When you work in recruitment, it’s easy to feel under pressure when writing your own CV. That’s especially true if you’re applying to senior roles such as recruitment manager! 

As a recruitment manager, you might be used to seeing the CVs of others – but creating a CV for yourself might be tough when you consider the competition! You can use our series of CV examples to find a starting point. There are many recruitment manager CVs that have worked in the past, so it’s a good idea to take a look at them to see how you can begin your application. 

Are you ready to begin the writing process? Keep reading as we cover the following:


    Sample recruitment manager CV

    recruitment manager CV sample

    Jerry White

    35 Clipton Close
    Birmingham, B2 9TG

    Professional summary

    Experienced Recruitment Manager with a proven track record of successfully sourcing and hiring top talent. Skilled in developing and implementing recruitment strategies, conducting interviews, and managing the onboarding process. Strong leadership abilities and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

    Work history

    June 2018 – March 2023
    ABC Recruitment Agency – Birmingham
    Recruitment Manager

    • Developed and implemented recruitment strategies to attract and hire qualified candidates.
    • Conducted interviews and assessed candidates’ skills and qualifications.
    • Managed the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring a smooth transition into the company.
    • Collaborated with hiring managers to understand their staffing needs and provide guidance on recruitment best practices.

    September 2016 – May 2018
    XYZ Staffing Solutions – Manchester
    Senior Recruiter

    Sourced and screened candidates for various job openings.
    Conducted phone and in-person interviews to assess candidates’ suitability for specific roles.
    Managed the recruitment process from initial contact to offer acceptance.
    Built and maintained relationships with clients to understand their hiring needs and provide tailored recruitment solutions.

    March 2014 – August 2016
    123 Recruitment Agency – Birmingham
    Recruitment Consultant

    • Utilised various sourcing methods to identify and attract potential candidates.
    • Conducted phone screenings and interviews to assess candidates’ qualifications and fit for specific roles.
    • Coordinated and scheduled interviews between candidates and hiring managers.
    • Provided feedback and guidance to candidates throughout the recruitment process.


    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Interviewing and Assessment
    • Onboarding and Orientation
    • Candidate Sourcing
    • Relationship Building
    • Communication Skills
    • Time Management
    • Problem-Solving


    University of London, London
    Master of Business Administration (MBA), Human Resources Management

    University of Birmingham, Birmingham
    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

    Recruitment manager CV template

    Being a recruitment manager yourself, you’ll know how annoying a poorly structured CV can be! Spare your recruiter and create an application any HR team would be proud to receive. Browse our selection of recruitment manager CV templates to find the perfect structure for your skills, education, and experience.

    Recruitment manager CV format

    One of the first steps for creating a recruitment manager’s CV is to select a format. There are many CV formats you can choose, but narrowing down which of these will be the most effective for a recruitment manager is worth the time investment. You’ll need a CV that includes all of your essential information, including your skills, achievements, work history and qualifications. 

    While there are many styles you can choose from, we would recommend one format above all others. This would be the reverse-chronological CV. It’s a simple format that begins with your most recent or current job role, then works backwards through time exploring each of your notable positions. This helps to build a picture of you as a candidate who is ready for (or perhaps experienced in) the role of recruitment manager. 

    Here are some top tips to keep in mind when creating your recruitment manager CV – always keep the following in mind:

    • Send your CV as a PDF or Word document.
    • Use clear headings, section breaks, and bullet point lists to break up long sections of text.
    • Write in a clear font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
    • Keep your CV to one or two pages in length.

    How to write a CV for recruitment manager

    Now that we’ve taken a look at the format of your CV, let’s move on to the content of your recruitment manager application. 

    There are some key things you’ll want to include no matter where you’re applying for, so follow us as we outline how to write a CV for a recruitment manager, including:

    How to add contact details to your recruitment manager CV

    The contact section of your recruitment manager CV is an important part of your application. You can think of it as the touchstone for employers to reach out and offer you a chance to step into the next parts of the recruitment process. Overlooking this section can lead to missed opportunities and less offers than you might otherwise get – so make sure you don’t miss it! 

    To make sure you don’t fall into the trap of missing it, you should always remember to write it as the first section of content on your CV. It should be in a large and/or bold font somewhere near to the top of your document. This will make it easy to spot so the reader won’t miss out on your important information. 

    Here is a checklist of details for you to include:

    • Your full name – no need to add your middle name
    • Your location – make sure to add this so the reader knows where you’re based
    • Phone number – use a mobile number if possible
    • Email address – use a professional, work-appropriate email

     Example of contact section for a recruitment manager CV

    Samantha James
    4 Bold Street, Liverpool, L14JG

    How to write a personal statement for your recruitment manager CV

    Next up is your personal statement. This section could be considered your handshake with the reader – your chance to make a good first impression. Writing a good personal statement is all about showing the best of you as a candidate. But you’ll only have 3-4 sentences to get this done.

    You can make this section easier by following our simple formula. Start with a first line that captures the hiring manager’s attention. You need to introduce yourself and highlight your career focus. You should make this whole section snappy and to-the-point, leaving out any wider career ambitions you may have. These can be left for a later section of your CV. Your goal for this first section should be to explain why you are experienced enough to be considered for the position of recruitment manager.

    Example of personal statement for a recruitment manager CV

    In your second sentence, you should state something you have achieved in a previous role. Back this achievement up with a real-world stat or figure – something that lends authority to your claim. For a recruitment manager, using the number of candidates you have employed is a great choice for this section. 

    In your third and fourth sentences, you can outline any unique skills or specialisms you have. As a recruitment manager, there are many avenues you can choose for this section of your personal statement – but you should try to highlight a skill that makes you unique. 

    Always keep the following tips in mind when you write your personal statement:

    • Use a professional tone with the third person.
    • Keep the introduction short, up to a maximum of 100 words.
    • Maintain a friendly yet formal tone as you write.
    • Use keywords from the job ad.

    Forward-thinking Recruitment Manager successful at developing effective strategies to fill vacancies with well-qualified candidates. Collaborative and hardworking leader with excellent communication and planning abilities. Bringing 15 years of success in various roles.


    Experienced recruitment manager with over 5 years’ experience helping to match companies with the right candidates. Recruited over 300 candidates in long-term positions across a year. Highly skilled in talent acquisition, contract negotiation, recruitment policies, ATS, and record management.

    Recruitment manager CV work experience

    The next section of your CV should be your work experience. Because of how much a hiring manager will value practical experience, you should dedicate a lot of time and space to this section. Creating a comprehensive work history section will show that you are ready for the position of recruitment manager.

    You should start this section by outlining your current or most recent roles in recruitment. You can go in-depth into the challenges that these roles posed to you and how you overcame them. You can think of this section as your chance to show scenarios where you have proven to yourself and others that you are an accomplished recruiter. 

    Here is what you’ll need to include when outlining your work experience:

    • The title of your job
    • Dates of employment
    • The name of the company you worked for
    • Location of the company
    • Main responsibilities in the position (up to 6)

    Use engaging language in this section to keep the reader’s attention. Use positive adjectives – words that describe you in a positive light – and action verbs (anything you can replace “responsible for” with), in order to make this section informative and colourful. 

    Example of work experience for a recruitment manager CV

    March 2023 to Current
    Recruitment Manager
    Zinc Construction, Liverpool

    • Built and strengthened successful relationships with external recruiters and agencies.
    • Met with managers to discuss vacancies, applicant qualifications and characteristics of high-performing candidates.
    • Customised strategies for different vacancies, like creating engaging job adverts and social media techniques.

    December 2020 to February 2023
    Recruitment Consultant
    Mersey Jobs, Liverpool

    • Successfully placed 300 candidates in long-term construction roles, exceeding annual targets.
    • Registered new candidates, developing a detailed, wide-ranging, accurate database to meet client recruitment needs.
    • Created engaging adverts for construction vacancies using job portals such as Indeed, Monster and Reed.
    • Reviewed and improved the current recruitment process through automation to ensure maximum effectiveness.

    Recruitment manager CV skills

    Next up, it’s time to take a look at CV skills. As with your work history, this is a section that many employers will skip to, in order to see if you meet the basic requirements of the job ad. As a recruitment manager, you’ve likely been on the other end of this, so you’ll know that many companies use ATS software to sift through candidates. Use this knowledge to your advantage and add CV skills that will set you apart from the competition! 

    We would recommend including a mix between hard and soft skills – up to 12 in total. Hard skills are anything you have learned on the job or through education. Soft skills are more like personal character traits you have gained over the years that make you a great person to work with. 

    Recruitment manager skills range from keeping track of KPIs and visiting job fairs to advising team members on their interview technique. Cover all bases by including the following must-have skills on your CV.

    Essential skills for your recruitment manager CV

    • Recruitment
    • Interviewing
    • Reporting
    • Leadership
    • Budgeting
    • Negotiation

    Extra skills to set your CV apart

    • Networking
    • Industry research
    • Presentation
    • Time management
    • Reporting
    • Information security
    • Labour legislation

    How to add education to your recruitment manager CV

    The final main section of your CV should be dedicated to your educational section. Depending on the type of company you’ve recruited for in the past, there’s a good chance you know how important relevant qualifications are for a position. It’s another box that needs to be ticked, so you’ll want to make sure that you add in a comprehensive work history section that shows you have the brains as well as the practical experience required for the role. 

    You should start by highlighting your highest qualifications and then go backwards. For a recruitment manager, any qualifications in business or human resource management would be a great way of showing that you are prepared for the role.

    You should leave out any incomplete classes or bad grades you’ve achieved over the years – instead focus on your most impressive achievements. For a recruitment manager, it’s also important you include any relevant professional training courses you have completed over the years, especially if they are within the realm of HR, or company training. 

    Example of education for a recruitment manager CV

    May 2022
    Level 5 Diploma Human Resource management

    August 2019
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Business Administration
    Liverpool John Moores University,


    Most-asked questions about your recruitment manager CV

    What does a recruiting manager do?

    A recruiting manager (or recruitment manager) is responsible for supervising a company’s HR department and recruitment strategy. Daily duties can include tracking recruitment metrics, researching job fairs to boost a recruitment drive, coaching staff members on their interview style, and taking steps to build the company’s professional network.

    What makes a good recruiting manager?

    To become an excellent recruiting manager, you will need to have a strong combination of professional skills. As well as having excellent people skills (such as communication, negotiation, and networking), you will also need an analytical mind and a good head for numbers. Combining this expertise will enable you to create a robust recruitment strategy that ultimately further your business’s aims.

    What qualifications do you need to be a recruitment manager?

    Many recruitment managers will have a relevant undergraduate degree, such as a BSc in human resources management, business strategy, or even psychology. However, lots of positions will simply specify the amount of professional experience required instead of any educational qualifications. Once you start working, it can be a good idea to gain additional HR qualifications that will set you apart from other candidates. It could be a CIPD or other professional certification.

    How to become a recruitment manager?

    Because a recruitment manager is a senior position, you will need considerable work experience before taking on this role. Many managers will start by working as an HR coordinator before working their way through an HR department. Some candidates may take a recruitment consultant course or HR CPD course to develop their skills further.

    How much do recruitment managers make?

    According to data from PayScale, the average recruitment manager in the UK will make £36,476 a year. At the lower end of the scale, a less experienced manager could make around £25,000, while those with more experience could earn as much as £54,000 a year.

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