In order to build your CV from scratch, you need to create a well-written document that’s both specific to the job you’re applying for and reflects your main qualifications, skills, and experience.

Before starting to write your CV, consulting our CV example will give you an indication of the information you need to add and the format to choose. Our CV sample below is just the type of CV that will get you noticed by the recruiting manager, who is more likely to select you for an interview, giving you the best chance of getting the job you want.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide to help you put together a professional CV:


    Sample HR manager CV

    Therese-Hartington-CV 1

    Therese Hartington

    22 Pippington Place

    Bristol BS1 0HG


    Professional summary

    Dynamic professional with background in business management, human resources and finance. Accomplished in managing conflict resolutions to maintain employee morale. Aspiring to strengthen staff and organisation performance.

    Work history

    February 2020 – Current

    B&I Business Solutions – Bristol

    HR Manager

    • Created professional templates for offer letters and employment contracts.
    • Liaised with line management staff to accurately identify in-house training needs and deliver appropriate development programs.
    • Implemented diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to boost employee engagement and retention.

    March 2019 – February 2020

    XYZ Manufacturing – Bristol

    HR Manager

    • Planned, organised and managed recruitment and selection processes, consistently meeting budget targets and recruitment goals.
    • Hosted welcome events for new hires to build company culture.
    • Introduced benefits programmes to promote wellbeing, from gym memberships to cycle-to-work schemes.


    • Payroll control
    • Talent management
    • Staff development
    • Salary review
    • Incentive development
    • External recruitment



    Bristol University Bristol

    Bachelor of Arts Human Resource Management

    What is the best format for your HR manager CV?

    When writing an HR manager CV, it’s essential to construct it using a clear format. Searching online brings up a variety of examples, but it’s simple to get right. Recruiters prefer a reverse-chronological order. This means completing the education and work history section with your most recent qualifications and employment first.

    Alongside formatting it in this order, it’s important to place each section correctly, starting with contact details, then personal statement, followed by work history, skills, and education.

    In some cases, a skills-based CV may be appropriate. This lists your skills under the personal statement and focuses on these rather than your employment history. However, this type of CV format is usually helpful for entry-level positions. As such, many employers seek candidates with extensive experience for HR manager roles.

    How to write a CV for a HR manager?

    Getting the correct format for your HR manager CV is vital. But understanding how to write a CV also helps makes the process simple. Our tips and step-by-step guide will take you through each aspect of CV writing to ensure you make the best impression.

    Get education right on your drafter’s CV

    Recruiters are looking for candidates with a solid education behind them, whether from an apprenticeship, degree, or on-the-job courses. Some employers prefer a degree but technical knowledge is the key to getting your foot in the door.

    In this section, you need to showcase your qualifications like so:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, A-Levels, BA (Hons)
    • Subject or course title – you don’t need this for high school courses

    Example education section for a drafter

    Bsc Architectural Technology

    University of Cumbria


    BTEC – Engineering

    Lancaster College


    What contact details should I include in my HR manager CV?

    At the top of your CV is the first section – contact details. This is simple to complete and ensures recruiters have valid information in order to get hold of you about an application. However, it’s essential to use correct details, especially telephone numbers.

    The contact details section should include the following:

    • Name – Include first and last name
    • Address – Add your full address and postcode
    • Phone number – Include a mobile number or home phone you answer or have a voicemail feature for
    • Email address – Use a work-appropriate email

    Example of contact section for an HR manager CV

    Joanna Jones

    14 Aylesbury Road



    RG1 4GY

    07738 176621

    How to write a personal statement for your HR manager CV

    The personal statement section of your CV is a chance to show employers how well you’re suited to the job in a few seconds. Here you include a short paragraph on your background, attributes and skills relevant to the role. It’s an overview so remember to keep it concise.

    Our tips for writing this section include the following:

    • Write in the third person, as this emphasises what you offer
    • 3-4 sentences are fine – try not to go over this
    • Use positive words such as “organised”, “supportive”, and “proactive”
    • Include HR skills and achievements if necessary
    • Highlight expertise if relevant such as “CIPD qualified”

    Example of personal statement for a HR manager CV

    A senior manager with considerable experience in the field of human resources management. Has recently had a career break to take maternity leave and now looking to resume work. Has broad experience in HR management, taking on progressively responsible roles during career to date. Proven ability to collaborate with senior managers to integrate HR within the business.


    A skilled manager with experience in the field of human resources management. Experienced in working in fast-paced environments and can handle business restructuring. Dedicated to developing positive employee relations and always strives to exceed expectations. Proven track record of implementing policies and procedures to maximise business profitability.

    How to present your work history on a HR manager CV

    The work history section is often one of the most substantial aspects of your CV, so it’s vital to ensure you include the relevant details. When formatting this section, use reverse-chronological order. Start with your most recent employment and include the following information:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • List 3-6 duties for each role

    If you have extensive experience, some roles will overlap from job to job. Instead of repeating anything, try to list the main aspects of the role that set it apart from other jobs. This ensures you cover your complete skillset. For example, if you have knowledge of HR legislation, include this in one role. But talk about your experience of job evaluations and reporting in another.

    You should also include any career breaks if they were more than three months. A single short sentence or bullet point can summarise the reason for your break, whether it was maternity leave, paternity leave, or even a period of illness or recovery. Failure to address these breaks could concern recruiters and see your CV rejected, so it’s always better to be clear and honest with the start and end dates of your career break, much like a previous job role.

    Example of work experience for an HR manager CV

    January 2019 – Present – Career break for maternity leave

    • An extended period of maternity leave to bring up my daughter until she was old enough to start nursery school

    June 2016 – December 2019 – Human Resources Manager, ABC Business Solutions, London

    • Responsible for all aspects of HR and payroll
    • Liaising with senior managers to refine processes
    • In charge of the annual review process

    October 2013 – May 2016 – Human Resource Manager, XYZ Manufacturing, London

    • Designed and implemented the staff training programme
    • Revised job descriptions
    • Produced regular HR reports to senior management

    Skills worth having on your HR manager CV

    HR manager jobs are interesting and varied roles. This position is required in many organisations, so being adaptive to your environment is essential. Duties vary. However, there are some critical skills to have that ensure you fit this type of work.

    CV skills to add include:

    Essential skills for an HR manager

    • Experience of HR legislation
    • Digital skills
    • Written and oral skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Management experience

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Supportive
    • Able to maintain confidentiality
    • Organised
    • Team player
    • Able to handle conflict

    Get education right on your HR manager’s CV

    Candidates applying for an HR manager role typically require a college or degree-level qualification. However, many employers also seek professional qualifications such as the CIPD or Master’s degree.

    When listing your qualifications, remember to write them in reverse-chronological order and include:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, BA (Hons), CIPD
    • Subject or course title – you don’t need this for high school courses

    Example education section for a HR manager

    The University of Manchester | 2014 – 2017 BA (Hons) Human Resource Management

    Example College, Bolton | 2012-2014 BTEC HND in Human Resource Management

    Dos and don’ts for your HR manager CV


    • Do add a little personality to your CV

      While an HR manager’s CV is a list of things you can do, it’s important to show a little personality within the writing. You can do this in your personal statement section. Include attributes or passions relevant to the job to help employers get to know your characteristics alongside your skills.

    • Do write a cover letter

      Cover letters are a great way to expand on your knowledge, attributes and experience. Here you can use real HR examples to tell the recruiter about your skills related to the job. However, while this can include more detail, you should still stick to one page.


    • Don’t include references

      Some HR manager CV examples include a reference section at the bottom. But you don’t need to include this. If you want to mention references, a simple line such as “references available on request” will suffice.

    • Don’t write more than two pages

      Recruiters don’t have time to read through pages of information. So your CV should be a maximum of two pages long. If you’re struggling to fit everything in, use bullet points and short sentences to keep it concise.


    Your HR manager CV questions answered

    What is the main role of an HR manager?

    HR managers have a varied job. Day-to-day tasks can differ depending on projects, but commonly most HR manager’s duties include:

    • Resolving employee grievances and disputes
    • Monitoring and dealing with absences, holidays, payroll, retirement and redundancy
    • Developing HR policies
    • Managing employee selection processes and paperwork
    • Conducting appraisals
    • Maintaining employee records
    • Conducting training programs

    Do I need a professional qualification to apply for an HR manager job?

    Employers have varying criteria for job posts, and some may require a CIPD qualification. However, many organisations recognise other qualifications, such as degree and college-level courses. So, they may accept these with a view to training for further HR qualifications.

    Where do HR managers work?

    This role is office based, so employees will typically work in one place or over several sites depending on the size of the employer. HR managers work in all types of businesses, from large corporations, where you’ll manage an HR department, to small companies, where you are in charge of the whole process yourself.

    What attributes are needed to be an HR manager?

    One of the most important aspects of working as an HR manager is dealing with people at all levels. This role is people-orientated, and as such, it requires a host of skills and attributes. For example:

    • Must be able to maintain confidentiality and discretion
    • Self-motivation
    • Excellent communication skills, including listening, written and verbal
    • Organisation
    • Time management
    • Supportiveness

    Build your own HR manager CV

    Writing your HR manager’s CV doesn’t need to be complicated. With our handy CV examples and guide, you have all the tips and tricks you need to help you write a professional CV with ease. To make things even simpler, our CV templates can be filled with bespoke content for HR roles on our online builder to create a CV that recruiters love in minutes.


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