UK law is one of the most respected in the world, offering diverse career opportunities in family, corporate, and many more roles. Our law CV examples are ideal for whatever stage of your career you’re at, helping you to illustrate skills and qualifications with an impressive opening statement to match.


You be the judge with
our law CV tips

From your hobbies and passions to any qualifications, you may have, your law CV is your chance to shine. Make a convincing case with our trusted law CV writing tips:

  • Use active language

    In a legal role, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re assertive. Make this shine through by using active language and action verbs. Your CV should showcase everything you’ve achieved.
  • Don’t forget certifications and licences

    If you’ve completed any relevant legal training, don’t be afraid to demonstrate it! This will keep your application relevant to specific roles like lawyers or solicitors, and impress your employer with your thorough legal knowledge. Remember, it’s not always essential – add any relevant information that will support your case.
  • Talk about those soft skills

    You may be qualified in one area of law, but you cannot forget to illustrate your human qualities. UK legal employers are looking for character, empathy, and strength, so use this language in opening statements.
  • Choose the right look

    As a serious profession, the legal sector is looking for professional CVs. Our law CV examples will show you how to present your skills and experience with the best fonts, sections, and general layouts.
  • Remember those legal keywords

    Many UK legal employers will use scanning software to identify keywords relevant to your profession. Use industry terms to light up scanners. Our CV templates are 100% ATS compliant.

Lay down the law with the perfect CV

Settle your case with the CV builder from myPerfectCV. Our law CV examples show you not only what to write, but how to present it in a manner that highlights your very best traits. To go that extra mile and impress your prospective employers, try the CV builder today.


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