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Recruitment managers are responsible for overseeing a company’s recruitment strategy. Whether they’re tracking recruitment metrics, supervising new employees, or reviewing specialist software, they play an important role in any HR department.

The only problem is that when you work in recruitment, it’s easy to feel under pressure when writing your own CV. That’s is especially true if you’re applying to senior roles such as recruitment manager!

Thankfully, myPerfectCV is here to help. We’ve got all of the resources you need to create a stand-out application – from a recruitment manager CV example to our proven builder tool.


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    As a recruitment manager, you’ll know how annoying a poorly-structured CV can be! Spare your recruiter and create an application any HR team would be proud to receive. Browse our selection of recruitment manager CV templates to find the perfect structure for your skills, education, and experience.

    Show off your HR skills with our top tips for your recruitment manager CV

    For a CV that sets you apart from the crowd, you’ll need to tick every box for your recruiter. The recruitment tables have turned – so embrace your HR knowledge and follow our top tips today!

    • Play the numbers game

      Because recruitment managers are responsible for measuring HR metrics, it’s crucial to show you have an excellent head for numbers. Always include stats from your previous roles to help your recruiter to quantify your impact. These could consist of boosting employee satisfaction rates by 25%, managing a recruitment drive that successfully filled six positions, or reducing unnecessary paperwork by 15%.

    • Demonstrate your leadership skills

      Recruitment managers are senior members of the HR department. That means you should include examples of your teamwork and leadership skills on your CV. Don’t just focus on your personal achievements and qualities – show your recruiter that you’ve managed a successful team by mentioning department-wide milestones that you helped to coordinate.

    • Always proofread your CV

      As a recruitment manager, you’ll be tracking a company’s KPIs – and the slightest mistake could have costly implications. Don’t let a rogue typo slip through the net when writing your CV; always proofread your application to make sure it’s 100% error-free to show recruiters that you have an eye for detail and take care of your work.

    • Include any technical expertise

      Today, most HR departments use a variety of software packages to streamline their HR processes. Candidates who have used the same HR software before will stand out from the crowd, so always mention your technical expertise on your CV.

    • Show some personality

      Wherever you’re applying, recruitment manager roles all require one thing: the ability to work with people. Give your recruiter a sense of your personality by using positive adjectives to describe your work ethic. Words such as ‘motivational’, ‘precise’, and ‘charismatic’ will all show you have the right personal qualities for the job.

    What skills should you include on your recruitment manager CV?

    Recruitment manager skills range from keeping track of KPIs and visiting job fairs to advising team members on their interview technique. Cove all bases by including the following must-have skills on your CV.

    Essential skills for your recruitment manager CV

    • Recruitment
    • Interviewing
    • Reporting
    • Leadership
    • Budgeting
    • Negotiation

    Extra skills to set your CV apart

    • Networking
    • Industry research
    • Presentation
    • Time management
    • Reporting
    • Information security
    • Labour legislation

    Most-asked questions about your recruitment manager CV

    What does a recruiting manager do?

    A recruiting manager (or recruitment manager) is responsible for supervising a company’s HR department and recruitment strategy. Daily duties can include tracking recruitment metrics, researching job fairs to boost a recruitment drive, coaching staff members on their interview style, and taking steps to build the company’s professional network.

    What makes a good recruiting manager?

    To become an excellent recruiting manager, you will need to have a strong combination of professional skills. As well as having excellent people skills (such as communication, negotiation, and networking), you will also need an analytical mind and a good head for numbers. Combining this expertise will enable you to create a robust recruitment strategy that ultimately further your business’s aims.

    What qualifications do you need to be a recruitment manager?

    Many recruitment managers will have a relevant undergraduate degree, such as a BSc in human resources management, business strategy, or even psychology. However, lots of positions will simply specify the amount of professional experience required instead of any educational qualifications. Once you start working, it can be a good idea to gain additional HR qualifications that will set you apart from other candidates. It could be a CIPD or other professional certification.

    How to become a recruitment manager?

    Because a recruitment manager is a senior position, you will need considerable work experience before taking on this role. Many managers will start by working as an HR coordinator before working their way through an HR department. Some candidates may take a recruitment consultant course or HR CPD course to develop their skills further.

    How much do recruitment managers make?

    According to data from PayScale, the average recruitment manager in the UK will make £36,476 a year. At the lower end of the scale, a less experienced manager could make around £25,000, while those with more experience could earn as much as £54,000 a year.

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