Build a winning builder CV. Nowadays, construction work, building and being a builder is an in-demand profession. As a confident and experienced builder, you need a CV that will get you the gig!

An effective builder CV helps you stand out and get hired in this competitive industry. It showcases relevant experience gained throughout your construction career and presents you as a reliable tradesperson. It refers to key skills, and qualifications, all in an easy-to-read CV format.


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    Top builder CV tips

    • Highlight your adaptability

      Building and construction projects can vary enormously, with different duties and tasks required of the average builder. Your builder CV is a great place to highlight your adaptability, showing employers you can arrive on the scene of a new worksite and get straight into the action, without any wasted time.

    • Focus on teamwork

      Builders often have to work as part of large teams. This is why both teamwork and communication skills are crucial for a successful builder CV. Take advantage of your personal statement or skills sections and make sure to highlight the fact that you’re a team player, sharing examples from the past when you’ve worked well with others.

    • List all relevant experience

      If you have some building experience, your builder CV is the place to show it off to any prospective employers. List all the times in the past you’ve worked on similar projects to prove to the employer that you know what to do and are ready to get to work. Focus both on hard and soft skills.

    Key skills for a builder CV

    Building is not an easy profession. What’s more, it can be quite dangerous too, unless the correct procedures are followed. It is a good idea to include these skills in your builder CV:

    Essential skills for builders CV example

    • Expertise in construction techniques
    • Use of power tools and hand tools
    • Physical strength and stamina
    • Teamwork
    • Communication skills
    • Complying with health and safety regulations

    Extra skills to help your builder CV stand out

    • Creativity
    • Adaptability
    • Working under pressure
    • Problem-solving
    • Driving licence
    • Flexibility

    Personalise your builder CV

    When writing a CV for a builder, make sure to focus on your achievements and goals. A personal statement section of your builder CV (sometimes referred to as a professional summary), is a perfect place to do so. Check sample personal statements for your builder CV example in our builder.

    A standard personal statement for a builder CV consists of 3-4 sentences in which you can briefly describe your professional profile, achievements and goals.

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    Frequently asked questions about a builder CV

    What do I include in a builder CV?

    A strong builder CV should focus on relevant skills and experience. You want to pay attention to the job listing and carefully study it before writing your CV. Respond with a builder CV that includes relevant keywords and addresses the skills and knowledge you have that make you the best fit for the role. When writing a builder CV, start with the contact details section, followed by a personal statement, your work history, skills section and relevant education.

    What are the key responsibilities of a builder?

    The main responsibilities of a builder include construction work and building. These tasks involve using many different tools, as well as construction techniques. Builders may also be responsible for putting together scaffolding, cleaning and preparing construction sites. A key part of a builder’s work is teamwork.

    What are the essential qualities of a builder?

    Builders should be physically healthy and capable of performing manual tasks for several hours at a time. They need to have knowledge about the industry, be proficient with tools and construction methods and know how to work and communicate effectively as a team.

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    Put our advice and tips to work to create an exceptional builder CV.

    Use the builder CV example to make sure you don’t miss any sections. With the help of examples and templates, the process of creating a great builder CV will be really quick and easy.

    To secure your next builder position, you need to have a CV that stands out. Make it concise, well-structured, and filled with relevant, essential information that singles you out as a prime candidate. Focus on your experience and skills, and once finished, download it in the CV format of your choosing.

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