Whether they’re onboarding new employees or helping with the payroll, HR assistants are trusted with a huge array of tasks that keep a company moving. HR is an integral department of large companies, and some departments will have multiple HR assistants.

Successful applicants will need to demonstrate they have an impressive combination of skills to take on every aspect of the role. Your CV should reflect the full range of your ability required for a people-function, from impeccable organisation to excellent people skills.

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    Example CV for an experienced HR assistant

    Take a look at our HR assistant CV templates

    HR professionals can read CVs for a living – and to become their assistant, you’ll need one that knocks their socks off! With our professional CV templates range, you can create an application that perfectly presents your skills, education, and experience.

    Give your HR assistant application a boost with these top recruiter tips

    As an HR assistant, you’ll know how important it is to combine practicality with people skills. Your CV should strike the same balance, with a clear structure and persuasive content, you can impress your recruiter. Find out more with our top tips below.

    • Show off your education

      The role of an HR assistant is usually entry-level. That means you won’t necessarily have lots of work experience to share, making the education section of your CV all the more critical. Try to draw out any transferrable skills that will stand you in good stead for a career in HR. For example, if you managed a student council, explain how it demonstrates your ability to keep records and support other team members.

    • Share your computer skills

      Thanks to the rise of HR software, most HR departments are heavily dependent on programs and apps to manage their work effectively. Show your recruiter that you have the necessary technical skills by including details of your computer knowledge on your CV. From expertise with Excel to familiarity with CIPHR, this will demonstrate your ability to quickly pick up new software.

    • Highlight your impact in past roles

      Whether it’s a work experience placement, an HR apprenticeship, or a committee role at university, it’s always good to highlight the impact you’ve had in previous positions. HR’s success is often measured in metrics – for example, employee satisfaction rates or the number of new hires. By sharing your past achievements, you can help a recruiter quantify your impact and show that you understand how to measure success.

    • Showcase your ability to work in a team

      HR assistants need to be helpful and supportive members of an HR department. As well as their own tasks, they often carry out ad-hoc duties to help senior team members. No matter your work experience level, including examples of effective teamwork on your CV. It will show that you have the necessary collaborative skills to work closely alongside your colleagues.

    • Use an HR-worthy structure

      Although the application process is never easy for any role, the stakes are high when it comes to HR. That’s because you’re joining a department that hires employees as part of their own profession! You’ll need to show that you know what makes an attention-grabbing CV. Always use a simple structure that’s easy to read and clearly shows off your skills.

    What skills should you include on your HR assistant CV?

    From software competence to people skills, HR assistants need to have it all. Impress recruiters by highlighting your broad range of abilities.

    All-important skills for your HR assistant CV

    • Communication skills (written and verbal)
    • Diplomacy and negotiation
    • Teamwork
    • Confidentiality
    • HR software and record-keeping
    • Multi-tasking

    More HR assistant skills for your CV

    • Proofreading
    • Excellent telephone manner
    • Problem-solving
    • Research skills
    • Attention to detail

    Top-rated questions about your HR assistant CV

    What is the job description of an HR assistant?

    HR assistants are responsible for carrying out a range of administrative duties within an HR department. They need to work closely with other HR professionals to carry out recruitment, employee wellbeing, and company efficiency. The majority of their day-to-day duties will be admin-based, for example, updating payrolls and personnel records.

    What skills should an HR assistant have?

    As an HR assistant, you will need a healthy balance of practical and personal qualities. It’s crucial to demonstrate your hard and soft skills, from answering phones to inputting details using HR software. Because you’ll often be dealing with sensitive information, it’s also a good idea to show off personality traits such as confidentiality and moral integrity.

    How much does an HR assistant earn?

    According to Glassdoor, the average UK salary for an HR assistant is £26,484 a year. You might start by making £18,000 a year in an entry-level role. At the high end of the scale, you could make £45,000 a year, but as most HR assistants are junior, this is the exception, rather than the rule.

    What qualifications do I need to be an HR assistant?

    Many HR assistants learn their skills on the job – but that doesn’t mean the roles are easy to get. The HR industry can be highly competitive, so candidates with relevant university qualifications (for example, human resources, psychology, business, or English) are often preferred over school leavers. Alternatively, you can gain an HR apprenticeship qualification.

    Who does an HR assistant report to?

    The answer to this question depends on the structure of your organisation. However, many HR assistants report directly to HR administrators or officers. Others may work closely with the HR manager or even director, reporting to them daily to assist them with everyday tasks.

    Assist your career by building the perfect HR assistant CV

    Competition for HR assistant positions can be fierce – so stand out from the crowd with a professional CV. With myPerfectCV, it’s quick and easy to build your application today. Choose from our range of templates, top tips, and tailored content to prepare for the next step in your career.


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