Architectural assistants work in a supporting role, helping more experienced architects complete a range of design and building projects. Their responsibilities can include preparing blueprints, carrying out surveys, and administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments. But because the role is so varied, it can seem difficult writing an architectural assistant CV that ticks every box for a potential employer.

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    Architectural assistant CV templates

    Build a strong application with a personal statement for your architectural assistant CV

    A personal statement (or a personal summary) is the foundation of your architectural assistant CV. This short paragraph sits under your contact details and needs to provide an overview of you as an applicant. Make sure to include your professional background, key expertise, and most important skills.

    You can also include some positive adjectives to describe your work ethic. This will help your application stand out from the crowd and give your recruiter an insight into your personality.

    Architectural assistant CV tips

    Lay the foundation for a perfect CV with our top tips for writing your architectural assistant application.

    • Highlight your architectural knowledge

      Although architectural assistants often take care of general administrative tasks, it’s crucial to show off your architectural skills too. From creating blueprints using CAD software to carrying out surveys, this experience will show you have the relevant industry knowledge for the role.

    • Use keywords from the architectural assistant job description

      The scope of your role will depend on whether you’re applying for a part 1 or part 2 architectural assistant role. To make sure your CV is tailored to the job, always include a range of keywords and phrases when writing your application – whether it’s a skill, qualification, or character trait.

    • Quantify your impact

      The best way to make your CV stand out is by including key metrics from your previous positions. If you boosted your company’s client satisfaction rating by 15% or prepared blueprints for properties worth an average of £750,000, mention the numbers on your application.

    • Follow a professional structure

      As an architectural assistant, you know the importance of a strong structure! Your CV is no different, so always use a professional architectural assistant CV template to ensure your application looks good.

    • Share your personality

      Architectural assistants work closely with a team of architects and need to be helpful, resourceful, and supportive. Show your recruiter you have the right work ethic for the job by including some positive adjectives in the personal statement of your CV.

    Architectural assistant skills to include in your CV

    Although a part 1 architectural assistant might have slightly different skills from a part 2 architectural assistant, the skills below are essential for your CV.

    Must-have skills for your architectural assistant CV

    • CAD software
    • Model development
    • Site evaluations
    • Administration
    • Documentation
    • Relationship building

    Bonus skills

    • Attention to detail
    • Administration
    • Time management
    • Project coordination
    • Customer service

    Top FAQs about your architectural assistant CV

    What is a part 1 architectural assistant?

    A part 1 architectural assistant is somebody who has passed an undergraduate architecture degree. Before you can apply for a master’s degree (which is essential if you want to qualify as an architect), you’ll need to complete a year working in industry. The majority of students will apply for architectural assistant roles and will probably work under the close guidance of a dedicated supervisor. This will help furnish them with the skills and experience they need to take the next step in their career.

    What is a part 2 architectural assistant?

    A part 2 architectural assistant has completed a postgraduate qualification, such as a master’s degree or diploma. Because they have studied for around 4-5 years, these professionals are more experienced than part 1 architectural assistants. This means they may take on additional responsibilities within an architectural firm, such as making final design drawings as opposed to initial blueprints.

    What does an architectural assistant do?

    The part 1 architectural assistant job description will differ slightly from the part 2 architectural assistant job description. However, both cover a combination of administrative and architectural tasks such as arranging meetings, discussing plans with clients, carrying out surveys of different sites, and making initial or final blueprints using computer aided design (CAD) software. They may also create sketches by hand, present ideas to other members of the team, and maintaining the office filing system.

    How do I become an architectural assistant?

    You can become an architectural assistant after passing an undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification. You will need to have at least one year of work experience before you can apply for postgraduate study. To become a qualified architect, you should work as an architectural assistant for a year after your undergraduate architecture degree and again after completing a postgraduate qualification. You will then be eligible to take your final professional exam, which you’ll need to pass to qualify.

    What is the average salary of architectural assistant jobs?

    The average salary of an architectural assistant in the UK is between £23,500 and £26,500 a year. Part 2 architectural assistants could earn over £30,000. In London, salaries are typically much higher, with the average part 2 architectural assistant earning around £48,333 a year.

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