You can create floor plans in your sleep, but building your CV is another matter. In the architectural world, your previous experience, skills, and qualifications are vital for recruiters. With the help of our architecture CV examples, you can feel confident you’re sending off CV that ticks all the boxes.


How to design a flawless
architecture CV

Designing buildings is second nature to you, and your CV will reflect this so you can land your next project. Impress future employers by shaping your CV to your skills and experience.

  • Craft it correctly

    Ideally, you’ll possess every skill on the job description. But even if you don’t, a bit of creative CV writing can put you miles ahead of the competition. Highlight your skills and experiences and make sure the hiring manager understands what you could bring to the project.
  • Make it modern

    Architecture is a design-heavy trade, so make sure your CV is all clean lines, subtle graphics, and stunning aesthetics.
  • List software and certificates

    Be sure to mention specific projects you’ve worked on that developed new skills and note down what software you feel comfortable using. Showcase your excellent knowledge in CAD programs such as AutoCAD.
  • Get to the point

    Avoid adding irrelevant information that distracts the hiring manager. Your CV should highlight complex information at a glance, which can be discussed in more depth at your interview.
  • Quantify your achievements

    Be as specific as possible when talking about your work. From size and materials to budget and timeframes, companies are interested in details of what you did.

Get started on building your next architecture CV

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