The perfect architect CV illustrates your passion for construction design, your specialist skills, and your eye for detail. Include your top skills like CAD design and structural engineering, and highlight your experience by listing specific roles and responsibilities to gain the attention of eagle-eyed recruiters.

Whether you’re a trainee or experienced professional, architect CV examples can help you land your next role. Learn how to make your CV stand out with our expert guidance for architects, then see how it’s done with our architect CV sample.


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    Top tips for your architect CV

    If you want to emulate our CV sample for architect roles, there are a few key tips to bear in mind – from the structure and design to must-have content.

    • Start with the right structure

      Your architect CV is a bit like architecture itself. You’ve got to get the structure right before you move onto the finer details. With a CV, that means including key sections for your personal statement, skills, experience, and qualifications as a minimum. Using an architect CV template will give you a head start with the right layout and design.

    • Move onto skills and experience

      Once you’ve got the structure in place, it can be tempting to get started on your personal statement. However, this section is much easier to write once the rest of your architect CV is finished. We recommend working through your previous roles with the most recent first, before compiling a list of key skills, then bringing it all together in your personal statement.

    • Pass the qualification hurdle

      To make sure you tick the first box, it’s vital to include your architect qualifications. UK recruiters need to see ARB registration as a minimum for most roles, so add it to your personal statement then back it up with specific degree courses and dates in your education section.

    • The final checks

      Attention to detail is crucial in architecture. Before downloading your architect CV, make sure you read through to check everything is present and correct. That includes the right phone number and email address, so recruiters can get through to you without any issues.

    • Use the right file type

      Be sure to check the job ad to see whether recruiters have requested CVs in a specific file type. Word is often recommended because it’s compatible with ATS software. However, you could also opt for an architect CV PDF, which will ensure the design and formatting stays the same on any device or program.

    Architect skills to include in your CV

    To become an architect you’ll need a specific set of technical and personal skills. Here’s what recruiters are looking for in your UK architect CV:

    Must-have skills for any architect CV

    • High level of creative vision
    • Critical thinker
    • Practical design knowledge
    • Numerical skills
    • Comprehensive understanding of environmental factors
    • Detail-orientated

    Other important skills for architects

    • Excellent communication
    • Passion for the job
    • Team player
    • Time management
    • Budgeting
    • Working under pressure

    Design an impressive personal statement

    Sitting at the top of your architect CV, a personal statement is essential to introduce you to recruiters and engage them with your CV. Highlight key UK architect qualifications like ARB registration or an ARB-approved degree if you’re a trainee. Within 3-4 sentences, you should also mention a few skills that best define you, such as attention to detail, innovative, or client-focussed.

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    Top FAQs about your architect CV

    How to write a CV for an architect?

    An architect CV (UK) must include academic achievements and qualifications, alongside proven experience which is relevant to the position being applied for. Make the connection and confirm that you have put your education and knowledge into real-world experience to stand out from others.

    What are the responsibilities of an architect?

    An architect’s job is to design and develop commercial and industrial building projects from early concept through design development. They will also need to consult with builders and clients to ensure they are satisfied that the job is done to the correct specifications.

    What skills do you need to be an architect?

    In terms of key skills, an architect must have a creative mind and be able to problem solve at a rapid pace. They should be detail-orientated with a keen interest in the building environment and a strong dedication to see projects through to their conclusion.

    What qualifications do you need to be an architect?

    Architect qualifications (UK) are covered by a degree recognised by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). To gain entry on your degree course, you will typically need relevant A levels such as Maths, Art, Design and Technology, and IT.

    How to become an architect (UK)?

    After graduating with an ARB-recognised degree, you will need two years of professional experience – comprising work experience and practical training. This is followed by a final exam, after which you will become a registered architect.

    What is an architect salary?

    The salary for a registered architect is around £40,000 on average. You can expect a trainee salary of around £25,000 at the start of your career. Architects with lots of valuable experience can earn upwards of £60,000.

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