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An HR business partner, sometimes known as an HRBP, is a crucial member of a company’s C-suite. Working closely with other senior team members, they’re responsible for managing the brand’s HR strategy. This could involve briefing employees to help meet business goals, developing a recruitment drive, and onboarding staff.

When your role is this broad, it can be difficult to sum up your skills and experience. Thankfully, myPerfectCV is here to help. Browse our selection of HR business partner CV examples before building your own with our trusted CV builder tool.


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    Finding the right CV template shouldn’t take as long as finding the right candidate to join your company. Browse our range of HR business partner CV templates below to find the perfect structure for your skills, education, and experience.

    Get down to business with our top recruiter tips for your HR business partner CV.

    As an HR business partner, you know how to help your company achieve its goals. Following the CV writing tips below, you’ll be able to complete your own with a polished CV that expertly presents your skills, experience, and education. Check out our HR business partner CV samples and follow these must-have tips for an outstanding, interview-winning CV!

    • Play the numbers game

      Being able to measure your success – and that of your business – is a crucial skill for an HR business partner. Help the recruiter quantify your success by mentioning some of the metrics from previous positions on your CV, whether you sped up the hiring process by two weeks, increased your candidate feedback score, or boosted employee satisfaction rates by 15%.

    • Show off your personal traits

      When you’re an HR business partner, your role is all about the human aspect. Show your recruiter that you have the right unique traits for the position by using positive language to describe your work ethic, communication style, or characteristics. Your summary is the perfect place to give a sense of what sets you apart. So whether you’re motivational, influential, or collaborative, include these adjectives at the start of your CV.

    • Share your HR qualifications

      If you’re applying to become an HR business partner, it’s usually a given that you have extensive HR experience. To help your application stand out, including the qualifications or achievements that set you apart – for example, a CIPD diploma in HR management.

    • Demonstrate your management skills

      HR business partners are responsible for managing the entire HR department, which means strong leadership qualities are a must. Make sure to include examples of your management abilities on your CV as well as listing your achievements.

    • Show your HR career progression

      If you’re applying for HR business partner roles after working your way up through the HR industry, make sure to reflect this progression on your CV. Share your key achievements in each position, with 4-5 bullet points per role to explain your primary responsibilities and impact on the job.

    What skills are required for an HR business partner?

    Whether you’re hiring new employees or briefing key stakeholders, HR business partners need a lot of strings to their bow. Create a CV that demands attention by adding these essential competencies to your HR business partner skill set.

    Top-rated skills for your HR business partner CV

    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • HR software
    • Negotiation
    • Employee management
    • Business strategy
    • Recruitment

    Additional skills to make your CV stand out

    • Sales experience
    • Budgeting
    • Conflict resolution
    • Presentation
    • Networking

    Common questions about your HR business partner CV

    What is an HR business partner’s role?

    The role of the HR business partner is a senior position within a company’s HR department. An HR business partner is responsible for devising the business strategy and ensuring that employees can help the company achieve its goals. This involves liaising with different business members, advising when to recruit, and supervising the daily HR activities and procedures.

    How do I write an HR business partner CV?

    To write a successful HR business partner CV, you will need to include the following sections:

    • A personal summary to outline your current role, work ethic, and what you’re hoping to achieve.
    • An experience section explains your professional history, with around 5-6 bullet points per each position, ensuring you cover your previous HR business partner roles, including the responsibilities and competencies that make you the right match.
    • A skills section that lists your most important skills (both hard and soft).
    • An education section. This is where you can share your academic achievements and any additional qualifications, such as HR training courses.

    What skills are required for an HR business partner?

    An HR business partner needs a delicate balance of skills. As well as having impeccable people skills and the ability to communicate with colleagues at all levels of the business, they also need to be highly strategic. Other essential skills include negotiation, budgeting, and leadership.

    What is the typical HR business partner career path?

    HR business partner is typically the most senior role in a company’s HR department. To reach this stage of their career, most applicants will have worked their way up through a range of HR positions, from junior roles such as HR assistants to more senior positions such as HR managers.

    How much does an HR business partner earn?

    According to Glassdoor data, the average yearly salary for an HR business partner is £47,129 in the UK. At the lower end of the scale, HRBPs in small companies may earn around £35,000 a year, whereas those who work for larger firms could earn £71,000 a year.

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