CV and cover letter to ensure they present a cohesive and well-written snapshot of your career, then send off to recruiters.

    Recruitment consultant CV technical and transferable skills

    To excel in this role, there are several core recruitment consultant skills that all candidates should have under their belt…

    Technical skills for a successful recruitment consultant CV

    • Pre-screening candidates
    • Workforce planning
    • Employment laws and practices
    • Headhunting
    • Job fair planning
    • Statistical reporting

    Transferable skills to impress employers

    • Communication and negotiation
    • Team player
    • Works to deadlines
    • Organisational skills
    • Problem solving
    • Networking

    Recruitment consultant CV FAQs

    What is a recruitment consultant?

    Recruitment consultants find the best candidates for vacant positions at their clients’ companies. Recruitment consultant duties and responsibilities include:

    • Writing and uploading job advertisements
    • Posting about job vacancies on social media
    • Representing the company at job fairs
    • Headhunting potential candidates
    • Screening candidates
    • Preparing and conducting interviews
    • Utilising candidate databases
    • Liaising with clients and candidates
    • Negotiating candidate salary

    What to write on a CV for a recruitment consultant?

    Generally speaking, you’ll need to include specific examples from your work and academic history, along with skills, that show how you meet the job criteria. Ultimately, this will depend on the recruitment consultant job requirements specified in the description of the position you’re applying to. A senior recruitment consultant CV will need to draw on years of industry experience, while an entry level recruitment consultant CV with no experience should focus on academic achievements, relevant skills, and any voluntary experience. recruitment consultant CV examples for UK jobs can give you a clearer idea of what to include.

    How to write a good recruitment consultant CV?

    A CV for a recruitment consultant will achieve the following criteria:

    • Professional layout and tone with defined sections and no graphics.
    • Highlights the most relevant career achievements, such as other recruitment work, and details the responsibilities of the role.
    • Focuses on key skills that make the candidate the ideal fit for the role.
    • Illustrates, with specific examples, how the candidate meets – and exceeds – the recruitment consultant job requirements.

    How to become a recruitment consultant?

    To be a recruitment consultant, you do not need to be educated to degree level, but you will need to be educated to GCSE level with good literacy and numeracy skills. It is also important to have the following skills:

    • Remaining calm in stressful environments
    • Excellent communication capabilities
    • Negotiating expertise

    To embark on this career path without a degree, you’ll usually need prior experience in recruitment or sales. In some cases, the recruitment consultant job description will specify a requirement for candidates to have a degree – and specialist recruiters, such as engineering recruiters, will require candidates to have a degree in a relevant subject.

    How much do recruitment consultants make?

    The average recruitment consultant salary ranges between £23k-£30k per year. This rises to around £37k per year for the most experienced candidates. For managers, the annual salary can rise to £40k and above. Entry-level positions start out with an average salary between £15k and £21k per year.

    Creating a recruitment consultant CV employers will love

    If you want to make a great impression on employers with a CV in recruitment consulting, it should look professional and feature all the relevant achievements from your career.

    Start by choosing a professional CV template, then use our online CV builder to populate your CV with industry-specific pre-written content to impress recruiters. Once you’re happy with your CV, you can download in a choice of file types, then send off to potential employers.


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